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I thought it was bad.

The first half was actually okay. Enough to raise up my hope so I could be disappointed by the second half, basically.

more details, including spoilery ones )
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It is a good thing I only wanted to watch it for Catwoman, because she was awesome, but everything else was very mediocre.

spoilers )
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It was good. Some flaws, but pretty fun overall, though sometimes in a dorky way (the James Bond thing was hilarious). No real spoilers )
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Tiger & Bunny is shaping up as a pretty solid and entertaining show at this point. At least, I find the humour less annoying and I'm warming up to the characters. Plus, there's already fanfic & fanart on my flist (♥) how could I not follow? Hanasaku Iroha on the other hand has been much less interesting than the OP promised. meh. The rest has been keeping up at a mostly stable level.

I also started watching C the Money of Soul & Possibility Control, which makes me think of Kaiji or Liar Game (high stakes gambling game about money and greed and despair) except completely battle shounenized in aspect, which might make it lose its bite - bit early to tell - though it doesn't bring out the eye candy graphics. There's also a Rival / Mentor guy figure which I'm finding somewhat appealing, but it's still hard to say whether the show has real promise.

Errr, guess I didn't actually have much to say.

So otherwise, I've recently started reading Vinland Saga, which is GREAT, if somewhat gorey at times (oh boy, the horrible people stories make me like). Sooooooo, is there some fanfics for that fandom?

Also I've finally watched Inception (hilariously, my parents lent me the DVD, but I couldn't actually read it on my computer reader, and with my new screen I can't branch it anymore to my separate DVD reader, so I actually had to rip the DVD off before I could watch it! I might as well have been served the same by downloading it); which was pretty decent, if far from the best of Nolan's movies. I think it works pretty badly as an exploration of what dreams are like; though if you take the dream premise as an excuse for a heist/action movie with interesting visuals to serve a psychological catharsis; which also work as a metaphor for filmmaking; that's pretty good. But, frankly, not great either.
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I went to watch Sherlock Holmes yesterday. It was ridiculously FUN. One of the most enjoyable every minutes of it entertaining pure fluffy entertainment movie I've seen in ages ^_^ Anyway, with the typical delay between the release in France and in the rest of the world, I, err, wouldn't mind getting links for old squee, criticism, recs, fanfics & other fanworks posts of yours (or of others). *makes puppy eyes*
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I've just watched the Wolverine movie. It was just as hilariously bad as I expected.

My favourite part was
Spoilers )
Anyway there was also a lot of wince-inducing cheesy scenes and naked Hugh Jackman. So it was fun, in that hilariously bad way.
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I had another pretty busy week.
Monday, I got to watch an avant premiere of Star Trek and Coraline - both were pretty good. Well, Coraline was awesome, and Star Trek was okay in a shallow good fun and pretty FX way.
Tuesday, I went to Disneyland Paris to accompany my visiting cousin from Israel (another one than the one who was staying at my parents' a couple of years ago) who's in vacation at my parents' before her military service, which was pretty fun if tiring (unexpectedly I found myself buying a Nightmare Before Christmas-themed plaid. (The mind boggle cuz I'm one of the least merchandising-inclined person I know).
Wednesday I, errr, rested. Okay actually I haven't done so much this week. And realised I could no longer watch the Colbert Report and the Daily Show on streaming on their websites :((( Damn you Comedy Central. Now I have to watch them illegally, like most of the other stuff I watch.
Today, I'm waiting for my Dreamwidth invite which IS NOT COMING. Damn you Dreamwidth! You did say Open ID account would receive an invite on the 1st of May! Of course I could probably get an invite in all of 5 seconds by asking one of the many people of my flist who have them but it's the principle of the thing :p
Also I swapped by 2nd ed Exalted corebook for an Everway box - a pretty old rules lite fantasy game - cuz I've been feeling like mastering something, but not something crunchy like Exalted.
And I kinda fail at answering memes which is surely not new.
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The first movie I watched was Trivial Matters by Pang Ho-cheung, which works as a series of shorts only linked by the thematics of sex and miscommunication. Many of those were fresh and hilarious, although not always in a tasteful way. Not usually liking short movies; I was surprised by how much I appreciated those.

The Chaser by Zhang Chi is a noir movie centered around a former cop pimp investigating on the reason why some of his whores are disappearing (a hint : extreme violence is committed against them). The movie got the price for Action movies at the festival, and it is indeed a well constructed, well filmed, well acted movie with tight storytelling. It is also a very violent movie, with most of the extreme violence directed against women in a way that I did not, in the end, found bearable; and with absolutely no ending in the storytelling to redeem or justify it. Slightly more sophisticated than a fridging, but in the end, not worth much more, so I would no recommend it if you care about feminism in the least.

Fireball by Thanakom Pongsuwan was the only genuinely bad movie of the lot, although in a hilarious way. The plot is about a game of basketball where you fight people at the same time, and a guy going out of prison looking forward to avenge his brother who was put in a coma due to the game. It is wonderfully cheesy and full of cheesecake, of course without any hint of real characterisation, and even the action sequence are pretty bad because they're badly cut and quite confusing. On the other hand, I had fun watching it ;)

The Moss by Derek Kwok is a more atmospheric noir movie revolving around several characters, it's a little bit difficult to sumarise : it revolves mostly around a brothel, there's a young girl child who arrives there to try to win money, one of the older whore who takes her under her wing, and she dates a crooked cop, there's the spoiled son of an organised crime lady boss who goes visit the brothel while carrying an emerald as a gift for his mother and who never got home, and the freakishly strong homeless guy who lives nearby. I mostly liked this one, perhaps because it was one of the movie where the whores character fought back (after the Chaser i needed that, although they take as many hits); and because of the overall fairy-talish atmosphere and the way the city itself is a character.

Island Etude by En Chen is a road trip movie where a hard of hearing college boy decides to bike all around Taiwan and meets various people as he goes. There isn't much of plot, of course, but it's still very pleasant to watch, very fresh in its postcard way and succeeds in making you want visit Taiwan :)

Kabuli Kid by Barmak Akram starts when a woman in a burqa abandons a young baby in a taxi cab after a course, the story revolves around the taxi drivers as he decides what to do with this burdensome package. One of the big interest of this movie was simply seeing day to day life in current days Kabul. I'm not sure there was much of a point to story (apart perhaps from life go on, even if it's difficult), but the slice of life aspect was very well done.

The Sniper by Dante Lam is a pretty generic action movie about a swat team of, you guessed it, snipers, which tries to talk about competition and vengeance and only manages being amusingly cheesy and fun looking. It's watcheable, mind you, and not badly done in its over the top way, and it's got some very pretty male lead characters, yummy.

A Frozen Flower by Yoo Ha was a breath of fresh shoujo-ish air after all the testosterone-heavy action movies I'd watched. It's a Historical movie set in Korea about a king who was in love with the captain of his elite guards, and convinced him to sleep with his wife in order to get a successor and not be overridden by another country (which I think is China, but is called Yuan). It's very well done, extremely pretty, melodramatic in all the right ways, has good action scenes as well, and some of the most risky and lush sex scenes I've ever seen.

The Divine Weapon by Kim Yoo-jin is another historical Korean movie, but more of an adventure one this time, and a pretty fun one. Rag-tag team of merchants are charged with protecting the daughter of an inventor in time for her to finish forging the ultimate explosive weapon they need in order to protect themselves from their neighbouring country (China again). There's no much surprises in the plot, but it's beautifully done, entertaining, has cool action, some very sympathetic characters (including several bad ass female characters!), and a rather endearing Excuse Me Princess romance. It's was ever so slightly 'explosive weapons kill lots of people, YAY' at the end for my comfort, but that's the only real criticism I would make.

Departures by Takota Yojiro. A cello player gives up on his musical career as hopeless, and return to his natal city with his wife. The only job he can find is as someone who prepare corpses for funerals. This is a beautiful both funny and deeply touching movie which I could not recommend more warmly for everyone to go watch if they have the chance.

All About Women by Tsui Hark is an over the top, extremely crackful and rather cynical comedy revolving around three women and their misadventures revolving about romantic (and unrequited romantic) lives. I found it highly hilarious and fun to watch. It is not feminist (by a lot), but the female characters are pretty well rounded and strong (if not exactly sympathetic), and they don't all end up happily in couple, in a turn of event that rather cheered me up (although the narrative may not have intended it this way).

That's all!
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I'm happy I still occasionally receive comments on my Buffy Tarot ♥

I really loved the latest House. not really spoilery, but does refer to stuff in the episode if you're spoilerphobic )

I tried the Battlestar Galactica board game last saturday. It turned out to be rather boring. Possibly just a question of chance, but still a bit anticlimatic. The game works as a cooperative game between players incarnating a characters (the ones available to pick are Roslin, Adama, Lee, Starbuck, Helo, Sharon, Tigh, Baltar, Galen, and, oddly enough, Zarek) while trying to solve the crisis and Cylons attack that happen at each player turns and tend to decrease various Ressources counter (things like fuel, population, food, water,etc. - when they get to zero we lose) while trying to make 8 "jumps" needed to reach the Earth. BUT!! we have secret loyalty cards that say one of us could be a Cylon or a Cylon sympathiser who's goal is to defeat everyone.
During the first phase of the game (up to the 4 jumps mid point, which is reaching Kobol) it turned out no one of us was a Cylon, so we faced the challenge too easily. (I was Kara btw :) I went into a viper and shot down the Cylons we had at the beginning and they didn't turned up again until Kobol).
After Kobol we got new loyalty cards, and I got the Cylon Sympathiser card (XD) which because all our Resources counter were in the green, meant I was revealed as a Cylon, playing against the other players openly. Turns out there's very little you can do in the game as a revealed Cylon (and even less for me as one who was so as a Cylon Sympathiser, awww) so I found this phase also boring, even after I was joined by another player who got the Cylon card (which means he wasn't revealed at first, and could sabotage the other players' efforts in various ways which didn't deceive anyone - everyone guesses right away who he was XD then he revealed himself but that didn't much either).
I'll probably try to play it again soonishly so will say how it turns out. Probably if there's a Cylon in the first phase the game is more exciting and challenging.

I should be off this week end, I'll be in Deauville for the Festival du Film Asiatique. Need to make train reservation now.
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Yes, I did found the Watchmen movie to be a good adaptation and a kick ass movie overall!


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