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Happy fake birthday Seishirou and [ profile] ariss_tenoh !

I spent most of my deay reading until late afternoon, though I did write a bit in the morning (yay, I think I like writing femslash more than other alternatives). First I finished Quest by Andrea Esbeach, which was a very disapointing space opera (this author usually does much, much better) then the third volume of a French fantasy trilogy, which was pretty good. Sad thing is I read the first volumes a long time ago, but the writing was good, the characters cool (with properly sexy anti-heros and competent female character) and the themes (which were rabidely anti-clerical which usually annoys me but there didn't) were clever woven.

Then I went shopping. Books first (a girl must have her priorities) I was weak and bought myself Bonehunter by Stephen Erikson, River of Gods by Ian McDonald, and Tuf Voyaging by GRRMartin. At the cashregister someone came and told the saleperson that De Villepin had resigned to her and one customer's rejoycing but it must have been an April's Fool because I heard nothing of it on google or radio news since going home.

Then I got myself a pretty bed table (I'm almost done with all furnitures for my flat, now the biggest thing I miss is book shelves) and had the propect if carrying home. (first time i bought furnitures alone with no car) I requisitionned a seat in the metro to the alley, but had to bear the guy's next to me's attempts to flirt as a result. He liked Gainsbourg, Flows for Algernon, and Van Vogt so at least he had some taste.

The going home and having some real hard time carrying the package (not because it was heavy so much as because the bag was made for someone taller and I had the fold my arms to prevent it from brushing the floor) so I picked up a cadi when I passed in front of a supermarket and it was much easier (I brought the cadi back after, of course). One thing I like about myself is that I've got cheek.

Home. I can read tonight. Got a thousand dishes to wash.

Time is running so fast lately, days pass quicker and quicker. I'm sure that by the time I'm 80 it'll reach light speed.

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