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I'd like to thank again (and recc ^^) [ profile] sakanagi for writing me a very lovely Yuuko/Clow drabble Magnolia, and [ profile] fivestarlunatic who wrote a gorgeous Seishirou/Subaru ficlet Spring Day. Go read them, people, they're delightful.
And [ profile] hiragizawa made me this beautiful banner : Karen

I've updated my own fic journal with two HP drabbles : dans l'interminable ennui de la plaine, TonkxGinny at [ profile] mechaieh's request and Moments of decision SnapexLupin at [ profile] catrinella's.
I've yet to answer [ profile] laurus_nobilis's demand of something with Touya (I'm thinking a small crossover with X if you don't mind ^^). And [ profile] cookedcandy but for that I'll have to wait until I watch Firefly again, which means until i finally move in.

I had a nice week end alone at home. I bought lots of books : Y the last man's 5th volume (comic book), the first Chrestomancy book, the lattest Anita Blake (because I can't pass up the opportunity to mock bad French, and okay, I kinda like crap fiction sometimes) and two books of Barbra Hambly's Benjamin Janvier serie. Yeah; those are historical crime stories. The only thing I read that is not Science Fiction or Fantasy, you know.

What I didn't do that I should have done was writing. *sighs* And if this week will be like the last one was I won't have any time or energy left for it. It pisses me off that the only time I've got is during the week end and I wasted it doing nothing. How do most people who have to work do ? How do they stand it ? I'm puzzled.
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This last week end I got myself the two last tomes of Tokyo Babylon, the third TPB of Y, the Last Man, and the third tome of Jaqueline Carey's serie, Kushiel's Avatar, that I had been waiting for in paper back since this summer. ^_^
Y is a very good comic, very cleverly written, and poking fun at many stereotypes and prejudices, not only those about genders. (It's, as the name indicates, a story where every men, and male mamals, on earth suddenly and mysteriously died - except our hero Yoric and his pet monkey). Now I just need to "trade" it to Mike in exchange for borrowing all his Fables, Ultimates and Runaway. Why did they have to get me hooked with comics as well as everything else ? Like I'm not broke already just buying SF and RPG books ?! :'(
Then we went with friends to the Tim Burton night at the Champo. Got to see Big Fish, which was very good about the nature of truth, thought the ending is slightly week, Ed Wood and Beetlejuice. After rewatching those twos, I think Ed Wood is definitly the stronger of the three movies. It's an amazingly good movie, very sad in a bittersweet way. And you can't beat Johnny Depp in angora pull ^_^

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