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The Snusa Reveals have rolled in!

My fic :
The Opposite of Love for [ profile] oirowin
Length : 6,500 words
Summary : Remus had never hated Snape until Dumbledore’s murder.
Rating : R (warnings)
Author's Notes: Much love to [ profile] busaikko and [ profile] crise_cardiac for their awesome beta job. Also thanks to [ profile] _lore for giving encouragement at a point when I was ready to give up.

So this is my longest finished fic up to date and my first finished Snape/Lupin fic! (can't wait to upload it to Moonshadow) It was a bitch writing it, but very rewarding to eventually finish and see posted.

Someone did guess me as the author, I'd love to know who that was?

Thank you so much to the people who recced it! I can't believe it got to be to [ profile] daily_snitch's Hot Rec section (admittedly with a typo mistakes which made me leave 15 spam blank comments to that DS entry because anon commenting was failing at LJ that day !!!)

Because there was a lot of meta and discussion at the beginning of December about negative comment and what to say or not to say to anon fics, I'd like to request there that I welcome eagerly constructive criticism of all kinds. If you read the fic but didn't leave a comment by fear of offending someone, fear no more ^_^

I'm currently wondering whether to write a commentary for it because a couple of people expressed questions about it. While I'd love to babble about it, I'm not so sure it's a good idea given that what I would reveal would be about characters' motivations which should probably remain anyone's interpretation - but I definitely was sparse with explanations in the fic (I hate overstating things) so maybe it's needed. Anyone's got input?

My Gift : 'Twas the Night Before... was written [ profile] bethbethbeth! OMG I was so lucky there! ♥

I had such a blast doing the fest this year. So much excitement and challenge, so much good reads. The overall quality of the fics were simply marvellous. I have something like 5 or 6 very best favourite!
I still have some catching up to do (fics I had skipped because they looked like not my cup of tea but which deserve a second try, or [ profile] stoicstella's fic which I had read pre beta and would like to re-read now...) which I plan to do at an unforeseen moment.

Guessing wise :
I'm proud to say that i guessed [ profile] rexluscus's fic (Night Blind) without much hesitation ^^
After guessing her wrongly 5 or 6 times, I did eventually manage to identify Boys' True Confessions as [ profile] busaikko's fic. It was the last guess I did, and only when I wrote the word "dystopian" in my reccing of it did I think "oh, that could be busaikko's"
I really wouldn't have guessed As Simple As That in any kind of word, despite how good it was. The 1st person narrative fooled me thoroughly.
I guessed [ profile] pixychelle's fic as second guess, which doesn' count, but gets me 3 cookies ^^
I guessed some fanartist too (the ones everybody guessed ^^) and that's that!
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Last round of SnuSa fic recs :

snuuuuuuuupin! )

And finally...
T'was the Night Before... (PG-13)
They say that dead men tell no tales. They're wrong.
My fic! *squees*
I requested a first war story, and the writer delivered beautifully. The writing is extremely lovely and fluid, the atmosphere intense and melancholic. You can feel the layers of Remus and Severus' background, the events from the war adding layers of exquisite complexity to their interaction. I also love the structure of the story, how it's told by a third person who observes them, who this person is, that's the a 1st person fic (and the writer really makes that work, which is not always easy). This is a short work, but it's got a lot of density and a wonderful bittersweet interaction between Remus and Severus.
Go, read, and leave a review!
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You know... this time is usually my least favourite period of the year. Between the cold, the night, the fake cheer, the febrile business, and the boredom of the Christmas days themselves, I tend to really hate December. But this year I've had a delightful month of December, which I owe a lot to you and to fandom. Thanks and much love and well wishes to all of you ♥.

Without further ado, the recs :

Read more... )
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More Snupin Santa recs !

reccity rec love )
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i really wanted to make a list of rec for the first week of the (delightful, wonderful, beautiful!) Snupin Santa fics so far ...
(I'm not doing it for art because I never rec art, and there's no reason you shouldn't check all of the art given that it's all gorgeous and doesn't take long to watch)

Snape, Lupin, many positions )
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1. Snupin fic finally finished and sent over. This is me letting out a big sigh of relief.
Thanks to everyone who helped! [ profile] busaikko, [ profile] crise_cardiac and [ profile] indigestible, you are the best. I couldn't have done without you. Thanks to [ profile] _lore as well for providing encouragement and support when I sorely needed it.

2. My mail server is a twit. I've received in the last couple of hours, mails that were sent to me near a day ago. And it was malfunctioning while I was attempting to check it out at work all the time. I guess I'll change mail again soon. Is Gmail still recommended now that it's not the new cool thing all the hip kids do anymore?

3. I've just read a mpreg short story by Greg Egan XD. I LOVE Greg Egan. Of course the fact that it was dark and extremely horrific helps ♥

4. Happy birthday [ profile] shisakura

5. Off to play Ars Magica, Creo Auram! *swishes off*
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Happy birthday [ profile] imadra_blue

Snupin_Santa fic still not finished. I'm at 4,700 words. I need to finish one scene, and write the final one yet.

When I'll be finished I'm going to hate this fic so much for what it fails to be in the rush of writing. Even with time, of course, I don't think I'd have been happier, but then of course, I probably wouldn't have finished it.
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snupin santa request received. I am :
- deadly excited
- scared shitless.

I'll have to beg for a beta, not only someone to correct grammar and typos (though this is good too) but also to discuss plotting & characterisation. I'm unsure about the rules there, I thought anyone to beta was okay as long as they keep their knowledge of the assignment secret, but now I heard we need someone outside of the feast ?
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Pro's Con's
It's fun and everybody does it and it's  a way to be part of the community It's a christmas thing and I don't do Christmas things. Ever.
It's a way to challenge myself No way I'm going to be able to finish a story in time, dude.
I get a story, too I'm not confident enough that my writing will be such a gift to whatever person gets it
Gives me an idea for a story, especially since I seldom have Snupin ideas I have a bazillion fics I need to write before that.
So what should I do ?


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