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So, I've finally got myself all the papers needed to make myself a new ID Card. But now I need to be back again there tomorrow, because the card is two monthes to be done, but passport is only 3 weeks. And I'm supposed to go to Prague in July ^_^

Otherwise, was watching a couple of TV debates on homosexual mariage and parenthood. (Obviously, because one Socialist Mayor, Mamere, did celebrate one with the expressive disagreement of the state etc.) God, are some people's argument just painful in their stupidity. I want to bring all those people who thinks family's only a father, a mother and nothing else to an anthropology class just to show them how many kind of different family structures exist all over the world. Some people are so narrow minded... not that they would listen anyway *rolls eyes*

On the good news side, that Jewish guy who was knifed the other day didn't have his pulmon perforated. Oh, and if you believe TV information, it's not antisemitism. Good to know, I'm less worried now that I know that if I get agressed by people calling me a dirty Jew it won't be antisemitism.
My mother actually asked us if we wanted to the US after she retires *laugh* Of course, she doesn't want to go to Israel because having lived in a countrie during a war once was good enough for her. I think my father would prefer Israel. I personaly am not sure things are that much better in the US.

Finished reading Walter Jon Williams' the Sundering. Was just as good as the first volume of the serie : excellent military space op things, with good characters, and I adore the description of the society in all its patron/client underdealings, petty politics, administrative incompetence and corruption. Very funny ^_^

Have started a Tanith Lee's collection of vampire novellas. Boy, can that woman write. Pure poetry.
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Made a short tour at the english book store. I wanted to get Illium for my dad, as a requested gift, but they didn't have it. So instead, I got myself a few books :

Walter Jon William's The Sundering, sequel to the Praxis, which was a nice, well written, classic Space Opera book. And I know my dad will enjoy it too.

George RR Martin's Dying of the Light, because it's been some time I wanted to try out a few of the other things Martin wrote. This one and Fevre Dream. But they actually had this one.

Some kind of urban fantasy called Storm Front, of a Dresden File cycle, recommended by the seller (who's a very nice guy I should invite to play Shadowrun one of these days) to replace my Hamilton, since I'm getting bored quickly of rereading the Anita Blake novels. (Of course I've done a lot of re-reading lately - what have you, they're quick and pleasant to read. Think chocolate.)

And Lois Mc Master Bujold's Young Miles anthology of books. I started reading the Miles book from the bibliotheque, so I do want to collect them, and those omnibus collections are excellent for that. Since I've read those novels already more times than I can remember and still enjoy them, it's sure value and will be fun to read in Original Version.

Couldn't find Kay's Last Light of the Sun either. Well, I better wait for it to come out in paper back anyway.

And lastly, today was Towel Day

Hence the icon - this is not me pretending to be all innocent and naive - for once.

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