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Howdy. My first official day of unemployment started with realising the internet wasn't working at home x_x happily, the thing got rectified this evening.

In case anybody wonders, I am not currently reading any HP fanfics. I'm not sure when I'll get the taste back (if ever?) feel free to defriend me if that fandom was all that interested you in me >_>;;

On the other hand, I'm finding more and more joy in the small and quiet but lovely asoiaf fandom. Yeah, I do mean fanfics. Lots of them are surprisingly good and well characterized, for those of you who love the books, would be curious and didn't know :p Theon's my new favourite character to slash srsly.

In a fit of madness, I apparently volunteered to write a [ profile] ship_manifesto for Gerald/Damien. ^_^ That's going to be fun to do, even if there's an excellent essay on the ship out there which I can't surpass.
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Happy belated birthday [ profile] laurus_nobilis, [ profile] kakushi_miko and [ profile] cafecomics! ♥

So, as part of my new work thing which I mentionned before, I have to manage a blog on cosmetics. It's there : (It's in french, of course). I can't say I find it very easy to do that, I don't feel extremely qualified to talk about cosmetics generally speaking >_>;; But it's not uninteresting to do.

Anyway, I've seen a few of you talk about Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab before, and it looks like it's something interesting in terms of creative interraction, and therefore a good topic for that blog (I don't believe anything similar exists in France but I could be very, very wrong). Would any of you mind tell me a bit more about it, about how you use it (knowing that i'll talk about it on that blog, of course)?

I think I want to do an article about the Dove campaign as well.

If you have ideas about stuff to talk about in general, I'll take it.

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