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Got to meet [ profile] hamsterwoman and family yesterday as they were in vacations in Europe. That was pretty damn awesome and they were all absolutely adorable and I had a blast (they invited me to dinner). ♥ ♥ ♥

Very hot day today. So I finished watching Angel S5. I feel like the ending was pretty week actually, mostly because the plot made no sense (some lines/scenes were great though despite being horribly spoiled). Overall I thought S5 was solid, mostly thanks to a great number of very good and good standalone episodes.spoilery )

And that's it. Now I'm all finished with the Buffyverse (errr, do I want to continue reading the comics? The only one I liked was the one about Faith and all the spoilers tend to discourage me more than anything). I guess I could read some fanfics like Masq's The Destroyer though.

I feel like I should have more to tell, but now I can't think of what? I guess, my date went well thanks for the well wishes. And I need to read those FMA reactions posts now! Yay!
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So now that Lost has ended, is it worth for me to watch it? Making note of how I hated the BSG finale season?

In other TV series related news, I've finally started watching S4&5 of Angel. Yeah, better late than never, took me only 7 years XD (back then downloading episodes was a hassle and didn't seem worth catching up a lot of episodes). I've finished S4 and am seven episodes deep into S5. So far I think I'm actually enjoying it more than I expected. (More than Dollhouse for example).

spoilery )

I finished reading one book yesterday, yay me. First in months, there's hope for me yet :p
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For archiving purpose...

In the Beginning: Themes of Season Four: Or how there were a lot of good ideas to begin with that weren't too well executed
Etrangere - June 11 2002

Thanks to Lady Starlight and Wise Woman for correcting the translation mistakes and general copy editing.

I remember having read an explanation of the name of the Initiative based on the irony to apply such a word to people that didn't know much but who simply followed orders. I propose another one: Initiative comes from initiare, the Latin for "to begin." That word of beginning is the one that starts a well known book and gave its name, in the Hebraic tradition, to the first chapter of this book, Bereshith, or in English, Genesis. A Season Big Bad isn't named Adam by coincidence.

cut for length, spoilers for Buffy S4 )

Now to decide if it's worth archiving my old Buffy/Spike shipping essay given how much the pairing makes me wince nowadays XDD
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I'm happy I still occasionally receive comments on my Buffy Tarot ♥

I really loved the latest House. not really spoilery, but does refer to stuff in the episode if you're spoilerphobic )

I tried the Battlestar Galactica board game last saturday. It turned out to be rather boring. Possibly just a question of chance, but still a bit anticlimatic. The game works as a cooperative game between players incarnating a characters (the ones available to pick are Roslin, Adama, Lee, Starbuck, Helo, Sharon, Tigh, Baltar, Galen, and, oddly enough, Zarek) while trying to solve the crisis and Cylons attack that happen at each player turns and tend to decrease various Ressources counter (things like fuel, population, food, water,etc. - when they get to zero we lose) while trying to make 8 "jumps" needed to reach the Earth. BUT!! we have secret loyalty cards that say one of us could be a Cylon or a Cylon sympathiser who's goal is to defeat everyone.
During the first phase of the game (up to the 4 jumps mid point, which is reaching Kobol) it turned out no one of us was a Cylon, so we faced the challenge too easily. (I was Kara btw :) I went into a viper and shot down the Cylons we had at the beginning and they didn't turned up again until Kobol).
After Kobol we got new loyalty cards, and I got the Cylon Sympathiser card (XD) which because all our Resources counter were in the green, meant I was revealed as a Cylon, playing against the other players openly. Turns out there's very little you can do in the game as a revealed Cylon (and even less for me as one who was so as a Cylon Sympathiser, awww) so I found this phase also boring, even after I was joined by another player who got the Cylon card (which means he wasn't revealed at first, and could sabotage the other players' efforts in various ways which didn't deceive anyone - everyone guesses right away who he was XD then he revealed himself but that didn't much either).
I'll probably try to play it again soonishly so will say how it turns out. Probably if there's a Cylon in the first phase the game is more exciting and challenging.

I should be off this week end, I'll be in Deauville for the Festival du Film Asiatique. Need to make train reservation now.
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So, etrangere, your LiveJournal reveals...

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Find out what your blogging style is like!

Yesterday I went to listen to story telling session at a tea shop, which was pretty nice. Then we went back to my home to watch more Utena (almost finished with it, now), but not before passing through local comic book shop where I bought too many comics.

Buffy S8 tome 3, aka the tome where spoiler, if you managed avoiding this spoiler so far )

Lattest Fables TPB "War in Pieces" which was decent but hardly riveting either, despite the fact I'm fond of Blue Boy. spoilery )

I also broke down and got the Sworn Sword comic in hardcover since the paperback version didn't appear to be coming anytime soon. Or it's already out but local comic book shop refuses to cater it, or something. Haven't read it yet, though.

Also: Adopt one today! the as yet ungendered None Shall Pass refuses to grow wings. All its nestmates already did, sadly all males - I was a bit hasty with my saying I was lucky so far on the gender balance front. Luckily this is easier to fix than the other way : guess I'll just pick up some pink and purple eggs next.
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

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So I've seen a lot of clever things said about Dr Horrible. About women in refrigirators and Nice Guys and everything, both pro and anti, and more subtle. I guess Dr Horrible is kinda like thatNew Yorker's cartoon in a way.

I can't say I was crazy about it, myself. I mean, I thought it was cute and that the songs were pretty good, but I didn't like the story, mostly for it lacks of originality. I loved the Season 6 of Buffy, which I thought basically made the same points, but better, and Dead Things packed more punch. Yeah, the Troika never sang anything in Once More with Feeling - I guess if they had it would have basically been Dr Horrible? And maybe the Troika wasn't so very much about the Nice Guys, but then again, seeing most everyone who doesn't identify as a feminist's reaction to it, Dr Horrible definitly failed in that respect a well.

Oh well we always have Randy Milholland, at least.
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[ profile] a_white_rain kinda makes me want to finally watch the end of Angel the series, since for complicated reasons of desynchronisation, French broacast, and download not being that easy at the time, I never saw past S3. Or maybe just go back to watch it from the beginning since I never did watch it in all that good condition. Not sure if I have the stamina for that, though - althought the idea doesn't make me wince like the idea of watching some BtVS.
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One of the funny thing with HP7 release date's annuncement is how everyone is making angsty posts at their journal telling about their fear about the death of a favourite character (Snape, Remus, Lucius, Draco, Harry, what have you...)

musings cut for teh spoilerz )

So what do I fear for Book7? Mostly I fear silly characterization about my favourite characters that won't be easily fixed. Specific canon facts that will contradict future fics I won't have time to finish before June. And Severus/Lily *shudders*

Then again, last time the only thing I was fearing was JKR messing up with my idea of Regulus and then she did, but I loved it XD

I just hope I won't be disapointed.

But she can kill anyone she wants as far as I'm concerned.

Especially if the death is cool

*waves Bring on the Angst flag*
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Downloading 39 episodes of a serie is way too fucking slow. In one month and a half I'm only at 36% of getting the whole of the Utena serie and it frustrates me extremely. Can't go all over and it and analyse it properly until I can watch it again, and fully.

[ profile] coffee_and_ink compared the Utena ending to the FMA one. Of course I'd rather she had compared it to Buffy.

Obvious similarities between the two series : the reversal of gender roles, feminism, overuse of symbolism and metaphores. But Utena in general is I think more extreme, more indepth and more... well revolutionary ^_^ Though they both have the great advantage of managing to apply feminism to more than relationships between men and women.

Utena is in a way very political. Or more accurately, it talks very acutely about power as it is in every parts of human interactions, even those that could seem very innocent, and suggest a political outlook on it. We're talking about a serie where two keys words are "Prince" and "Revolution", doesn't this strike people as strange ? Those are antithesis.

Especially when you remember that Utena makes obvious references to the very old shoujo "Roses of Versaille" which was during the French revolution. I wonder if there's some essay around that explores this topic. If not I'd like to do one... grrr why is that download so slow ?

BtVS and Utena ending, with spoilers )


21 Nov 2004 06:36 pm
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I've been iconing like crazy for the last 3 days. Strange mood, I suppose it's because I'm starting to begin to almost like the result I get >_> Anyway, except an icon post tomorrow !

And I got blamed ! I got blamed by [ profile] generalblossom for starting to like Buffy/Spike ! Go Teresa ! You're right, S6 is awesome, and this ship is very amusing ^_~. I got blamed by [ profile] stanayitnuh for a wonderful masturbationnary Tokyo Babylon fic *plug*goreadit*unplug*; and I might yet get blamed by [ profile] ariss_tenoh for threesome involving Seishirou, Subaru and Kamui with Seishirou being Kamui's father -_-;; (well, Link didn't want that bunny, so...)

I feel so proud and Pod-esque. (and one person on my flist will understand what I mean there), I like getting blamed ^_^
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So now I've started making Buffy icons, of all things *sigh* not gonna use them anyway. But for the sake of putting pictures on my Live Journal :
Read more... )

And now, one of these memes where YOU have got to do all the work and give the answer. Don't you love it ?

1. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.

2. How long have you known me?

3. When & how did we meet?

4. What was your first impression?

5. If you could "hook me up" with ANYONE, who would it be?

6. What do you think my biggest weakness is?

7. What makes me happy?

8. What makes me sad?

9. What reminds you of me?

10. If you could give me anything what would it be?

11. When was the last time you saw me?

12. What have you always wanted to tell me?

13. Describe me in one word.

14. Are you going to put this on your page and see what I say about you?


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