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Woke up awfully late tonight. Went to buy a gift for my mother's birthday (we celebrate it tomorrow), I was out of ideas and finally picked a book by Ruth Rendel. Hope she hasn't got it already / will like it.
On the way to the store, I met an old friend from school; Bertille. We chatted for some time, she's a very sweet and funny girl and I was very glad to meet her. Looks like we've got a plan to go take some modern-jazz dancing classes together as debutant !
Tonight we watched Lost in La Mancha, which made me even more worshipful of Terry Gillian than I was before. And so sad the film didn't get to be made :'(

Finally finished reading the second Harry Dresden book yesterday; and I'm not impressed. Those aren't half good as the Anita Blake books, the main character gets on my nerve (self-righteous idiot), the universe is just so borringly manicheist, and the magic looks like it's out of a RPG game (in a not-good way). Hum, even thought the plots are okay, I'm not sure I'll get the sequels. LK Hamilton's books might be crap, but at least it's crap I enjoy reading and devours quickly, perfect way to distract and entertain myself. Now if only she stopped pretending to write erotica and got back to the good stuff...

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