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So instead of using the holliday to read Reaper's Gale like any sensible fan of Erikson who just bought to book would do (or, for that matter, Feast of Souls, which I finally found), I've been reading a book called Devices & Desire by KJ Parker which I had bought on a whim several months ago and which I only started reading a couple of days ago for the maion reason that it's a paperbook that actually fit into my handbag to read on the subway which, of course, neither Reaper's Gale nor Feast of Souls do. (I hate hate hate hardcover and the fact I'll still buy them because I have no patience, and I hate hate hate people who like their books heavy, pretty and overpriced who makes the making of such books saleable when it would be so much better having a nice, flexible, small book that fits into a bag for anytime you have a free moment to read!)

That book is brillant.

Device & Desire (no spoilers) )

Spiderman 3 (no spoilers) )

I'm not in the mood to read fanfics at all, so I hadn't read your lattest gorgeous story, that's why. Not because I hated it.
And apparently Tonks' a Hufflepuff, wtf? (not that I dislike Hufflepuff, i think they're awesome and fearsome, but Tonks' a lazy, individualist ass, if there ever was one)

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