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Most of those are Yuletide fics; but perhaps not all. So yeah I finally finished reading all the Yuletide fics I meant to read this year - four months late! - but on the plus I'm pretty sure it's the first year I actually manage doing that instead of letting the last fics trail into forgettingness.

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quick rec

1 Jun 2012 12:11 am
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[ profile] ladyk_d_azrael finally finished writing this epic fic:

With Open Hand (56120 words) by faviconK_dAzrael
Chapters: 10/10
Fandom: Thor (2011), Thor (Comics), Marvel
Rating: Explicit
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Loki/Thrym, Loki/Thor
Characters: Loki (Marvel), Thrym, Laufey, Odin (Marvel), Thor (Marvel), Helblindi, Warriors Three, Býleistr

Thrymskviða reimagined with single-gendered Jotnar, cultural relativism, political machinations and bodice ripping.

which I highly recommend. It's heavily inspired from Left Hand of Darkness in term of the depiction of the Jotunn's society, and there is a lot of superb world building and characterization of original characters, awesome plotting; and all in the service of terrific Loki characterization, with a lot of nuances & cleverness. Read it!
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Essays & meta:
[personal profile] coffeeandink on Avengers (especially liked the bits on Thor and Loki):

Loki is both Thor's brother and an alien, a friend and a traditional enemy, every strangeness and every unfitting (unfit) aspect now an answer instead of a puzzle. So long as Thor can only comprehend the Asgardian narrative, the Allfather's narrative, he cannot acknowledge that Loki the Liesmith has been lied to all his life; Loki the usurper has been kidnapped from his home, Loki the ambitious has always been treated as innately not-quite-right.

[personal profile] brownbetty on Loki in fandom

The thing is, I have the idea that what Loki is suffering is among other things, a crisis of morality. The Asgardian moral decision making flowchart seems to look more or less like this:

Should I do $thing?

Is it something Odin would do?
if yes: Goto 2.
if no: Goto 3.

Are you Odin?
if yes: You're Odin! Do what the hell you want!
if no: No way, man, that shit ain't right.

Will it make you sound awesome when it is immortalized in epic verse?
if yes: Do it! Definitely the ethical course.
if no: Don't do it. Unless it's punching a Jotunn. That's always hilarious right.

experimentalmadness on Magneto and the Frankenstein's Monster in XMFC:

The thing that all these stories have in common is whether it’s a Monster, a Golem, or Magneto, you are dealing with the pure unadulterated result of what happens when you ostracize a minority to the breaking point and then instead of realizing that you created this destructive force to begin with, you turn around and blame the very creature itself and call it the monster.

I think everyone's seen this one already but just in case, [personal profile] cluegirl On Sentiment:

When I saw The Avengers the first time, Loki's scornful "Sentiment" as he shanks Thor, (accompanied by the tear he will deny until the last breath is wrung out of him,) is the one I remembered. It was a beautiful line, and it was a beautiful, breathtaking moment, and it was meant to shine.

However upon second watching, I noticed an even more beautiful pattern to Joss's use of that word in other places. Sentiment. It's not a two dollar word, really, is it? You don't lay even odds on getting to hear it on any given day, because it's not an everyday word, or notion -- unless you own or work in a gift shop that specializes in engraving.

But that word is used in the Avengers four times. And each time it's spoken with scorn about something the speaker is trying to disprove -- and each time, the speaker fails to disprove anything at all, and in fact that point goes on to be staggeringly proven later on. It is, if I may say so, a beautiful evidence of Joss Whedon's actual skill as a writer well beyond snappy dialogue.

[personal profile] minnaway on the Avengers movie. I especially loved her observations about the way food/drinking was used in the movie and a few other things like:

9. If Loki/Bruce/Tony are one triangle, Bruce/Tony/Steve are another. Coulson tells Steve that Bruce isn't just the "thing" but a very smart person; Tony tells Steve that even without the suit he's a genius etc. etc. etc.; Bruce was trying to be Steve; Tony says everything special in Steve came from a bottle.

10. And Odin/Thor/Loki are mirrored by Fury/Steve/Tony. Loki notes that Odin had to summon...dark energy? dark matter? something or other? whatever, the point is, expend a shitlot of energy to get Thor to Midgard without the Bifrost; Fury has to call in cards and negotiate with the powers above him to get the Avengers Initiative in process. Odin traded his eye for ravens; Fury has a zillion electronic eyes keeping the earth under surveillance. Fury and Steve and Tony post Coulson's death, marking out the points of a triangle, and Tony with his chair half swiveled away.

(And Loki and Clint steal an eye specifically.)

Greg Rucka on writing women. (I have such an admiration crush on Greg Rucka)
Gender isn't simply a biological trait; it's a societal one. The female experience is different from that of the male, and if, as a male writer, you cannot accept that basic premise, then you will never, ever, be able to write women well. A man walking alone through Midtown Manhattan at three in the morning may have concerns for his safety, but I promise you, it's a very different experience for a woman taking the same walk, and it's different again for a man wearing a dress. Think about it. That's a societal factor, and it's a gendered one, and this is not and can not be subject to debate. If you're looking to argue that sexism is a thing of the past, that the world is gender-blind, you're not only wrong, you're lying to yourself.

[ profile] rexluscus's page of Loki fanfics recs.

And some fics recs of mine own:

Móðir (2559 words) by faviconwhat_alchemy

When Odin places his Jötunn foundling in Frigga's arms, she knows what is to come.

Beautiful story about Frigga and her relationship with Loki.

When I Say Jump (12539 words) by faviconlc2l


One minute Clint's reaching for his gun to stop Loki stealing the Tesseract, the next he's shooting Fury and taking it. Easy as switching sides.

mindcontrolled!Hawkeye/Loki. Wonderfully twisted and yet very honest.

and get him to swap our places (28734 words) by faviconMici
Fandom: Young Avengers
Relationships: Billy Kaplan/Teddy Altman, Billy Kaplan/Other (sort of), Teddy Altman/Other (sort of)
Characters: Billy Kaplan, William Lensherr, Tommy Shepherd, Thomas Lensherr, Teddy Altman, Kate Bishop, Cassie Lang, Eli Bradley, Jonas (Young Avengers), Julio Rictor

Billy casts the most dubious of spells and gets into a shitload of trouble when he switches places with William Lensherr, Prince of Genosha, member of the House of M.

Great exploration of the House of M reality, and especially what it would mean for Billy and Tommy (if, you know, they had been in it as anything more than shadows). I just love characterisation here, they have a lot of subtlety. The only criticism I'd make against it is that it has no real plot and it gets resolved too easily. I especially love how, while not appearing in this story, Magneto casts a large shadow.

Zhashtar (3095 words) by faviconepistolic
Fandom: The Avengers (2012), Thor (2011)
Relationships: Loki/Thor
Characters: Loki (Marvel), Thor (Marvel), Clint Barton

Love is for children.

I just love the writing/atmosphere in here. Very evocative and sort of... sword & sorcery in a way that feels almost poetic. You know, Tanith Lee-like. Very & short insta portrait.

Family Ties (84560 words) by faviconskiesovergideon
Fandom: Thor (2011)
Characters: Loki (Marvel), Thor (Marvel), Iron Man, Captain America - Character, various and sundry OCs

After his fall from the Bifrost, Loki finds himself taken in by a suburban family and lacking most of his magic. He resolves to escape them as soon as possible. This does not go the way he planned.

Pre-Avengers movie Loki redemption (mostly) epic fic. Lots of OCs, very ingenuous plottig with a kickass finale and it mostly works well in term of characterisation without cheating (too much, and what cheating there is has intra-story justification).
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For a Fullmetal Alchemist fanfic. I don't really read a lot of FMA fics, but I really love what this one does:

gen-o-cide by [ profile] a_white_rain
Ten stories about the Ishval genocide.


23 Sep 2008 12:37 am
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[ profile] rebbe offered me a wonderful Azula fanfic as a birthday gift : Caramilized

[ profile] artaxastra has a great post about identity politics.
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Resolution : I'm never participating to a fic exchange ever again. That way lies failure and self-loathing.

That said, [ profile] remixredux08 is pretty. I'm terribly in love with the fic remixed out of my fic :

Mirror Cipher (the All Other Angle call-response)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Sybill, Dean, Dennis, Blaise, Draco, Molly, Lucius, Voldemort, Bellatrix
My original fic: Mirror

My own fic was about Narcissa, written very shortly after HBP's release, and a little bit of a rant about the (mis)characterization of Narcissa one could see in fandom as well as my own spin onto the myth of Narcissus and my fascination for mirror metaphores.
The remixer took the theme of identity, of identities built in the eyes of others and how we see others' idententities, and the motif of reflections, and ran away with it, spinning a beautiful mosaic of different characters echoing each others (and Narcissa) in a complex, multilayered and rather dark contemplation. The way the images, the voices and the theme are interwoven is nothing short of brillant. Worth reading, and re-reading. I also loved how she-or-he used artistic metaphores like negative space and photography

My own ending was a question. The remix is even more nihilistic, denying the core over and again. The camera only goes skin deep and there is no life here, only its static representation

Can't wait for the reveal to see who's writer this is and what else they've written.

Other Remix rec out of what I've seen so far :

By Any Other Name (The Fool's Paradise Remix)
Fandom: X-Men Movie
Characters: Mystique, Pyro, Magneto
Summary: If ye should lead her in a fool's paradise, as they say, it were a very gross kind of behaviour.
This fic takes Mystique after XM3 and... blows us with her. The writing is gorgeous and Mystique is awesome.

Goldfish Bowl (Glasshouse remix)
Fandom: X-Men Movie
Characters/Pairings: Bobby/Rogue, John, Logan
Summary: It's hard being normal in the goldfish bowl.
Not the kind of fic I often read, even when I read XMM (which is pretty rare in the first place ^^) but the characterisation and good writing really made this fic stood out.

How Long, Baby (Extended Dance Remix)
Fandom: Highlander
Character: Methos
Summary: In the beginning was the word. Then came the song.
The original was pretty cool in the first place, but I love the way the remix impart music into it. There's a love of words and rhythm both interwoven lovingly and beautifully; and through it Methos' voice stands out so clearly. Very nice.

Desert Time (Ordinary Time remix)
Fandom: Star Wars
Characters: Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, Luke
Summary: In his years on Tatooine, Obi-Wan finds he has a lot to learn.
A remix of [ profile] imadra_blue's work, whose fics I adore, and this fic is definitly of an equal level. Luminescent writing, with an understated sense of pain and yet growing hope.
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I'm like, so not into HP right now, but there's this fic :

The World, A Book
BY [ profile] busaikko
"I don't remember being young," he says. . . "I think that I died, and I came here."

It is fucking gorgeous, and it's a lovely metafic, and you should go read it RIGHT NOW.

fic rec

21 Feb 2008 12:31 am
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Okay, reccing two Vorkosigan fanfics in the span of one week might be a bit much, but it's not my fault if the good Vorkosigan fics go out at the same time, damnit!

A Covert Affair by [ profile] sahiya
Ivan's life used to be much less complicated, back when he was dating women.

Why you must read it: Okay, beyond the part where I adore this pairing, this fic is awesome. The characterizations are just right, which is not that easy to do with Ivan, the writing flows delightfully with a tone of hysterical humour very close to Bujold's. The story is one about coming to terms with one's life and identity, mainly as being in a samesex relationship on Barrayar, but in broader maturing way as well; and that's a theme really not easy to tackle right and she did it with an extremely deft and sensitive hand.
Besides, it's got Aral in it. You must read it.
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1. Fic posted over at my fic journal

Title: Psyche's Contemplation
Fandom: Avatar
Characters/Pairings: mild Azula/Zuko
Lenght: 510 words
Summary: When she had been a little girl, she had used to dream of what having the perfect big brother would be.

( Fake cut to fic )

2. There's a Vorkosigan fic over at [ profile] lmb_challenge by [ profile] katealaurel which depicts a missing scene of A Civil Campaign. It's got limericks. Read it. (Especially you, [ profile] busaikko ^^)

Wretched Matter

3. As I said I need to update my writing filter. So if you want to read posts where I blabber about fics which i may never finish, with beta requests and other whining about difficulties with challenges and ficathon, comment and ask to be added. If you were already in the filter and do not wish to be there anymore, comment and ask to be removed ^_^
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I've posted a DVD commentary of Weaknesses at [ profile] solesakuma's request.

[CENSURED]'s ASOIAF gen ficlet exchange reveals!

The delightful fic written for me was Lives unlived by [ profile] redcandle17, a mindblowing exploration of might-have-been for Jaime Lannister, even better than what I hoped when I made the request.

My own offer was:
Brienne, OC
For [ profile] lodessa, to the request : How she got into knighthood in the first place.

Since we're talking ASOIAF, I don't think I ever linked to another ficlet of mine :
The Lady in the Tower (also posted here under flock, you need to join the comm to read)
"She was beautiful, they say, as beautiful as she was wicked."
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I had a long week end. 1st of May is Labour Day and a Holiday in France, and my work had given us the Monday free to make a "bridge" (not a free, free day, it's a free day among a specific number of free day we're supposed to have anyway); and I'm depressed because I didn't manage to do anything much during this time.

I went to the movie theater, though. We went to see "Life of Others" which was really, really good. Though I found it was slightly self-indulgent in parts, and I was a little bit uneasy about the thing about women, but overall a great movie.

By the way, the Earthsea movie was just as bad as expected. I didn't hate watching it as much as I should have because I read the books so long ago I was half remembering throughout without being able to compare, and because I love watching animation even when it's subpar, but it was really not that great.

And Sunday, I missed out Bog's game because I was trapped at a friend's house by a thunderstorm, but we finished watching all of Slayers : Next, which was great. (I'm in Xelloss withdrawal as I speak ^^)

While looking for Slayers fic to remedy to my withdrawal, funnily enough, I found a Snupin fic by [ profile] amanuensis1 (of all people), and an mpreg fic at that, and I loved it, and I'm not a big mpreg lover.
Here it is : Random drabble
Read it and then don't kill me.

And I tried writing, but I don't think I managed to write more than two lines in one specific fic. No very much inspired.
I've been looking at all files of half-finished fics too. It's amazing the number of started-never-finished fics I have out there. (well not amazing, I s'ppose, but given how ot prolific I am...). I even found a Kotori fic that looked finished, and a Salazar/Godric preslash fic. And lots of other stuff I never finished... it's a bit depressing.

I didn't even manage to clean a bit. My sink is getting so dirty molds have civilizations building skyscrappers in it. I shall not mention my bathroom.

Otherwise I've been reading The Princess Bride. Wached the movies many times, but had never read the book before. It's pretty good. I like... how he talks about the way we look back at stories from our childhood. How they become mythical, you know. Filled with some sort of glamour and meaningfulness, but then if you look back at them later on, they're often not that much (or they are, sometimes, but you have to squint a little bit ^^) I've got books like that, of course. Well I had the Last Unicorn, except not the book, the movie, except not even that. I had a postcard of the movie, with the castle and the redbull and the unicorn and the big wave with little tiny unicorns on it. It belonged to m sister. I don't know - don't remember - if I actually watched the movie when I was little, but probably not. Even though I was obsessed with that postcard, with the story I wove from it. I was drawing unicorns everywhere (i know, not that's outstanding from a little girl), and to this day I feel this is part of the reason why I got into fantasy, science fiction, and mythology, and everything (it was much later when I was a teenager that I actually watched the Last Unicorn and realized I hadn't dreamed the whole thing! before nobody else had even heard of it, and TLU? doesn't even need squinting). There's also all these cartoons I used to watch younger (we ha some real good cartoons in the 80's in France, mostly Japanese and a couple of Franco-Japanese ones), stuff like the Mysterious Golden Cities, and Ulysse 31 (space opera + greek mythology, two great tastes that go well together), and Les Mondes Engloutis, and Cobra (not the one from GI Joe), and many others. Loved these stuff, growing up.
What was your own mythic story when you were growing up? The one that still fills you with nostalgia?

It also got me thinking (okay, this is going very very far from The Princess Bride), about one trope I've always loved, the one about the relationship between a young kid and an ambiguous adult figure, one who's half a mentor or a protector, and half an ennemy. You get that in the Mysterious Golden Cities, with Mendoza (who's one of the most kick ass ambiguous character from a children's cartoon ♥) and Esteban, and you got that in that Japanese cartoon version of Treasure Island (I don't remember if it was as strong in the book) with Long John Silver and Jim. And I was wondering how it related with the Snape/Harry ship. Because it's not relationships I particulary wish to sexualize, generally speaking, but I do find them pariculary fascinating, and I remember really loving them as a kid. I wonder, is it at least a little bit of a trope, generally speaking? Does it play a role about why I like Snarry (when I do like it)? Anyone has any imput about these kinds of relationships (wether sexualized or not)? (ASOIAF gets that in a way, with Arya and her various unsavory protectors : Jaqen H'Gar and Sandor Clegane, and Yoren a little bit. Arya really got a "boy's story", I think, I love that about her).

Anyway, to go back to the Princess Bride, I loved how the book played - even more than the movie - with the way we interprete things that we read. There's something very fanficcy about it. Take the good parts, and write around the missing ones, y'know. Except of course the aesthetics are very different.

There were some stuff I didn't like in the book, but they were mostly the stuff I didn't like in the movie, except in a way even more disturbing in reading them. You know, Buttercup's general uselessness. Part of the parody, but still get me meh. Did love the additionnal background about most characters though.

Oh, and, last Changelings : the Lost soon to be released cover. I'm so excited!
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Some random recs (because I haven't recced in too long)

A fascinating meta post : How Fanfics make us poor by [ profile] cupidsbow

The Bat by [ profile] nishizono
A Snack poem which is simply brillant and way amusing

Al Azif by [ profile] greenspine
Snape has always been fascinated by the Dark Arts. (Nc-17, unrequited Snape/Voldemort, Snape/dark!Creatures)
Gorgeous dark fic exploring Snape's descent in darkness, extremely well characterized and written.

Darkness Discloses by [ profile] r_grayjoy
Young Snape's fears are revealed in his fantasies. (NC17, Snape/right hand, Snape/various marauders)
This is one of my kink, a character masturbating while fantasying about thigns that reveal a lot of about his personnality. Brillantly done, quite nasty and delicious to read.

In the Telling by [ profile] fleshdress
When Sirius tells Lily about his relationship with James, she finds out even more about him. (smutty, James/Sirius, James/Lily)
A brillant and subtle fic that really captures some of what I love best about James/Sirius (which, you know, I keep falling more and more in love with)
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1. My [ profile] springsmut's gift has already come up. It's such a gorgeous, delicious story too :

Our December Sun is Setting
It's Sirius/Regulus, and it's got a wonderfully filled list of warning Incest, dark!fic, pretentious second-person narration, slightly AU, implied necrophila, torture, cannibalism, character death., and I absolutly adore it. (You know I had picked up necrophilia in my request out of sheer provocation, but I'm really happy it was, among other things, picked up)
Oh, and the A/U element is SHEER genius, though I won't say more not to spoil anyone the surprise.
Go read it!

2. I posted a Snape/Lupin drabble up at [ profile] snupin100 for the By the Sea challenge

End of time

3. I had a 3, what could it have been? Damn. Hello, my name is Anne-Elisa, and I'm a scatterbrain.

4. I remember! OKay this morning, I thought I saw a fic that was Regulus/Harry, and with a summary about Harry dreaming of Regulus or something? And I had no time to read it then, but since i've had that kind of bunny somewhere in my brain for a time, it struck me.
Then tonight, getting home, and I can't find the fic anymore!! Did I dream it? Does it exist? Does anyone know? I'm spooked! XD
Found it!


25 Jan 2007 01:13 pm
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You know how I have this thing for manipulative, lying Remus?

Okay, someone wrote the ultimate manipulative Remus fic. It's a brillant piece of writing, so don't miss it :

How to disable a Sneakoscope by [ profile] purple_chalk
(Remus knows exactly what he's doing. Snape/Lupin, NC-17)
It's brillant. The characterizations are a killer. Everything in canon from Hogwarts years to the end of PoA, Remus' relationships with all the Marauders, Snape and Harry (and various OCs) in one dazzling rush of narration. And it all explains how Remus lies so much better than I could ever do in any meta.
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Last round of SnuSa fic recs :

snuuuuuuuupin! )

And finally...
T'was the Night Before... (PG-13)
They say that dead men tell no tales. They're wrong.
My fic! *squees*
I requested a first war story, and the writer delivered beautifully. The writing is extremely lovely and fluid, the atmosphere intense and melancholic. You can feel the layers of Remus and Severus' background, the events from the war adding layers of exquisite complexity to their interaction. I also love the structure of the story, how it's told by a third person who observes them, who this person is, that's the a 1st person fic (and the writer really makes that work, which is not always easy). This is a short work, but it's got a lot of density and a wonderful bittersweet interaction between Remus and Severus.
Go, read, and leave a review!
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You know... this time is usually my least favourite period of the year. Between the cold, the night, the fake cheer, the febrile business, and the boredom of the Christmas days themselves, I tend to really hate December. But this year I've had a delightful month of December, which I owe a lot to you and to fandom. Thanks and much love and well wishes to all of you ♥.

Without further ado, the recs :

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More Snupin Santa recs !

reccity rec love )
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i really wanted to make a list of rec for the first week of the (delightful, wonderful, beautiful!) Snupin Santa fics so far ...
(I'm not doing it for art because I never rec art, and there's no reason you shouldn't check all of the art given that it's all gorgeous and doesn't take long to watch)

Snape, Lupin, many positions )
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I think I had a few entries planned, as in, content of thereof, but I've wholly forgotten about them so you'll have to do without.

However I bring rec, rejoice! (well if you're HP fen, that is...)

The Marriage of Murder and Suicide by [ profile] bitterfig chapt 1 & 2 (Snape/Lupin, WIP, mentions of violence, mentions of Snape/Draco)
Remember how I said [ profile] bitterfig was becoming my favourite new writer? Well, now she is my new favourite writer! :D
Anyway there is angst, sex, darkness, French, crazy!Draco and lots of delightful things to be expected. Remus goes to find Snape after the war. The WiP has just begun so I wouldn't rec it, but she's already done it and just wait for the beta, so fear not.

Numbers never lie by [ profile] slippingpastyou (Snape, Hermione, Gen, A/U) (Yes it's at Yes, it's worth it) Have I mentioned yet how much I've been LOVING the most recent [ profile] omniocular's challenges? Really, it's been bringing gold fics ♥ Anyway this is the fic that finally made me like Hermione... by making her Snape's daughter! It's a very clever 3rd year A/U with awesome characterization, extremely amusing.

A boy, New-York, and Living by Anon (Harry/Percy) Yes you've read that pairing right. Don't stop to that, just don't. This fic is delightful, extremely amusing, slightly surrealistic, with a rare kind of literary quality. It doesn't read like a fanfic, really, but it's wicked fun and a very good read.

The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell by [ profile] cluegirl (Harry, mentions of violence & creepy content, Gen) [ profile] cluegirl once wrote what is as yet my favourite Valentine fic. This is probably not quite my favourite Halloween fic, but it's got the same kind of clever quality. It's cute if you're won't to find a good horror story cute. Wickedly amusing.

and something I never do, which is, reccing a fanart A vampire and a werewolf by [ profile] ac1d6urn Snape/Lupin, which is to die for.
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First this absolutely awesome JamesxSirius story by [ profile] anneline : Every chance which captures everything cute, heartbreaking, bitter and sexy about this pairing (I'm really starting to be very fond of JamesxSirius as a pairing even though I still don't like James ^^) It's a must-read and it's full of shockingly good tibits and I can't believe it's not already recced everywhere. Her characterizations are spotless, even the cameos by Fudge and Bellatrix. (warning for fistfucking)

Old GinnyxPansy fic that [ profile] crazylittleme has just updated to her writing journal : Oil and Water. I think that GinnyxPansy is my favourite HP femslash paring after the Blackcest ones and Kelsey does it so well, with her usual gorgeous, poetic writing, half crazed women and sexy hatesex. It makes me happy that I'm not the only one to like Ginny because she's such a vicious little bitch.

Another Pansy story, this one gen : sad stories told in a language you can't understand by an as yet anonymous writer. It's a dazzlingly awesome piece of exploration of Pansy's character, very sad and well written. it makes us sympathize with her while still keeping her very in character, a great portray of the war seen by a sideline character. (warning for some violence)

Taken as directed by [ profile] florahart is an unabashed PercyxMarcus, PercyxOliver smut story with very little plot, but so very, very, very, very hot. Embarrassingly hot, or maybe that's just me. With slight D/s and exhibitionism.

Lastly [ profile] schemingreader Plenty is a lovely drugs-induced orgy story with Lupin/Snape, Neville/Tonks, Harry/Ginny, Luna/Hermione, Molly/Arthur, mention of Ron/Draco and many combination of some of the above. I think what amazed me is how loving and graceful all the sex was despite the orgy thing ^_^ all characters are simply beautiful - I love that [ profile] schemingreader writes Molly makes me see her as sexy, among other things :)

I was very happy to read all these wonderful fics today, because I really needed it feeling quite crappy. Thanks LJ and fandom ♥ And I still have all these awesome [ profile] reversathon stories to catch up on, too.
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Happy belated birthday [ profile] cteresa ! ♥

I have SHELVES ! I can now buy plenty of books (okay not that it was stopping me before, it was just very hanging about the place in big places)
it's funny how much more home it feels with book-filled shelves. I feel finally at home ♥

Ouran School Host Club is my new crack. I didn't even mean to get into the latest craze that all the cool kids dig, I just picked up that manga called "Host Club : le lycée de la séduction" (yeah that's a horribly cheesy name in case you wonder) and fell in love (okay, i had a vague suspicion it might have been the same stuff)
Anyway, apart from the fact it's good crack, and that the characters are darling, and that I have dozens of flashbacks to other characters about them, I like some of the meta-ish component of the serie. ^_^ And, anyway, you've got to love Haruhi (though i don't like when they make her all girly >_<)

Otherwise, I watched the second season of Kaleido Star (finally!) which was rather dispointing (you were right about that Maya !). Not everything was bad of course, but the themes were so heavy handed (and stoopid, but stoopid !) it was painful, and they forgot to give other characters than Sora and the new characters a point in life. So it appeared that their only drive in life was to support Sora. Gah.

I am horribly bored with work. I almost didn't do anything today. And it wasn't even because I was reading fics. I'm very motivationless lately. Meh.

I did read a couple of good fics I wanted to rec :

Eurydice goes down by [ profile] bitterfig which is becoming quickly one of my new favourite writer. She's got such a fresh and original take on things.
Anyway this fic is a terrific TonksxLuna which awesome characterization of both Tonks and Luna and several other characters. Highly reccommanded to any Tonks lover.
Summary: AU, post-HBP. Lupin is captured by the Death Eaters. Tonks and Luna Lovegood set out to rescue him. High jinks ensue. Except I don’t write high jinks, so angst and weirdness ensue.

It's not without darkness, but also with humour and has something fairy-talish about it.

(by the way, Maya, [ profile] bitterfic also just wrote a TohmaxEiri fic, it might be a bit dark for your taste for this pairing, but it's very well written. It made me think of you, so heh ^^)

and The Inescapable Cell by [ profile] chtonya which is a wonderful Gen piece with Dumbledore and Lucius.
As a story, I wasn't sure where it was going to, but the stunning characterizations made up for it. Especially Lucius'. Good Lucius stories always make my day, and it's very, very rare that I find Lucius hot which was the case there.
The writer apparently writes a lot of Lucius, so I'll have to check up her other fics... especially if there's some LuciusxNarcissa ^_^
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Hello, I'll be your reccer for the month of June. I hope you'll enjoy my choices (and that you'll find gems you hadn't read before).

Prisoner by [ profile] crise_cardiac is a pretty recent story that might have been relatively overshadowed by the fact it was posted in the middle of the month of December. For shame at it is an dazzlingly beautiful dark story with brilliant characterizations.
Post HBP, Remus is captured by Fenrir, but Severus claims him as reward. The confrontation that follows is nasty, violent, intense and hot. This is a Remus with a backbone and a good dose of anger for Snape. Snape himself is deliciously dark, ugly and haunted. The end result is hatesex, ambiguous con and a writing wonderfully chiselled.
Excerpt :

Severus, though. Severus is foul and rotten and everything in between. He could gouge those dead eyes out, kiss the sightless sockets like a doting mother, and still be immaculate compared to the monster crouched between his legs with swollen lips and saliva still connecting them. Sparring back and forth has always been his life with Severus. Now there is no reason to hold back. The Death Eater wants a game? Remus can play, too. He just has to figure out the damn objective.

Number Theory by [ profile] lydialovestruck is a classic example of the best [ profile] pervy_werewolf's Lust Month of May can give us (if you were yearning for even more after this year's excellent porny epics ;)

In 31 chapters, full of smut and kink, the writer explores a-chronologically Remus' sexuality from youngest accidents to finding eventually love, while going through some rather wild experiments. The characterizations, as well as the rather unique mode of narration are very interesting. When I first read it felt to me to be very sexually adventurous (though by now it might fade compared to the daily porny-goodness of the HP fandom) but in a way that was often deep and shed very interesting lights on the characters, relationships and sex. This is a story with several OCs which work very well. Another of its virtue is that it tells us about Remus' life in the obscure yeas between Voldemort's first war and PoA.
Though the story features several RemusxOthers and SeverusxOthers pairings, it's definitely a SeverusxRemus story all around and builds their relationship in a very believable and touching way.

For something a bit lighter :
Shopping List, Reading List, To-Do List by [ profile] musigneus is a very funny and delightful sequence of short fics featuring one of slightly more obscure cliché of the pairing : Severus asking for a rather... personal input from Remus to use as potion ingredient. That fic is witty and plays out wonderfully with the best kind of banter Remus and Severus lend themselves to. The sex is also extremely hot and teasing. And of course, as always with [ profile] musigneus the characterization is spotless.
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Hello again. Here are my second string of SnapexLupin fics recommendations.

Imperfect by [ profile] anneline
One of the thing I love about this story is that it takes place in a very unpopular timeframe for this pairing : during the first war (the only other fic I know that uses that is Spy by [ profile] snegorucha_lee... ).
The other thing I love about this fic is the whole ambiance : the uncertainty, the awkwardness. It captures the ambiguities of that era perfectly. It's the beginning of fall 1981 and Lupin and Snape meet at random, then sex happens.
It's not a very romantic story. There's awkward conversations and sex. There's a lot of humour and delightful characterization. It's got a faint trace of hope, all the more heartbreaking given the context of the time frame. Both Remus and Severus feel incredibly real as characters.

"It had been stupid to follow Snape that day and stupider to return. But Lupin had this- this something he wanted; it burned and pounded in his throat. Besides these days Lupin was convinced it was easier to trust an enemy than a stranger, that's how turned around everything was. And he could never think of Severus as dangerous, just the creepy boy who followed him everywhere at school. Snape, rumoured to know more curses than Grindelwald - harmless. Stupid of me, thought Lupin, or arrogant more like."

Living Legend by [ profile] ebonlock is one of the very few Maraudeur era Snupin fic I can believe in. It's a rather wicked little story, sexy and clever and fun.
The story ? "Snape decides he needs some "hands-on" experience and chooses Remus as his very special study partner. But there's more to these extracurricular activities than meets the eye."
I love how this fic captures the spirit of the Slytherin house. I love how Severus and Remus relate differently to their sexuality. And I guess it just pleases my strange sense of humour.

Even the Moon and its prequel Nothing by [ profile] busaikko
I have the highest respect for busaikko's fic in general. This one I adore especially because it turns around one of the fanon trope for this pairing. In this story, it's Remus who is the reserved and private one who doesn't welcome romantic involvement. And Severus who is the one who knows his feelings and pursues Remus. And it's perfectly in character.
The style is gorgeous, lyrical, witty, and heartbreaking. The relationship between them is drawn beautifully, realistic, somewhat bitter, but not without hope.

"It has always been unspoken between us that our relationship is a day-by-day affair of convenience. During the war that was sensible. Now I sometimes find myself, when out shopping, half-unconsciously looking for the perfect gift, something with the presence and weight to hold him down, to keep him here. With me. Yes, I do know how pathetic that sounds, and I restrain myself admirably. The amusement in his eyes when I have given him things in the past was painful enough. Sometimes I think I should never have given him my heart. I know, that like all my other gifts, he will leave it when he goes."
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Bunch of HP short fic recs I liked in the last few days :

there comes the recs )

And that meme taken from everybody :

If you make up titles for stories I didn't write, I will respond with details of those non-written stories (or perhaps an actual story, you honestly never know). Just think of the possibilities! (If you'd like to include details you'd like, pairings or fandom or something, you can do that too.)


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