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It has suddenly dawned on me that Dresden Files rpg may be the right system to adapt Coldfire Trilogy (and its fabulous magical system).

Wish I could try out FATE somewhere >_>
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Sacrifices of Erna
a Coldfire Trilogy FST

"The efficacy of sacrifice, the Prophet had written, is in direct proportion to the value of that which is destroyed."

40 songs )

Anyway, hope you enjoy. Comments very much welcome ^_^

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Okay, first I'm feeling much better since yesterday. Hoping it'll hold. Thank you so much to everyone on my flist for being such darlings and comforting me. You guys are the best! ♥ Especially since I know I'm not half as good as you at comforting you when you're feeling down >_>; I'm sorry for that.

Second, I finally got my hands on Pet Shop of Horror (yes, took my sweet time, but it is difficult to find scans of, and it's never been released in France and I don't usually order manga from the US cuz that's kinda expensive) which was indeed as awesome as I was led to believe. Love (as I always do) the whole morality fables / creepy fairy tales / contemporary occult atmosphere and how it mixes domestic comedy. The characters are very much darlings, and the stories are very tight. Of the manga I've read set in the US, I thought it was the most self aware of cultural subtleties and I found the way it lampshades as well as uses (and abuses!) Asia as mysterious/female/magical/suspicious was hilarious. And I really loved the ending, what a perfect fanfic fodder!

Of course as soon as I was finished I was hitting [ profile] rexluscus's tags to find fics and recs (haven't left comments anywhere yet : you know it's funny I never mind leaving comments on old fics but I hate doing it in fandoms which I'm not familiar with yet) and it was midway to reading a (very nice, very much fluffier than what I usually like but still wonderful) fic that it was kinda hit by how much those characters are similar to Damien and Tarrant. At which point I felt stupid because they're very very similar. Like okay Damien's slightly smarter, and Gerald's slightly less gender-ambiguous. Very slightly. Their relationship's different, not domestic at all, and much more bonding over religion and Biblic jokes which, yeah, not so much with Leon/D. Oh, and all the slashy subtext in Coldfire is unintentional *snorts* And now I feel guilty about not having passed the prologue+first chapter of the big Coldfire reread over at [ profile] hunters_forest (althought the discussion appears to be quite lively without me so at least there's that).

And now it's 4am and I should get up early tomorrow to go touring the Marais and then watch anime; and the day after that I have to go to my parents to celebrate the Rosh Hashanah, and at some point between all this I need to find the time to download and watch the last Code Geass episode - AND I DON'T FEEL LIKE SLEEPING, like not at all.

I could talk about the movies I've watched lately. Would you want me to do that?

Oh and I'm vaguely considering trying to do NaNoWriMo this year, hoping it would help curing myself of that dryspell of inspiration.

And I need to get train tickets for the Utopiales which got a very drool inducing list of invited writers. There's Richard Morgan too, I've got half of a mind of taking one of those books he recced to me to have him sign to see if he gets mad or laugh because I'm an ass ; and there's Ellen Kushner (although I already have an autograph of her via the lovely [ profile] generalblossom but now I can get one of her books signed, yay!); and Robin Hobb and Hal Duncan (guess that means I must get off my lazy ass and read Ink).

Actually with that list of writers I hope they're going to at least do one panel about gay and gender queer characters in SFF novels. Would be interesting to see Richard Morgan faced to people like Hal Duncan and Ellen Kushner, especially given how much talks I've seen about The Steel Remains as bold and daring for being a fantasy novel with OMG gay characters and a long and hard graphic gay sex scene, and people asking if it was difficult for him as a straight male to write that. (If so I will totally have to ask Kushner and Duncan if it's difficult for them write heterosexual characters and straight sex!!)

Gahh, I'm so hyper and it's 4am30. When am I gonna be able to sleep? ;_;

I have too many firefox windows opened right now.
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[ profile] hunters_forest is organising a Coldfire Trilogy re-read and discussion. I love that series and reread it every year anyway so of course I'm participating :) If you haven't read it yet, I hearitly reccomend it to you (it's a mix of sf-fantasy-horror with great world building and magic system building, awesome characterisation, a good spin on vampire tropes, a lot of slashy tension and a wonderful magnificent bastard anti hero) although probably not to participate to that reread because they'll be spoilers. If you have and feel like rereading it, come and join us! :D
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Howdy. My first official day of unemployment started with realising the internet wasn't working at home x_x happily, the thing got rectified this evening.

In case anybody wonders, I am not currently reading any HP fanfics. I'm not sure when I'll get the taste back (if ever?) feel free to defriend me if that fandom was all that interested you in me >_>;;

On the other hand, I'm finding more and more joy in the small and quiet but lovely asoiaf fandom. Yeah, I do mean fanfics. Lots of them are surprisingly good and well characterized, for those of you who love the books, would be curious and didn't know :p Theon's my new favourite character to slash srsly.

In a fit of madness, I apparently volunteered to write a [ profile] ship_manifesto for Gerald/Damien. ^_^ That's going to be fun to do, even if there's an excellent essay on the ship out there which I can't surpass.
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Fandom as relationships meme, guess which are which :

1. If I believed in soul mates, I would think you were the one. Sometimes it feels like you're out of my heads, or that you were made special extra for me, pushing the precise right buttons, fitting in the exact archetypes I love. Everything about death and love and hatred and symbols and the fucked-up-ness that I adore. Then again, maybe it was too perfect, I have trouble mustering the enthusiasm these days. It feels like every stories are the same. I still love you, I probably always will, but it feels like nothing's happened any more. I feel sad about it. - TB / X

2. You were not my first love, but you were the first I got into in the way I did. In a way, you shaped everything about how I view fandom in general. And because you spoiled me, I am often disappointed. I spend my time trying to recapture that feeling of love I had with you. But you, you're still exist somewhere, but I can't bear to look at you. I loved you so much, so passionately, until you disappointed me. I'm not one to bitch a lot and aloud about this things, but I can't forgive you that. - BtVS

3. It's not about love, it's all about the sex. I'm there for the kinks, and I'm there for the wank, and I'm there because it's fun. It surprises me in a way that I like you so much, because not too long ago I was certain to hate you. Well, not hatred, say indifference. But then I got to know you, almost at random, and now I enjoy it so much. I like to mock you and to bitch at you - it's so easy - and you probably like to do the same. But in the end I'm still there, and it feels almost comfy together. - HP

4. Love at first sight, definitely, and yet I never spend a whole lot of time with you. I visit for times to times, and it's always a delight. And you're just that fucked up, and just that smart. And I love that about you, how smart you are. I always think I should be spending more time with you, yet I never do. - Utena

5. My first love. My relationship to you was so cute and innocent. The fanfics were barely worth the name of fanfics. I still love you, definitely, I always come back to you, too, even for so short a time. You were, and you still are, a bitch though. If F_W knew you existed they would have a riot over you. And sometimes you feel a bit ripe and stale, talking endlessly about the same things, in the same way. But yeah, I always come back to you. - ASOIAF

6. You're a very odd one for me. While I've loved you for as long as I've known you, for a long time I didn't love you that way. I wanted to love you in another way but it was never destined to be, and you seduced me stealthily, so fandom it is. I still adore you. You're small and perky and sweet as a fandom, but the fics are gorgeous so I'm happy, even if I don't spend much time with you. - Coldfire
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I haven't done a proper book-post in too long, I have a huge list to catch. I'll try to see how much I remember :

Let's start with

Shaman's Crossing, Robin Hobb
Read more... )

A secret atlas, Michael A. Stackpole
Read more... )

Kushiel's Scion, Jacqueline Carey
Read more... )

The Oracle Queen, Lynn Flewelling
Read more... )

Temeraire, Naomi Novik
Read more... )

Privilege of the Sword, Ellen Kushner
Read more... )

River of Gods, Ian McDonald
Read more... )

Pfff, that's all I remember reading recently. Well, and Crown of Shadows but that was only the fourth time :) (Karril's still a darling, Damien's still awesome, Tarrant's still an ass, Narilka still kicks ass etc., etc.)
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I've posted the SiriusxRegulus fic at my fic journal

Title: Their game
Fandom : Harry Potter
Characters/Pairings: SiriusxRegulus
Length: 3000 words
Warnings:Graphic sex, chan, non con. And incest, obviously.
Summary: Sirius liked to challenge, Regulus wanted to play. By the time they realized maybe it wasn't such a good idea, it was already too late.

Many, many thanks and kisses to [ profile] schemingreader for betaing. You're a life saver.

(There it is)

I also wrote a short Coldfire ficlet the other day (it was quite unplanned):

Title : Eurydice
Fandom : Coldfire
Characters/Pairing : DamienxGerald
Length : 283 words

(There are miracles that you can’t touch, can’t see.)

And now I go to bed.
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contaminated by [ profile] nataku_chan What does Jesus think of me ? )

Stolen at spearpoint from [ profile] graymm

layer meme )

Snow today over Paris. It's cute. And cold. I hate the cold. Feeling a bit better in general.

finished re-reading the Coldfire Trilogy yesterday )
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I better make a review of this before it goes fuzzy in my head.

All over I'd say the new book by CS Friedman, the Wildling, was without surprises. It was an excellent book, very well written, with themes very cleverly woven into it, but it lacked a certain spark of 'wow'.
In great part, I think it may be just because it was a sequel. Unlike her other SF books, it didn't make us discover a whole universe (and universe/society building is one of the thing Friedman is the most skilled at), it just plundged us into one we already knew and liked. Sure, we discovered a little bit more about the Braxin society, and that from another point of view, which was very interesting. We also learned about what became of the psychics, but I thought that part was too little unexplored, even though there were lots of awesome ideas about it. Overall, we were given new nuances, new details, more complexities, but we didn't learn anything really new and offputting. It was a pleasure getting back in this world, but disapointing to only get what we expected.
The characters were good and interesting to read about, but they did lack the charisma IMO of previous characters.
The most successful part of the book, IMO, was how the themes of the books were used and incorporated in the story. As in In Conquest Born, Friedman uses small quotes at the beginning of each chapter, and each of those quotes informed and were extrapolated in the chapter in a very elegant way. Eventualy, the novel's point, which was Identity, just as This Alien's Shore was Otherness, the Season of Madness was Change and In Conquest Born was Opposition, was achieved in a magistral way.
My last criticism was that the end was rather abrupt. If this book was made so as to close the loose ends that In Conquest Born had, I'm not very satisfyed because I feel like this one got quite as many loose ends.
A wonderful book, then, but slightly disapointing at the ending because I was expecting something more. Maybe I should blame it on the waiting.
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but not by much ^_^

anyway; I'm now the proud owner of a wonderful volume of the Wildling by CS Friedman. Now if that name doesn't ring a bell for you, go quickly and buy the Coldfire Trilogy especially if you're a vampire fan. If you prefer something less fantasy, she's got several wonderful science fiction books out, In Conquest Born (to which the Wildling ties), Season of Madness and This Alien Shore.
Friedman's one of my all around favourite Sci Fi writer, and it's been years I was waiting for the Wildling to be out, so you can imagine I'm happy ^_^

On the same kind of "oh ! shiny new thing are out", I just came back from reading the 9th volume of Nana. I love that Shoujo ^_^

There were bargain sales at the book store, so I also snatched a copy of The Visitor by Sheri Tepper; and a book by Barbra Hambly - though I think it's historical / Crime book, not SF / fantasy.


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