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Someone on failfandomanon asked for comics recs to learn about Magneto at his morally ambiguous best, and I spent a half an hour typing a huge ass long answer and was late to meet a friend >_>. Anyway, I’ve cleaned it up and clarified some stuff and decided I might as well share it here:

In order of chronology of the character

Magneto - Testament by Greg Pak:  Magneto’s youth during the Shoah. Very good and heartbreaking. Highly Reccomended.
Classic X-Men #12 (A Fire in the Night) by Claremont: After the war Magneto tries to settle in Ukraine with his wife & child. It does not go well. Essential reading.
Uncanny X-Men #161 by Claremont: Magneto meets Charles Xavier in a hospital in Israel. It goes well until it doesn’t. Essential reading.
Classic X-Men #19 (I, Magneto) by Claremont: Magneto goes Nazi hunting for the CIA. It does not go well. Highly recommended.

Uncanny X-Men #150 by Claremont: Magneto tries to stop nuclear proliferation by threatening the world’s governments with his power. The first issue in which Claremont gave Magneto’s depth and recreated him as a Holocaust survivor.

God Loves, Man Kills by Claremont: Somebody is targeting mutants. Magneto seeks the X-Men to help. Highly recommended and fairly standalone.

Secret Wars by Shooter: An overly powerful entity decided to summon a bunch of villains and heroes and have them fight against one another for his entertainment. Magneto was summoned among the heroes, to everybody’s shock. Not absolutely necessary but takes place in the lapse of time when Magneto was getting more nuanced and Xavier was using the chance to try to convince his friend to amend his way. Lots of other cool stuff in it otherwise (Doom is the star of this show tho).

Uncanny X-Men #196 by Claremont: Magneto chats with Rachel, who came from the future in which Magneto’s worst nightmares happened.

Uncanny X-Men #199 by Claremont: Kitty takes Magneto to a Holocaust survivors reunion.
Uncanny X-Men #200 by Claremont: Magneto is put on trial. It does not go well. Both of those are highly recommended.

New Mutants v1 #21-75: Charles left Magneto in charge of the kids at his school. It does not go well. In particular issues #35, 38-40, 50-52 by Claremont are highly recommended. #60-61, 64, 73-75 by Louise Simonson for how it goes to hell, but I don’t much like Simonson’s take on the character.

X-Men vs Avengers by Stern & Shooter: The Avengers question Xavier’s choice of substitute teacher. It does not go well.

X-Men vs the Fantastic Four by Claremont - Magneto tries to save Kitty Pryde’s life.

Uncanny X-Men 274-275 by Claremont - Magneto and Rogue in the Savage Land and old ghosts. Highly recommended.

X-Men 1-3 by Jim Lee and Claremont - Magneto’s descent into heartbreaking crazy villainy again and Claremont’s farewell to the X-Men for a while.


Well, except for:

Legion Quest (Uncanny X-Men #320- X-Men #40- UXM 321 & XM-41) by Nicieza, Lobdell and Waid - Xavier’s crazy and crazy powerful son goes back in the past to Xavier and Magneto’s first meeting in Israel to try to kill Magneto before he becomes a supervillain. It does not go well.

X-Men Unlimited #2 by Nicieza – A story of vengeance and grief.


Excalibur v3 #1-14 by Claremont - Xavier and Magneto hang out in the ruins of Genosha. Not very good but very, very slashy.

House of M (main series) by Bendis - Magneto’s dream has been made true and replaced reality. His family is the stuff of Greek tragedy.

House of M - Civil War by Gage - How Magneto’s dream came true in the House of M alternate reality.

X-Men Legacy #208-210 by Carey - Xavier was shot in the head during the Messiah Complex events. A depowered Magneto helps him finding himself again.

Magneto gets repowered and then joins the X-Men who are living on an artificial island made of the ruins of Asteroid M off the coast of San Francisco and has declared themselves to be their own nation. Because if they’re copying him he might as well join them, ya know.

(This is Uncanny X-Men #516, but I don’t much like how this issue is written so it’s not highly recommended. OTOH I’m pretty fond of UXM #518-522, in which Magneto does his best to show his use to the X-Men).

Nation X #1 (The Ghost of Asteroid M) by Spurrier - Short story about Magneto settling in with the X-Men and especially their students

Uncanny X-Men #534.1 by Gillen - The X-Men ask their PR agent to deal with Magneto’s joining their team. Hilarity ensues.

X-Men Legacy #231-259 by Carey - Magneto as a member of Rogue’s team. Not always very Magneto focussed, but Carey writes one of the best Magneto outside of Claremont so… Also the Magneto/Rogue romance, if that rocks your boat.

Uncanny X-Men v2 #1-3 by Gillen – Magneto as a member of Cyclops new Extinction team, which he boasts as the world’s mightiest heroes, vs Sinister. Not essential, but has a couple of great Mags moments and is a great mood setting for that point of time in the X-Men.

Magneto: Not a Hero by Skottie Young - A mini about Magneto’s clone re-appearing and starting to kill people in his name. Highly recommended.

Uncanny X-Men v2 #13, #15-20 by Gillen - the Avengers and the X-Men went to war and a few of X-Men became the host of the Phoenix Force. Oh, also Sinister is attacking. What does Mags do?

Avengers vs X-Men – Consequences by Gillen - The Avengers won and the X-Men are on the run. What does Mags do?

All New X-Men #1-5 + Uncanny X-Men v3 #1-3, #8, #16, 21-22 by Bendis – Cyclops’ group of hunted X-Men try to a be a radical force for good for mutants and train new recruits. Magneto plays a dangerous game with SHIELD trying to uncover who is resurrected the Sentinel program.

Magneto v1 1-on going by Bunn - Magneto left Cyclops to go and hunt the enemies of mutantkind by himself. Very good and very dark.

No More Humans by Carey - Humans have mysteriously disappeared from earth, leaving only mutants. What does Mags do? Carey still writes the best Magneto outside of Claremont.

Outside of continuity:

 X-Men – Mythos: A rewriting of the first mission of X-Men against the mutant terrorist Magneto.

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Most of those are Yuletide fics; but perhaps not all. So yeah I finally finished reading all the Yuletide fics I meant to read this year - four months late! - but on the plus I'm pretty sure it's the first year I actually manage doing that instead of letting the last fics trail into forgettingness.

norse mythology, marvel comics, the administration, death gate, book of the raksura, cyteen, amber, left hand of darkness, lion in winter, princess tutu, mad men,vorkosigan, revolutionary girl utena, dc comics  )
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Movies that come to the rescue mashup by sleepyskunk

ALL THE SUPERHEROES MOVIES. Or at least A WHOLE LOT OF THEM. Including some very bad and cheesy and old ones; but put together in a way that fills you with joy and enthusiasm for the whole genre of super. Just a very fun and dynamic vid.

Hollow Heroes by castor
Capturing the darker and edgier side of super movies. Very nicely done and atmospheric.

My Body is a Cage by [ profile] nel_ani
You how fans sometimes ask "why do they keep making origin stories?"; well this is why. A gorgeous, rivetting vid capturing the super hero journey with Ironman, Captain America, Hulk & Wolverine.

more recs under the cut )
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So, in case you loved X-Men First Class and you want moar and you would be interested in checking out the comics because of that, a little intro on some of the series I've read which are good.

I'm kind of a new convert to comics myself, so my knowledge is narrow, and especially I'm limiting myself to recent-ish (21st century only) comics because they're those I know best, though there's quite a wealth of good stuff in old stories, hopefully someone else might complete my infos. (ETA: [personal profile] sandoz_iscariot suggests some in the comments)

in more or less chronological order )
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OMG [personal profile] bop_radar has vidded my newest favourite awesomest bisexual lady Kalinda from The Good Wife and it is made of awesome.

Shove it

Which does make me realize, it's been a really long while since I've talked on my journal about any of the TV series, books, online fictions and very recently comic books I've been into in the last, errr, 6 months or so, asides from the anime stuff. Yeaaah. Should get better about that.
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At there are frequently Where I Watch [fill in blank name of series/movies/stories] threads about someone recaping a series as they go at it, which is often very fun. There's a guy named Shadowjack doing this with Sailor Moon and it's been a thread of EPIC AWESOMENESS so far (he's just finished S1). Okay I'm not sure of his characterisation of Rei as Latina because she fits the hot headed stereotype, but that aside, it's awesome. Now this is noticeable to me because I never even watched Sailormoon (much, I mean, I caught an episode or 2 on TV when I was 13, of course, but I pretty much hated it) yet it actually sort made me want to watch it O_O. A fact that beyond surprises me. Anyway even more awesome than the WIW thread itself is the recap cartoon of his recap Shadowjack has been doing. Judge for yourself:
([ profile] a_white_rain, you want to look at this especially. You'll know why when you reach it ^^)

cut for length, width and lots of pics )

You can find the WIW thread here and its sequel there.

Oh, and bonus pic, for something completely different:

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This fanfilm is made of win:
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[ profile] femmefanvid is a new community for feminist and women-focussed fanvids and amvs. Ain't that cool? ^^
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There's a gorgeous post :Whose story are they by [ profile] nextian, about being Jewish and listening to Christian readings of our holy books. (I would also add, listening to Atheist from a Christian background read to our holy books, although the writer doesn't, because that's one of the thing that often makes me flinch when I read discussions on religion and atheism).

It was the second time I'd read a naked Bible, a text without extensive annotation and commentary, without doing straight-up line searches online. It looked rude, or like I was missing half the story. I'm Reform, and I don't believe that the Talmud came down to us from sacred inspiration (Rebecca was three years old? Please, even the Talmudic scholars disagreed on that one), but -- without years of argument and debate surrounding every line, how were you supposed to work past your first assumption about the text? How were you supposed to understand what it meant to your fathers, to those of your mothers who snuck looks at the stories, to Maimonides in Al-Andalus and to Akiva who didn't think much of Jesus when he met him and to the thousands of years of commentators thinking under the yoke of the Christian world?

How was I supposed to sit in class and listen to people say, Maybe we're just not supposed to understand the contradictions in the text?

Or to the new grad student teacher, a Jew himself, telling me, We try to read the text in isolation here?

What does that even mean?

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I bring links:

[ profile] rexluscus has (spoilery) Watchmen fanart

[ profile] morgif_kun has some Kendappa/Souma fanart

And Randy cheered me up with this rather gory and slapsticky issue of Something Positive. Warning for disturbing images behind this link. I'm not sure what it says about me that it cheered me up.

Go watch! (at least the first two).
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from [ profile] ngblog a very funny comics, if you like fighting video games : Shotokans fellows.
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Like Nodame Catabile?

[ profile] bop_radar made a fanvid for the show! - that's the same person who did this ridiculously good Lex Luthor fanvid to Paranoid Android.

So looks like [ profile] keelieinblack and I are really going to scanlate Onmyouji. I'm terribly excited about this. Currently trying to think of names for the community to release it, I take suggestions!


23 Sep 2008 12:37 am
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[ profile] rebbe offered me a wonderful Azula fanfic as a birthday gift : Caramilized

[ profile] artaxastra has a great post about identity politics.
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[ profile] hunters_forest is organising a Coldfire Trilogy re-read and discussion. I love that series and reread it every year anyway so of course I'm participating :) If you haven't read it yet, I hearitly reccomend it to you (it's a mix of sf-fantasy-horror with great world building and magic system building, awesome characterisation, a good spin on vampire tropes, a lot of slashy tension and a wonderful magnificent bastard anti hero) although probably not to participate to that reread because they'll be spoilers. If you have and feel like rereading it, come and join us! :D
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So [ profile] mithrigil had this meme about reccing new fandoms by pointing to one's fanworks. However I don't really like reading fanfics for fandom I don't know yet, so I don't really want to do it this way, however I do love reccing stuff so here's how we do it :

Give me three things you like : could be a medium, could be character types, kinds of settings, themes or any other kind of tropes you can think of; and I'll rec you a work.

I'm mostly knowledgeable in SFF books, manga, tabletop RPG, some anime and TV series and a few comics & BD so don't ask me for video game recs!! Existence of active fandom not garanteed (unless, I guess, you want to name it as one of the criteria!)

salinea: (Default) has some of the best comments on Sozin's Commet

cut for spoilers )


3 Jul 2008 12:05 am
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I should make my packs but I'm on the internet instead.

Have some links.

[ profile] cryptoxin on Fandom and Lorde's use of the Erotic, on the difference between porn and erotica in a 70's feminist essay and it's relevence to today's dynamics of sex in fanfictions and other fandom works.

[ profile] haremstress on the expression "strong women", asking what it means and doesn't mean

Is there Gender imbalance in Genre Fiction Publishing an article with that question posed to a number of professionnals of the SFF field, with some interesting answers and some infuriating ones. [ profile] curtana is discussing some of the infuriating ones. ETA: Or you could read [ profile] coffeeandink latest roundup of links on that subject. (and then search through her tags, she's one of my favourite blogger for a reason and one of it is an awesome tagging system ^^).
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Resolution : I'm never participating to a fic exchange ever again. That way lies failure and self-loathing.

That said, [ profile] remixredux08 is pretty. I'm terribly in love with the fic remixed out of my fic :

Mirror Cipher (the All Other Angle call-response)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Sybill, Dean, Dennis, Blaise, Draco, Molly, Lucius, Voldemort, Bellatrix
My original fic: Mirror

My own fic was about Narcissa, written very shortly after HBP's release, and a little bit of a rant about the (mis)characterization of Narcissa one could see in fandom as well as my own spin onto the myth of Narcissus and my fascination for mirror metaphores.
The remixer took the theme of identity, of identities built in the eyes of others and how we see others' idententities, and the motif of reflections, and ran away with it, spinning a beautiful mosaic of different characters echoing each others (and Narcissa) in a complex, multilayered and rather dark contemplation. The way the images, the voices and the theme are interwoven is nothing short of brillant. Worth reading, and re-reading. I also loved how she-or-he used artistic metaphores like negative space and photography

My own ending was a question. The remix is even more nihilistic, denying the core over and again. The camera only goes skin deep and there is no life here, only its static representation

Can't wait for the reveal to see who's writer this is and what else they've written.

Other Remix rec out of what I've seen so far :

By Any Other Name (The Fool's Paradise Remix)
Fandom: X-Men Movie
Characters: Mystique, Pyro, Magneto
Summary: If ye should lead her in a fool's paradise, as they say, it were a very gross kind of behaviour.
This fic takes Mystique after XM3 and... blows us with her. The writing is gorgeous and Mystique is awesome.

Goldfish Bowl (Glasshouse remix)
Fandom: X-Men Movie
Characters/Pairings: Bobby/Rogue, John, Logan
Summary: It's hard being normal in the goldfish bowl.
Not the kind of fic I often read, even when I read XMM (which is pretty rare in the first place ^^) but the characterisation and good writing really made this fic stood out.

How Long, Baby (Extended Dance Remix)
Fandom: Highlander
Character: Methos
Summary: In the beginning was the word. Then came the song.
The original was pretty cool in the first place, but I love the way the remix impart music into it. There's a love of words and rhythm both interwoven lovingly and beautifully; and through it Methos' voice stands out so clearly. Very nice.

Desert Time (Ordinary Time remix)
Fandom: Star Wars
Characters: Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, Luke
Summary: In his years on Tatooine, Obi-Wan finds he has a lot to learn.
A remix of [ profile] imadra_blue's work, whose fics I adore, and this fic is definitly of an equal level. Luminescent writing, with an understated sense of pain and yet growing hope.
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I'm like, so not into HP right now, but there's this fic :

The World, A Book
BY [ profile] busaikko
"I don't remember being young," he says. . . "I think that I died, and I came here."

It is fucking gorgeous, and it's a lovely metafic, and you should go read it RIGHT NOW.
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Everyone has things they blog about. Everyone has things they don't blog about. Challenge me out of my comfort zone by telling me something I don't blog about, but you'd like to hear about, and I'll write a post about it. Ask for anything: latest movie watched, last book read, political leanings, thoughts on yaoi, favorite type of underwear, graphic techniques, etc. Repost in your own journal so that we can all learn more about each other.

Go and read [ profile] cryptoxin's post here for it is hilarious.


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