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Known as
Della, Etrangere, Salinea, Stranger, demoiselledefortune

Identify as
Agnostic, Bisexual, Geek, Female, French, Jewish.

Main areas of Geekness
anime, comics, manga, tabletop roleplaying games, science fiction & fantasy novels (& other media).

Other areas of interest
anthropology, anti-discrimination, BDSM, mythology, poetry, sociology.

Main past fandoms
A Song of Ice & Fire, Avatar The Last Airbender, Coldfire Trilogy, Exalted, Harry Potter, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Tokyo Babylon & X by CLAMP.

Current fandom
superhero comicbooks.

Cursory fandoms
Bartimaeus trilogy, Black Lagoon, Code Geass, Fruits Basket, Fullmetal Alchemist, Hikaru no Go, Michiko e Hatchin, Petshop of Horror, Pirates of the Caribbean, Princess Tutu, Sarah Connor Chronicles, Sherlock Holmes, Slayers, Vorkosigan series, White Collar, X-Men Movies.

Fannish practices
Once upon a time I would write fanfics. I haven't done so in a very long time though, so don't bait your breath.
I always love discussing, analyzing, reviewing, & meming about my fannish interests.
From times to times I make icons.
I've made one fanvid/AMV, once.
I've done a handful of Fan Soundtrack.
And there's always reccing. But most often, I just keep a link on my delicious account.

Shipping and other obsessions
I'm mostly an antagonist shipper. If they fight one another, are foils for one another, compete with one another, mindfuck one another, corrupt one another, redeem one another, try to kill one another, succeed in killing one another, or simply bicker a lot – chances are, I ship it.
In characters, I mostly like anti-heroes, anti-villains, tricksters, femme fatales, flawed heroes, magnificent bastards, rogue badasses, guile heroes and other smart kind of characters, compassionate characters, crazy characters, social fu masters, characters who have been broken and who have put themselves back together if perhaps not quite the right way, and characters who are easily underestimated.
I mostly love genre fandoms. I love Science Fiction & Fantasy. I also love action, noir, adventure, historical settings, and exploration of an interesting setting in general.

Journal policies
I'm quick to friend people. I'm impulsive and I get curious about people easily. I also sometimes unfriend people, not out of dislike, but finding out I just don't have that much to discuss with that person.
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