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The Good Wife has been very, very good. Not a perfect season still, but I think one of those I enjoyed most. Easily my favorite show currently.

The second season of Game of Thrones I have found disappointing, mostly. It was badly paced (may have been a problem with the books already), and the adaption really focused on stuff I was less interested with in the things they changed. Theon's story is the only part I felt was done really well. Tyrion was okay, mostly, but I'm really not sure about what they're doing with Shae (some of the changes have been interesting in making her more easily sympathetic, but I'm afraid that sets up a worse turn in the end); Sansa's story (one of my favourite in Clash of Kings) was shamelessly dropped; I hate the changes with Cat and Robb - they are insulting; Arya was good thanks to her actress being great and the chemistry with Tywin's actor but still rather weakened her character. Cersei was also very much weakened. Can't say I'm crazy with the changes in Jaime either (kinslayer, lol); and while Stannis is pretty great, I don't think Davos comes across with enough charisma. The changes with Daenarys are probably the worst - while they needed to buff up her storyline, the way they did it was incredibly weak and boring and barely coherent. Her scenes in the finale had a nice atmosphere to them at least, even if they came very short of the power of the visions in the book.

Overall I find that this post sums up a lot of my feelings.

Mad Men was very good this season; although I feel it is a bit aimless, like the main story's already done, and now we're just going on, and it's still interesting to watch, but I'm not sure it's been adding anything of note. I'm not sure I'll be able to watch the show if we don't have Peggy as core cast either, so I'm a little bit dubious about what they're going to do next.

Miss Fisher Mysteries was overall a very nice and very fun series. As I got more attached to the cast (and they are very charming) I found myself enjoying it much more. The plots weren't great, and sometimes felt too "issue of the week", but otherwise lots of fun. Dot was my absolute favourite, she is totally adorable and such a fierce one when called on to. I rather feel like she's totally wasted on Hughes, though, who does nothing but irritate me with his bumbling sidekick act. I'd ship her with Phryne if I didn't love Phryne's interaction with Jack so much (he's so cute when he gets flustered and long suffering). Anyway, I look forward to a second season (we do get one, right?).

Anime wise, I'm currently watching Sakamichi no Apollon and Lupin the Third - Mine Fujiko to I Onna, which are both very good. Mine Fujiko is a little bit on the trashy/exploitation-y side with how not coy it is with the main character's use of sex & sex appeal to do things - but I don't really mind that - Sakamichi no Apollon is just, very well done. Often I felt I wasn't in the mood for a love triangle / high school romance kind of deal, but it works anyway because the characterizations and storytelling and of course the soundtrack is just that well done. And the OT3 is strong in this one ♥ Also I think I'm going to give Mouretsu Pirates a second chance (I had initially dropped it after the 3rd episode because I found it too slow/boring) since it continues to get a lot of enthusiasm. And, apparently, canon lesbians.

Otherwise, I've been trying to watch the kdrama Emperor of the Sea, but I have had troubles getting into it. Not because it's bad or anything, but I don't seem to manage to invest myself in the storyline. I think the problem is I find the main character to be utterly blah. There's an awesome female villain, and the female love interest is also pretty cool, but I'm not sure it's enough to keep me hooked, and i'm afraid I'm going to end up dropping it out of lack of motivation.

I've finished watching the X-Men series from the 90's, which, yeah, does get a big drop in quality by the last seasons. Although it continues having a few great episodes and I very much don't regret watching it - it really goes to the heart of the characters and the themes most of the time, I really dig that. And of course all the Magneto episodes are awesome ♥ (I found it hilarious the 4th letter did a blog post mentioning:
I always found it weird how despite being the X-Men’s #1 bad guy and leading the villain army in the intro, Magneto did shockingly little in the villainy department on that show. He fought them in the third episode (where Xavier defeated him by MAKING HIM RELIVE THE HOLOCAUST, which is extremely fucked for a kid show), but all his subsequent appearances had him fighting alongside the X-Men in some fashion. Granted, there was a lot of reluctance from both sides, but he was there.

Because I was thinking the same thing XD And he still works great as a foil to the X-Men!

So of course I move on to X-Men: Evolution, which, yeaaaaah, doesn't work so much for me. I've just finished the 1st season so for now, besides that I don't like what they do with Magneto, I find it quite a bit too shallow. I don't dislike the high school thing as much as I thought I would (although having both the "good" kids and the "bad" ones in the same school really stretch the suspension of disbelief. What, did they concerted each other for that sake for some... purpose?), their Mystique comes across as wayyy too weak, Kitty feels also like she lost a few levels in badass, Rogue's better than I thought she would be despite how I dislike the goth charadesign; but she still comes very much short from the 90's X-Men series' Rogue, and Storm has yet to really demonstrate a personality (whereas Wolvy has had plenty of focus, grrr). Also Xavier comes hilariously creepy in his methods of recruitment. Scott and Jean are pretty good, and Nightcrawler is absolutely adorable. Oh, and then there's Spyke. He's, errr, there. As for the villain team kids, I reserve judgment; they come across as overly petty in a way that feels hamfisted at times, but they also seem to have potential, so I'll wait and see (at least unless the portrayal of Magneto doesn't make me drop the show before that).

So sad that Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes has been canceled. Although the second season has been weaker and especially uneven, it was still a very entertaining show, and I loved getting Ms Marvel on the team. Depressing that all of Marvel's good cartoons seem to get canceled so easily x_x

I've also watched the Archer cartoon series (for those who don't know, it's a flash animated parody of spy stories with a very dark & sarcastic sense of humour. Think South Park like. Everyone in the cast are assholes.) which is absolutely hilarious and well done. If in a frequently horrible way (and sometimes offensively, though I think they got better on that as they went).

And I've started watching Community, which is also very funny and well written, but in neat contrast with Archer, I don't feel at all anything for the characters. Which is funny considering Community actually tries to do some heartwarming scenes/characterizations and I feel like they all fall patheticaly flat. But still an entertaining show to watch, especially for Abed.
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I believe I've reached the point when I'm not even looking forward to Games of Thrones episodes. I feels like a duty, and then I look forward to the discussion; but I actually stopped the last episode twice while watching from boredom and cringing. The OOCness is out of the wazoo. spoilery )
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- I kind of don't know where to post my fannish thoughts anymore. Tumblr? Communities? My journal? Crossposting the same thing to all of them as if they were all that good or important? >_> Perhaps I should meta about this for metamarchofmonth.

- Fucking asshole on saying they were glad spoilers for A song of ice and fire: Tyrion killed that "lying bitch".FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU.

- I have a new haircut. I should get my hair cut more often. At least every six months instead of year. Bet I'd save money on hair care products.

- Did I ever mention my new cooking plates? I have them. Yay food that i cook! I was so sick of microwave fare.
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fan trailer for Game of Throne S1

wow that is a cool trailer. Does anyone know where the music is from?
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Up until p.834


I'm growing too tired to pay much attention anymore... Hope I'll have time to finisht he book tomorrow.
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Up to p.350 / Tyrion's seven chapter, not included.


I think I'm going to go sleep now. More spam tomorrow.


20 Jun 2011 11:41 pm
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Once more, I have 50-ish icons on my harddrive, so post!

2xMiscelleanous DC
2xWolverine First Class (Kitty, Terry)
15xfabulous Cable&Deadpool/Thor fancomic
17xLoki Balder Thor
8xGame of Thrones / ASOIAF

pretties under the cut )

If you like, please, comment & credit :D
If you like something, but would like some kind of fiddling, don't hesitate to ask.

GoT ep 9

13 Jun 2011 07:31 pm
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Holy shit, that was an awesome episode. I think the show is starting to regain my trust.

spoilers for the episode )
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This was a good episode, though i'm afraid my heart wasn't wholly it (either my annoyance with the one before contaminating my experience, or a little bit of overwhelming fannish experiences with everything else. It's a busy time to be fannish).

spoilers for the episode )
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That was much better, i thought. It's starting to come onto its own; though the pacing is still way off and some characters are given the shaft.

spoilers for the episode )
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ARGH! There's someone bashing Sansa on the internet!


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