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So I'd promised Catie a post with plenty of pictures of me, that was something like monthes ago, because she didn't remember having seen any. So I got my friend Nicky to send some of those from me. (He had more pics of me than I have o_o)
So there. Pics of me, you can pass of you're not interested.

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I found Vampire Hunter D, the first novel today wooohooo ! I made an exclamation of happiness when I did, and then when I came to the cash register to pay it, the girl who managed it said "Oh it's there, it's out ?!" and made exactly the same kind of noise XDDD it was very cute
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Am doing okay.

Got an A for the Macroeconomics exams.

Got a deal for the appartment I talked about before. Now it's only a matter of formalities (France is the countrie of administrative hell)
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Yesterday we reunied with my old Nephilim rpg crew, for just a restaurant and we watched Dellamorte Dellamore; which was nicely cheesy, weirdish and fun. Was nice seeing those people again as it had been a very long time. Too bad Vincent was insisting on being grumpy and generally mean to me. (He hates I'm not much available for rpg those days)

Am trying to organize my winter vacations, which is proving to be difficult what with how complicate it is for my boyfriend to get days off from job, and my parents wanting to go to Vienna, then Bratislava to meet the family I got there. And that even though I have so many time off for this vacation (yay for American callendar !)

Did I mention I had a new mood theme ?

And much love to [ profile] halcyon_libra for the gift of this icon <333
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Yeap, that's it, vacations over...

Prague is a lovely city. I spent a very fun and enjoyable five days there. We did lots of visiting, and lots, lots, lots of walking (actually I'm starting to get worried about my feet, seems like I start aching from standing up more than a few minutes way too easily), saw lots of beautiful buildings and made many silly jokes.
The trip was made with friends from the old A song of ice and fire board and Storm's End board, which all happen to be europeans. Most of them I had met already when they came to Paris last year. Of course, this time, being part of the travellers staying at the hotel, I got to know them better than then. All of them were very nice and cool person, and I loved spending time with them. We discussed the books ofcourse, but more than anything we talked about cultures, history, geography and differences between our countrie. I learnt an awful lots about Norway, of all things, because our resident Viking Jostein was verty talkative and rather gifted about it. There was also two Germans, Fabian and Korbinian, one Austrian, Maia B is a Letvonian living in Austria, a Polish, and Padraig was our Irishman (thought we did joke a lot about him being brittish, to his great dismay). Jana, herself from Prague did join us a few times when her work allowed her to.
Too bad some of the people who I met in Paris last year couldn't come. Like [ profile] generalblossom, Anna and Joris. But we did send them postcards ;)
I do hope ot meet them all again next year in Glasgow. Or sooner if something can be organized.

A couple of pictures, made by Jostein )

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