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Character you’d become best friends with

Haruhi Suzumiya

Okay, don't look weirdly at me. Haruhi totally follows the pattern of the kind of girl I befriend most easily in real. Bossy, headstrong girls with interresting and innovative ideas of how to pass time who don't much fear ridicule. Also she's enough of a geek I would enjoy spend time with her. Okay, she's also something of a jerk, but nobody's perfect and at least she makes life interesting.

For a male best friend I'd be tempted to pick House for the symmetry (I always thought there was big crackful crossover potential between House and Haruhi, riffing of the House versus God theme and playing out of what huge assholes they both are XD), but that's a bit too far in the jerk spectrum even for me ^_^;

Character with your favourite voice/seiyuu

I'm not big on noticing voices in general (a in, it goes underneath my consciousness in the way it affects me). I love Anthys voice; and, for a random choice, K of Gravitation's voice. But for this one, I can't pick anyone but:

Xelloss, of Slayers

Because his voice is 70% of his sexiness (god knows it's not his character design XD). Very melt-y, yes, of course I'll do whatever you say and don't care that you're a demon kind of voice ♥

Character you’d go camping with

Well, I have very little experiences with going campaing; as in the main one i ever had involved week ends with a lot of roleplaying games, so I'm not sure exactly what we're supposed to be looking forward there. But assuming someone who is good in survival situations, easy going enough i know I could spend some time in close quarter without wanting to strangle them, and entertaining enoug, I'll have to go with Damien Vryce (of the Coldfire Trilogy).

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Character you’d bring home to your parents

I think of my various character crushes; the one who is the most wholesome would be John Aversin from the Dragonbane series. He's a sweetheart, very nice guy, and giant nerd, and also quite the hero ^_^

Character you’d never bring home to your parents

most of them. I'm going to go with Sandor Clegane, what with being a drunk, a murderer, and generally not very mentally stable. He's cute though :p

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Character you look like the most

You know, all the characters I can remotely think that look like me - dark curly hair, voluptuous kind of body - are so ridiculously hot that I'm blushing to answer this. Obviously I'm not that hot, but characters in series tend to be, so please forgive the vain answer:

Lust of Fullmetal Alchemist.

I kind of always wanted to cosplay her too (if I wasn't too lazy to make a cosplay).

I guess I could also have used Hermione again, except I decided I wouldn't use twice the same characters ;) (that means I'll have to find another answer for #30 of course)

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Character you have most in common with

Characters I identify with are few and far between, and usually for rathe weird reasons that would be hard to put into words. However the question is about "having in common with", so I'll go with a fact-based one I don't relate with a whole lot: Willow Rosenberg

Middle class Jewish sort-of-bisexual geek girl that she is. And I'm fascinated by mythology enough to count the Wicca as a half point too. I have to say I certainly did relate enough with her part of the dream in Restless.

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Character who would probably be your rival

Hermione is just the right amount of similar to me in some ways and very different from me in other ways that sets my teeth with a kind of annoyance and would have totally make her my rival in school. On the one hand, I was totally the sort of kid who constantly raised their hand to answer a teacher's question, on the other hand, I was more the intuitive and chaotically organised kind of person who wasn't likely to spend a lot of time organising notes (or doing homeworks in general). I think Hermione could have easily get to be on a competitive mode :)

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Character you'd like as your child

Kohane from XXXholic, because her story totally break my heart and makes me want to protect and cherish her ^_^;

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Character you'd like to go shopping with

Toph, because "does this make my butt looks big" would be a great set up for one of those "why do you people keep forgetting that I AM BLIND!" jokes, and then she's get fed up an destroy the store which would be awesome

That depends what do you mean by shopping. I'm not a big fan of shopping for clothing, but if it was that, Ciani of Farady because she'd give advices based on what clothes would piss off my boss most, which is really a must. Now that I think about it, Gerald Tarrant would also be a hillarious in that he had a good sense of aesthetics but would never have the patience for actual stores shopping so there would be snark, and threats of violence.

If it was the kind of shopping, I actually enjoy, like books and geeky stuff... maybe Wendy Watson from The Middleman (which I just recently watched ^^), because good and sensible female geek characters are hard to find.

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Character you'd date

That's a very difficult question if I take it seriously. I love a lot of characters whom I wouldn't even come near to in real life because I'm not crazy; and I don't date a whole lot.

If I do not take it seriously, I think my most recent character crush was this woman:

Touko Aozaki from Kara no Kyoukai

In fact the main reason I started watching Kara no Kyoukai was because I saw a pic of he somewhere, and I thought 'hey she looks hot, wonder what anime she's from?' (also how I ended up watching Sayounara Zetsubou Sensei and Michiko e Hatchin); from what I've watched of Kara no Kyoukai, hotness is confirmed : she's tough, smart, snarky, a witch, a little bit manipulative but in a laid back way, not entirely morally bankrupt (I think) but ambiguously so, and is hot.

Of course, I'm very prone to character crushes, so, the answer will probably change by next week ^_^

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Your least favourite character

Bill Adama

At some point of watching nBSG, Adama had the dubious honour of overtaking my previous "most hated character" (which would have been Stannis Baratheon). I think it was "A Day in the Life" that clinched it, though I definitely didn't have much love for the man before.

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I've seen a lot of those pass, and I always wanted to do one, but they were always about subject I doubted I could... until finally this one! Yay! Ganked from [personal profile] laurus_nobilis

Your favourite character

Himemiya Anthy from Revolutionary Girl Utena.

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