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Continues being intense and a little bit hazy on characterisation but entertaining.

Avengers #2
... there is absolutely nothing in this that appeals to men in that. It's kind of uncanny. Well, maybe a bit of Eden sass.

Cable & XF #2
Hopeless writes an amazing Hope. No slouch on Domino either. I'm enjoying it. Although I'm rolling my eyes at Cable supposedly being dying (ok that's an awkward formulation, err, you know what I mean), again. It seems it's all he's been doing lately. Also I don't see the point of future visions when Cable's whole shtick is knowing the future because he comes from there, ya know?

All New X-Men #5
LOL Logan is threatening to kill a teenager, it's been so long.
Another intense issue, seems to wrap up the first arc. Okay set up, I guess.

New Avengers #1
It's well told but 1/ the villain seems as boring as the ones from Avengers. 2/ oh, look, pompous, overwritten narrations at the end, just like in Avengers. And it seems a bit too immersed in the set up / prologue of the prologue phase yet.

Ironman #4&5

So I gave this series a respite, but it still completely fail to grab me, and the art is still very disturbing, and I find myself starting to go to saturation as far as on going comics go, and I think I'd rather go back to reading already done series. So yeah, done with this for now.

Journey into Mystery #2
I continue to find this pretty cool. Great art, good writing, intriguing sword & sorcery vibe. I think it's also a bit too slow to start, but still better paced than others and we seem to be at the start point now.

Thor #3
Continues being good. Also that librarian's sass was the best thing ever. Could we have a book that's all about him pretty please?

Legacy #3
Pretty fun issue, and definitely going somewhere, although it also had a lot of things that made me go *sigh* for a variety of reasons.

FF #2
I think this is my favourite Marvel NOW title.

Remember when I hated Fraction? yeaaaaaaaaah.

Thor #4
Return of the sassy Librarian, OMG! Yeah, I continue to enjoy this a lot.

F4 #3
Solid enough issue. I'm starting to enjoy it a little bit more, Idk.

Continues being very fun. Although I continue to want Wolverine out of my comics.
Unlike TJT I worry about the time dilatation and the way the series pointed it out. Unless it forshadows a twist where the time travel was to an alternate universe in which the O5 were really in the 60's, say the MC2 universe; it feels a bit suspension of disbelief breaking to me. (Yeah, I know it's comics but still.)

Avengers Assemble #11
Good conclusion to the first arc. I look forward to what's next.

Captain Marvel #9
Wonderful issue. Great pacing, lovely art, fun writing, awesome characterisation.

X-Factor #249
It had a Marvel NOW wrapper and wtf, nobody pays attention to which is what anyway so:
The shit she is on. Nice to see a lot of old faces. Very excited about this arc.

X-Men #40
Is not at all a Marvel NOW title but I have to get my "Freedom Force LOL" out of the way.
Also, hey, hey, don't you love how Wolverine is ordering kids into retrieval of fresh mutants teams, like, exactly like Cyclops' did and he led to Schism about it?

New Avengers #2
Yes, this is good. Picture me hooked.
Loved the Alternate Universe lecture. Although I remember reading a series of fanfics with a similar premise, a fact which amuses me (not even a good one, at least most of the time).

Deadpool #3
Well, at least it's pretty funny.
Though it reads a bit like Tumblr. It even did the "tricks/illusions" quote from Arrested Development.

Thunderbolts #2
Bored now.

I looked at Hulk but there was nothing interesting for me. I even looked at Savage Wolverine to see what it would do to Amadeus Cho but he wasn't even there yet so, hey, whatever.

Which gives:

I'm in:
ANXM (has been solidly entertaining despite flaws of voice & characterisation (and continuity))
Avengers Assemble
New Avengers
Captain Marvel
Journey into Mystery
Thor: God of Thunder

So far so good:
X-Men Legacy

Nevermind then:

Looking forward to:
Young Avengers
Uncanny X-Force
Fearless Defenders
Uncanny X-Men
Thanos Rising


Date: 17 January 2013 04:43 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] genusshrike
Remember when I hated Fraction? yeaaaaaaaaah.

So annoying, he had no right to go and get good all of a sudden.

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