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I'm happy I still occasionally receive comments on my Buffy Tarot ♥

I really loved the latest House. not really spoilery, but does refer to stuff in the episode if you're spoilerphobic )

I tried the Battlestar Galactica board game last saturday. It turned out to be rather boring. Possibly just a question of chance, but still a bit anticlimatic. The game works as a cooperative game between players incarnating a characters (the ones available to pick are Roslin, Adama, Lee, Starbuck, Helo, Sharon, Tigh, Baltar, Galen, and, oddly enough, Zarek) while trying to solve the crisis and Cylons attack that happen at each player turns and tend to decrease various Ressources counter (things like fuel, population, food, water,etc. - when they get to zero we lose) while trying to make 8 "jumps" needed to reach the Earth. BUT!! we have secret loyalty cards that say one of us could be a Cylon or a Cylon sympathiser who's goal is to defeat everyone.
During the first phase of the game (up to the 4 jumps mid point, which is reaching Kobol) it turned out no one of us was a Cylon, so we faced the challenge too easily. (I was Kara btw :) I went into a viper and shot down the Cylons we had at the beginning and they didn't turned up again until Kobol).
After Kobol we got new loyalty cards, and I got the Cylon Sympathiser card (XD) which because all our Resources counter were in the green, meant I was revealed as a Cylon, playing against the other players openly. Turns out there's very little you can do in the game as a revealed Cylon (and even less for me as one who was so as a Cylon Sympathiser, awww) so I found this phase also boring, even after I was joined by another player who got the Cylon card (which means he wasn't revealed at first, and could sabotage the other players' efforts in various ways which didn't deceive anyone - everyone guesses right away who he was XD then he revealed himself but that didn't much either).
I'll probably try to play it again soonishly so will say how it turns out. Probably if there's a Cylon in the first phase the game is more exciting and challenging.

I should be off this week end, I'll be in Deauville for the Festival du Film Asiatique. Need to make train reservation now.

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