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I need a little bit of cheering up.
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I'm feeling kinda blue, ignored and lonely for no particulary good reasons. I hate that feeling. I don't mind melancholy and sadness in most cases, but feeling ignored is one of the thing I hate most.

I've finished uploading all my fics at what will now be my fanfic archive : my journal fen account. Also got my fanfic masterlist updated. Doesn't it look impressive, like this? Haha! it's only because there's so many drabbles and ficlets XD
I'm not sure what to do with my former fic journal for now. Right now I think I'll keep updating it with fics because anyway because not everyone has JF, and not everyone would comment on JF (and I do like comments, I do XD), and b'sides, I've got all a history of comments on [ profile] la_mer_allee which I don't want to lose. I suppose I could keep it as is (well save it for security), and post new fics on my regular journal. It's not like many people were reading my fic journal who weren't coming from my personnal journal. Any thoughts or advice on this?

So, since I've got all my masterlist updated, I thought it could be a good occasion to cheer myself up with a DVD commentary meme. Pick one of my fic which you were intrigued and ask me for a DVD commentary of it!
(Haven't uploaded the old DVD commentaries yet... #~@¤,*$ù,always something left to do...)
Previously done DVD commentary :

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