6 Jul 2009 09:03 pm
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I've scanned the Harry Potter fanarts I bought at the Anime convention I was at a few weeks ago, you can see them here.

Website of the fanartist:
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The fic I wrote was :

Title: Wild flowers (Root Cutting Remix)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters/Pairings: Neville, Augusta, OC
Summary: Flowers bloom, and children grow up.
Title, Author and URL of original story: Summer Roses by [ profile] msmoocow
Notes: Much love to [ profile] redcandle17 for the emergency beta work ♥

( Faked cut )

The fic I picked was very charming and lovely, developing an OC along with Neville. As a first experience at remixing this was interesting. I'm not sure I was re-appropriated the story enough although I did a couple of twist. I definitely liked having an occasion to write about Neville, who is a darling and whom I'd never written about before.
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I'm like, so not into HP right now, but there's this fic :

The World, A Book
BY [ profile] busaikko
"I don't remember being young," he says. . . "I think that I died, and I came here."

It is fucking gorgeous, and it's a lovely metafic, and you should go read it RIGHT NOW.
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Wrote another drabble to the requested:

Title:...killed the cat
Fandom:Harry Potter / Tokyo Babylon crossover
Characters/Pairing: Seishirou, Remus/Severus
Length: 466 words
for [ profile] bronze_ribbons prompt of "way to kill a cat"
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Ganked from [ profile] amewarashi

Provide a character/characters and I will Sort them into a Hogwarts House. I'll also try to explain why and maybe talk about their ~adventures~ at Hogwarts.
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1. I've got a throatache, hopefully getting better. Just the week when I was blissfully all by myself at home, meh.

2. Wrote two drabbles from the drabble request

Harry Potter
313 words


Tokyo Babylon
Hokuto, Karen
120 words

3. [ profile] booklog_sff is now really kicking with the discussions starting about Curse of Chalion. Yay!

4. Something Positive holiday strips really, really amuse me. As we say in French, âmes sensibles s'abstenir, though.
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Howdy. My first official day of unemployment started with realising the internet wasn't working at home x_x happily, the thing got rectified this evening.

In case anybody wonders, I am not currently reading any HP fanfics. I'm not sure when I'll get the taste back (if ever?) feel free to defriend me if that fandom was all that interested you in me >_>;;

On the other hand, I'm finding more and more joy in the small and quiet but lovely asoiaf fandom. Yeah, I do mean fanfics. Lots of them are surprisingly good and well characterized, for those of you who love the books, would be curious and didn't know :p Theon's my new favourite character to slash srsly.

In a fit of madness, I apparently volunteered to write a [ profile] ship_manifesto for Gerald/Damien. ^_^ That's going to be fun to do, even if there's an excellent essay on the ship out there which I can't surpass.


3 Sep 2007 04:05 pm
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The first three drabbles from my drabble prompt request from here

Utena, Touga/Akio, 400 words

Harry Potter, Percy/Hermione, 280 words

A Song of Ice and Fire, Sandor/Sansa, 100 words

Whee! This is being fun ^_^
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chapter 29 to the very ending.

yeap, spoilers SPOILERS spoilers )

And that's it.

Have to go run give back the book now.
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up to chapter 10

hitherby SPOILERS )

Yes, I am totally going to spam you guys during the night!
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I've got the book! It wasn't easy. I'm supposed to give it back tomorrow morning at 10 (don't ask it's complicated and I didn't understand half of it) but I've got the fucking book.


Off to read!
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Find out your Harry Potter personality at LiquidGeneration!

Aaaaaaand only 2 hours and a half before we get new canon to :
squee about
rant about
wank about
fanwanks and rationnalizes
make fun of
find subtext in
find double entendre in
ignore parts and using parts of
write A/U about
imagine hidden scenes of thereof
imagine sequels of thereof
imagine prequel of thereof
bring back dead character of thereof

and the everything else!

I love new canons. It's like fandom fuels. Even when it's bad, it's always something to react to and that is GREAT.

ETA meme stolen from ariesathena

Put the books in order from favorite to least favorite:
1. PoA
2. OotP
3. HBP
4. GoF
5. CoS
1. PS

How many times have you read the series: twice, one in French (up to Ootp), one in English. HBP only read once;

Read more... )

and no time to do the rest!
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So I watched OotP yesterday evening. Yeah, finally. I know, this is so last week's news and everyone'd rather talk about leaked book rather, but I don't care (also, I love my flist, everyone's talking of spoilers but nobody spoiled me yet and I'm not even being extra careful! That's how awesome my flist is!)

the bad, the ugly, the hot, the missing )

And I'm finally excited about getting HP7 in two fucking days! No, I wasn't before. Weird, huh? And very much looking forward the Wankpocalypse!
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So instead of using the holliday to read Reaper's Gale like any sensible fan of Erikson who just bought to book would do (or, for that matter, Feast of Souls, which I finally found), I've been reading a book called Devices & Desire by KJ Parker which I had bought on a whim several months ago and which I only started reading a couple of days ago for the maion reason that it's a paperbook that actually fit into my handbag to read on the subway which, of course, neither Reaper's Gale nor Feast of Souls do. (I hate hate hate hardcover and the fact I'll still buy them because I have no patience, and I hate hate hate people who like their books heavy, pretty and overpriced who makes the making of such books saleable when it would be so much better having a nice, flexible, small book that fits into a bag for anytime you have a free moment to read!)

That book is brillant.

Device & Desire (no spoilers) )

Spiderman 3 (no spoilers) )

I'm not in the mood to read fanfics at all, so I hadn't read your lattest gorgeous story, that's why. Not because I hated it.
And apparently Tonks' a Hufflepuff, wtf? (not that I dislike Hufflepuff, i think they're awesome and fearsome, but Tonks' a lazy, individualist ass, if there ever was one)
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I wrote :

Title: Paper Cuts
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Percy/Draco (mentions of Percy/Oliver)
Summary: After Voldemort wins the war, Percy does what he must to survive and tells himself it really could have been worse.
Warnings: non-con
Word Count: 2,000

Much love to [ profile] kethlenda for the emergency beta she did for me ♥

The fic I received (Our December Sun is Setting, a GORGEOUS Sirius/Regulus A/U darkfic) was written by [ profile] thysanotus; a writer whose fics I obviously need to catch up and devour as soon as I find the time.

Overall it was pretty fun. Sadly I totally failed at reading every fics (even limited to pairings I was interested in), and didn't manage to post any organized recs before the reveals. ;_;
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Happy belated birthday [ profile] klynie1! Many hugs and good wishes. I hope it was a good day. Sorry I missed wishing it to you *blushes* Would you want a drabble?

So, I made icons...

1. 2.

these are all similar derivated icons, dude )

and I also made a little icon makeover, includng a bunch of Utena icons. I've been feeling in a bit of an Utena mood lately. I've decided I should always always have a creepy!anthy icon. Because creepy!anthy rocks. There.
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1. My [ profile] springsmut's gift has already come up. It's such a gorgeous, delicious story too :

Our December Sun is Setting
It's Sirius/Regulus, and it's got a wonderfully filled list of warning Incest, dark!fic, pretentious second-person narration, slightly AU, implied necrophila, torture, cannibalism, character death., and I absolutly adore it. (You know I had picked up necrophilia in my request out of sheer provocation, but I'm really happy it was, among other things, picked up)
Oh, and the A/U element is SHEER genius, though I won't say more not to spoil anyone the surprise.
Go read it!

2. I posted a Snape/Lupin drabble up at [ profile] snupin100 for the By the Sea challenge

End of time

3. I had a 3, what could it have been? Damn. Hello, my name is Anne-Elisa, and I'm a scatterbrain.

4. I remember! OKay this morning, I thought I saw a fic that was Regulus/Harry, and with a summary about Harry dreaming of Regulus or something? And I had no time to read it then, but since i've had that kind of bunny somewhere in my brain for a time, it struck me.
Then tonight, getting home, and I can't find the fic anymore!! Did I dream it? Does it exist? Does anyone know? I'm spooked! XD
Found it!
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I've been following [ profile] aubrem's very interesting lattest discussion about decentralisation with attention (LJ's tracking device rocks mightily, I cannot say that too many times ♥). Being both a Snape/Lupin OTPist and a very big fan of dark fictions, I feel, of course, concerned.

cut for lengthy reasonning )

A Poll is there under the cut )
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One of the funny thing with HP7 release date's annuncement is how everyone is making angsty posts at their journal telling about their fear about the death of a favourite character (Snape, Remus, Lucius, Draco, Harry, what have you...)

musings cut for teh spoilerz )

So what do I fear for Book7? Mostly I fear silly characterization about my favourite characters that won't be easily fixed. Specific canon facts that will contradict future fics I won't have time to finish before June. And Severus/Lily *shudders*

Then again, last time the only thing I was fearing was JKR messing up with my idea of Regulus and then she did, but I loved it XD

I just hope I won't be disapointed.

But she can kill anyone she wants as far as I'm concerned.

Especially if the death is cool

*waves Bring on the Angst flag*


25 Jan 2007 01:13 pm
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You know how I have this thing for manipulative, lying Remus?

Okay, someone wrote the ultimate manipulative Remus fic. It's a brillant piece of writing, so don't miss it :

How to disable a Sneakoscope by [ profile] purple_chalk
(Remus knows exactly what he's doing. Snape/Lupin, NC-17)
It's brillant. The characterizations are a killer. Everything in canon from Hogwarts years to the end of PoA, Remus' relationships with all the Marauders, Snape and Harry (and various OCs) in one dazzling rush of narration. And it all explains how Remus lies so much better than I could ever do in any meta.
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Happy (really belated) birthday [ profile] stoicstella :

Rotten love
574 words
Warnings : Present tense, semi-graphic sex

I'm sorry I'm so late to deliver your this gift. To be honest I wrote two other ficlets for you which were not good and soppy. Then there finally was this one which didn't suck as much at the others so its for you. I hope you like it dear ♥
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Taken from [ profile] schemingreader

1. Take your OTP
2. List your personal canon for those characters. So the stuff that has nothing whatsoever to do with the books, but in your head is irrefutably what would have happened

I have three HP OTPs, Snape/Lupin, Sirius/Snape, and Sirius/Regulus so I'm going to mix and match the three. (they're not really OTP facts, mostly characters facts)

factoidor )


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