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You know, I think the problem with [ profile] westerosorting is that every time I see another discussion about sorting characters/people into the Westeros Houses I lose a little bit more faith in the fact that those 7 houses are good categories to sort people in.
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I got nominated at plenty of thing at the [ profile] westerosorting superlative awards, which made me happy, including for plenty of things that make no sense like the Most Likely to have Many Bastard award or the Most Likely to Lose a Body Part in the Future award or the Most Likely to be An assassin Award; and including stuff that made me blush like the Fanfic award or the best discussion award or the Hilarity award.

Sadly I'm not leading any of those polls, not even Honorary Targaryen. I'd be happy to get any award really, even those that make no sense like Honorary Lannister. Well I'm tied for the Most Likely to be an Assassin award, for whatever reason XD (shouldn't tell them how much I tend to be bored by assassin characters, I guess >_>;)

Anyway, awards on which I have a strong opinion:
- [ profile] pojypojy for Fanart. They are a lot of awesome fanartists in the comm, but in term of both quality and quantity, pojypojy really deserves this one.
- [ profile] cloud_wolf for Graphics. In the comm, there are some iconmakers who make very pretty icons, and there are some who make very funny/interesting icons; but [ profile] cloud_wolf is the only one who does both at the same time.
- [ profile] misstopia for Fiercest Defenser of Canon. She's the one that argues the best and the most coherently about aspects of canon IMHO.
- [ profile] haremstress for Leadership. I really get a sense of unity and fun out of Tully house I think in great part because of her.
- [ profile] renegadecat for Kraken. Because she's adorable and cracks me up XD
- [ profile] hamsterwoman for Rose. I think she really embodies the personnality of the house, the flowery exterior, the ability to be sneakily vicious when necessary, the good humour and the sociability.
- [ profile] guad for Dragon. When I think fiery Targ I think of her.
- [ profile] cloud_wolf for Honorary Stark. Mayyyyybe it's just the name, but I keep thinking of her as a Stark.
- [ profile] deeplyunhip for Honorary Greyjoy. She's aggressive and funloving. Would totally be at ease as a pirate.
- [ profile] misstopia for Honorary Tyrell. I kinda think she belongs in that house.
- [ profile] etrangere for Honorary Targaryen. I was almost sorted there for a reason :p
- [ profile] deeplyunhip for Most Welcoming Member. Okay, maybe it's just me...
- [ profile] haremstress for Chatmistress deserves that one although I wouldn't mind getting it XD
- [ profile] haremstress for Good of the Realm. Because she bribed me to say so :)
- [ profile] deeplyunhip for Cockiness. I adore [ profile] renegadecat but cocky she is not. Kim's possibly even cockier than Jaime Lannister.
- [ profile] haremstress for Conflict Resolution. I've seen her at work. She knows tact and diplomacy, I'm admirative.
- [ profile] jesatria for Fangirl. I don't think anyone on the board is a biggest fangirl than her when it comes to Oberyn. NO NOT EVEN [ profile] queenofthorn about Jaime. She's that passionate.

Go vote!
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[Poll #1286945]

ETA: a link to the art in question : Oberyn
ETA2: The artist changed the colour of skin in the linked art above, so it doesn't correspond any more with the one I put in the box.
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from [ profile] hamsterwoman

When you see this and if it strikes your fancy, post in your own journal with your favorite quote from The Princess Bride. Preferably not "As you wish" or the Inigo Montoya speech.

"Have You Ever Heard of Plato? Aristotle? Socrates? Morons!"

In other news and after a very tight race, I eventually got sorted as a Martell over at [ profile] westerosorting. Which is good because they have my favourite House motto!

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