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Oh, I should wish [ profile] rahael a happy birthday even if i'm late of two days (so sorry) I hope everything is good for you dear. Sending good wishes your way.

Yeah, well I was due an update of my journal for a few days but didn't dare to. I need to get over the fact that I apparently lost most of my interest in the X fandom. I can still appreciate reading good fics, but I just need a break from it and then I guess it'll just like any of the fandoms I used to be big into but am not anymore while still loving it.

Anyway, the two weeks with my boyfriend turned a bit differently as I had planned, as I broke up with him a week ago. He went home, and I went back to my parent's (because I didn't really feel like living i my appartment in those conditions, not to mention the still lack of fridge)
Don't feel sorry for me. Romance is not and has never been the kind of thing that makes me feel like crying and drowning in self pity.
As to why it didn't work, mostly I'll blame the long distance thing and my laziness. Relationships require work that i'm seldom willing to give.

Otherwise, I was worried about a lump in my breast so I finally got myself an appointment with a gynecologist. The gynecologist gave me a pelvien echography as well as the mammography, and good thing she did.
I did the radio&echography on thursday. I've got a kyste in my my ovary. When I finally got my gyneco over the phone on friday she told me it was nothing serious but needed to be treated and she wants an opinion about whether we should get it operated or not. The most freaking out part was that the doctor who made the echography insisted on speaking chinese :

Doctor: you've got a *insert random uncomprehensible biological words*
Me: which means ?
Doctor: *impatiently* Well it could be anything, but you've got /something/ wrong in your uterus !
Me: How so ?
Doctor: it's a *more uncomprehensible scientific language*
Me: Ahhh right. Okay I'll go dress up now....

Of course, the thing in my breast is in all likehood one of those kystes that many women have which is not dangerous but need to be checked on regularly.

Huh, have to go right now. Will post more about my week later on.
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Fire and foremost, a very happy birthday to [ profile] shineko the coolest fandom mommie ever ! I hope your day is going on wonderfully Shi dear and may all good things happen to you ♥

My boyfriend is coming on Tuesday morning. Which means I have to move in my appartment to recieve him then... hehehe not everything is quite ready (still no fridge among other things) so it's going to be... interesting. As well as the fact that I couldn't take a vacation for the time he's there so I'm going to have to work at the same time >_<
I don't have an internet connection there, of course, so i'm probably going to be a bit scarce online the next two weeks *waves*

This evening I was at the cynagogue for the end of the month period of mourning for my uncle. At some point during the service a guy (not a rabin, just some president of some association) started making one of the most infuriating and warmongering speech about Israel. I would have strangled him. Not only was his rethorics puke worthy, but talking about politics and war in such a contest, when most of the people presents were friends of my uncle.... simply indecent. Urgh.


24 Oct 2004 08:21 pm
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I am back from vacations. They were GOOD. Have seen an awful lot of churches, a couple of forrest, had many walks in old town centers and visited one Bishop castle. Have snatched Wildcards, which is yours Teresa ! I'll send you back when I'm finished with it. Bavaria and Austria in autumn is beautiful, lots of red and orange trees *_*. Tours was also just an adorable city, and spending more time with Maya was extremely cool as well (got to watch Gravitation which was very fun with her, and also a old romantic Russian movie about the important of going to bath before New Year's Eve), she's just adorable. The ASOIAF meeting was awesome, seeing again people from Prague and before, though it was way too short (just the week end in Munich with everyone else than Fabian). I've got a new boyfriend. And now I'm back home after 8 hours of train, am very tired and trying to catch back of mails and journal posts that happened meanwhile @_@

Not necessarily in this order.

Oh, and since LiveJournal doesn't seem to accept my credit card for payment, my Paid account has expired during my absence ;_; I really need to try to find a way to whine somewhere and make it work....
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sorry i haven't updated much lately. Didn't really feel like writing anything.

Tonight we had an evening with my sister and parents. Lots of discussion after ward (as often my sister is a good catalyser to actually talk between us after we see her), especially from my mother. It's funny how lots of my characters in RPG lately have been similar in nature to my mother - earthy natures, who's primal interest is in their work and actually doing stuff and don't really know how to do things for themselves, and as a result from their frustration are a lot bitchy to other people.
*ahem* My mother and I are very different people and we often clash. I think we often have a lot of difficulties to appreciate each others (especially by opposition with my father, as we are a lot alike and appreciate both very intellectual & theoritical debates), which doesn't mean I don't have lots of esteem for her.
I actually have lots of troubles thinking their do... accept me, respect me ? I'm not sure.
Sometimes I don't even think they like me. Like they feel obligated to love me because I'm their daughter, but not for my own qualities.
My mother is especially someone who's very criticizing (which I did inherit from her), so it's sometimes very hard to meet her expectations. All the more because she's a very anxious person, who gets stressed and worried very easily over anything.
Most of the time my parents are the last people I would confide in when I've got problems.
There's the people I must lie to.

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