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Most of those are Yuletide fics; but perhaps not all. So yeah I finally finished reading all the Yuletide fics I meant to read this year - four months late! - but on the plus I'm pretty sure it's the first year I actually manage doing that instead of letting the last fics trail into forgettingness.

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It is a good thing I only wanted to watch it for Catwoman, because she was awesome, but everything else was very mediocre.

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I don't think i'd posted yet on Black Widow (2010)

So, the Black Widow run by Liu was, like, really, really good. Hmm, why was it so ridiculously short? Great art too, and a great balance of atmosphere and badassness.

Then Swierczynski did a story too, which was okay, I guess.

Then I tried reading Widowmaker but I got bored so I gave up.

And I've finally concluded my reading of the Claremont era of X-Men.

The whole Outback - Siege Perilous era was mostly very weak, messy and aimless, with some highlights like the introduction of Jubilee and Gambit and it does get better by the ending though, when the team start gathering again. (although to my disappointment they never really acknowledge how douchy it was to play dead for such a long time)

Louise Simonson's X-Factor is overall mostly very solid, with a few weaker issues here and there, but I found myself surprisingly interested in those characters (given that I'm hardly a fan of the O5 as a team), also great art

Wish I could say the same of her New Mutants, but she's obviously more interested in her own characters (the X-Terminators one) than any of the previous ones. I do love Boom Boom and Rictor, though, so there's that. And the return to Asgard arc at least was okay.

Excalibur, I kind of love the character dynamics and characters period (well except for Brian), but I usually found it pretty hard following the plots and as a result caring for the stories. Lots of great art though.

Days of Future Present was very good.

I also read Vision Quest and Darker than Scarlet while I was at it, which were okay as stories if... wince worthy at times.

If anyone's still reading and has suggestion for 90's X-Men stuff that are worth bothering with, I'm all ears. Obviously, i'll try PAD's original X-Factor run, I'll continue Alan Davies' Excalibur and will try the Warren Ellis one, there's Lobdell's Generation X and the whole Age of Apocalypse I'll check out. And someone on tumblr persuaded me to try Nicieza's X-Force (I think they have psychic power). Beyond that...

Oh, and for something completely different, I've started reading Starman, which is very good.
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Movies that come to the rescue mashup by sleepyskunk

ALL THE SUPERHEROES MOVIES. Or at least A WHOLE LOT OF THEM. Including some very bad and cheesy and old ones; but put together in a way that fills you with joy and enthusiasm for the whole genre of super. Just a very fun and dynamic vid.

Hollow Heroes by castor
Capturing the darker and edgier side of super movies. Very nicely done and atmospheric.

My Body is a Cage by [ profile] nel_ani
You how fans sometimes ask "why do they keep making origin stories?"; well this is why. A gorgeous, rivetting vid capturing the super hero journey with Ironman, Captain America, Hulk & Wolverine.

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Black Widow (Name of the Rose) x17
Loki (kid Loki, quotes) x16
X-Men (Mystique/Destiny, Kitty, Emma Frost, Hope) x4
Magnus family (Magneto, Children's Crusade, House of M - Civil War) x10
Demon Knights (Xanadu) x1

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16 Jan 2012 06:34 pm
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I know, this is not yet 50 icons but:
1/ it's been a while since last post
2/ if i have to keep staring at those Huntress icons I've made, I'm going to have to throw stuff at my computer screen.

36 icons
Loki x4 (also featuring Spiderman)
Magnus Family x13 (Magneto, Scarlet Witch, Polaris, Wiccan, Luna, also featuring Xavier & Illyana)
Doom x3
Storm x4
Black Widow x4
Miscellaneous Marvel x5 (x-23, Val Richards, Kavita Rao, Nightcrawler, Hercules)
Huntress (DC) x2
Random art x1

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Read Freak Angels, which was very good. Gorgeous art and the story is entrancing start from finish. Reminded me a bit of la nuit des enfants rois.

The Immortal Iron-First

Aka the last chance for me to find out if Fraction actually can write or if everything he does is crappy. And, errr, yes, actually this was pretty damn good. Very solid storytelling, atmosphere, action and characterisation. Some of the one shot stories, especially, were really brilliant. Of course perhaps it was only due to Brubaker's co-writing XD The plot was a bit more so-so, with some strange skips here and there.

The follow up by Swierczynski was also solid, though a bit more aimless.

Immortal Weapons
Dog Brother #1 was good. The rest were mediocre. (Although Prince of the Orphan has some nice art of half naked Danny).

The first Robin miniseries

Well anything with Shiva is automatically good as far as I'm concerned. Overall a nice little story.

The second Robin miniseries

Cute stuff, especially the very 80's concept of computer virus OMG and what not. XD a solid story anyway.

But do I really want to read those 100 issues of the Robin on going by Dixon? Err, they're probably not bad and I'm sure it'll be somewhat entertaining, but I'm not sure I have the motivation, no.
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It's so frustrating seeing reactions to the Huntress in DCnU is Helena Wayne thing, because so many people are excited and enthusiastic by it, and it's not like they're wrong for being excited and enthusiastic about it, they have very legitimate reasons for it!!! but each time I read it it feels like they're gloating about me losing one of my favorite DC character - yet another of my favorite DC characters.

And at this point I just. I cannot anymore, DC. Congrat. After Renée being so deep in limbo nobody even know what's up with her to tell the writers of Batwoman when they wanted to know, after Cass Cain and Steph Brown having their past as Batgirls and Robin so heavily erased and insulted and being in limbo and oh yeah at some point they'll show up in Leviathan and we have such a good habit of keeping our words so you can have faith in it, and the Birds of Prey history being erased, and Oracle being demoted to Batgirl and her disability offensively removed, and Secret Six disappearing, and Catwoman, Voodoo and Red Hood and the Outlaws being written in such a panderingly objectified way, this one is the last straw. I give up.

I love Batwoman and Demon Knights so I'm reading those as long as I keep on liking them; and if Cass and Steph ever do show up in another Bat book, I'll check it; but other than that it's going to take a hell of an interesting premise to make me bother to check out anything you do.
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That Vorkosigan / Gotham fuzion brainmeld I was mentionning earlier? [ profile] runespoor7 posted the details: Gotham's Whole
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Daredevil - Man without Fearminiseries by Miller

This is all-right; but man is it wordy. Srsly, slow down with the narration boxes here!
Not sure if I have much else to say; it works well as an introduction to the character via origin story.


Very nice series. The art is awesome, Williams III oblige, and I really love Chase's character as much as I thought I would. Badass, world weary, sarcastic and non nonsense <3 Can't say I was all that interested into the plots though, and often found them a bit confusing as a result.

And it's very nice knowing who the kickass lady is just as she shows up in Batwoman, so thanks for the rec

Also, for massive irony points:
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Also, I asked this on to general indifference, but I should ask here too: So ya know, this makes it a year since I started reading the X-23 comics on advice of Yo!. Maybe I should do some sort of synthesis or something of the stuff I've read and liked best, some top [numbers] or something? What would you guys like (if you care at all)?
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Checkmate (Rucka)

Solid stories, and as always with Rucka, lots of badass women; but - well I think the big problem is I'm not that interested in spy stories (think I mentioned that while talking about Secret Warriors) especially in a superhero comic context when they're going to fight against ridiculous organisations - so I can't say I was gripped. Also I thought the ensemble cast dynamics failed to properly coalesced. Too many characters, perhaps, and too much on the jobs most of the time.

Not that I disliked it either, it's a good series. I just didn't think it was great.

Hickman's run on Fantastic Four (including Dark Reign: Fantastic Four & FF up to now)

Hickman has a way with long term storytelling that is very entertaining. I wasn't entirely sold on the story at first (note that the FF are probably, of Marvel's biggest franchises, the one I was the least familiar with or interesting in, so that doesn't help), but seeing plotlines converge and start having pay off is a thing of beauty.
On the other hand, I still hate sitcom family dynamics; the art is frequently crappy - especially on characters' face; Hickman sounds like a smug assholes in the letters in the back; and the poor Inhumans really are getting dragged right & left willy nilly depending on what authors from various corners of the marvel universe want to do with them, aren't they? Sad.
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21 x Loki & co (kid!Loki, fem!Loki, regular!Loki, Ikol, Thor, Odin, Sif, Jormungand)
7 x Loki quotes icons
13 x Miscellaneous Marvel icons (Scarlet Witch, Wiccan, Speed, Nightcrawler, Gamora, Deadpool, Monet, Wolverine, Shadowcat, Adam Warlock quote, Rocket Raccoon quote, Kenji & Hope quote)
9 x Miscellaneous DC icons (Cass Cain, Lady Shiva, Steph Brown, Barbara Gordon)

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12 May 2011 01:43 am
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I've reached 50 icons in my folder of newly made icon, so I thought I'd post 'em. And wow, it's been a long time. Reading comics has been good on my icon making XD

5x Miscelleanous DC
16x Daken (& friends)
16x Deadpool (& friends)
12x Magneto
1x Black Lagoon

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