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Happy birthday to [ profile] _sasayaku ! *kisses* May you have a great day

Happy first day of Hannukah to my Jewish friends

Happy christmas to my Christian friends

and happy vague oecumenist winter holiday to the others !

*throws kisses around*

Went to see Narnia on Friday, which was a bit disapointing.
It was good, too. I especially liked the children and their dynamics (then again I'm a sucker for family - and especially sibling - drama) however the world of Narnia itself and the atmosphere of the story totally failed to awe me and to make me feel any kind of feeling of wonder and magic. Maybe I was both too spoiled from seeing lots of people talking about it over the years without having myself read the book to get the nostalgia and amazement of it.

Bought O'Brian's Master and Commender from [ profile] schemingreader's recomandation. It was good, but boy was it difficult to read. Between lotsa technical terms and the historical language, I'd never had so much trouble reading a book in English since Mary Gentle's Book of Ash. I quite enjoyed the wittiness of it, and the characters were very vivid and likeable (even in the main character was so cluelessly adorable that I had to start vizualizing him as a wide-eyed uke if you see what I mean) The story somewhat surprised me by its lack of plot. Not that lots of things didn't happen, just that they were more along the lines of : stuff happens, then other stuff happens, then other stuff happens, with no feeling of overeaching plot or climax.

Also bought a new book by Barbara Hambly : Sisters of the Raven, which I haven't started yet.

Last week I got myself the lattest XXX holic and Tsubasa, which were respectively book 6 and 7. Tsubasa is soon going to reach the part which I hadn't yet read in scanlations, and Holic is already there. I still adore Holic even if I still don't like Watanuki, he does show some redeeming qualities and I found him sweet in some of those chapters. I also got vol 15 of Fruit Basket (Mmmm, Akito) which was very interesting, I need to buiy all the Furuba tomes soon to re read them, too. And vol 12 of Nana, which was good as ever. I'm forseeing a peculiarly tragic ending for this manga. And very little yuri, sadly. At least the Reira x Shin is still the cutest thing ever.

And that's all for now. Gotta prepare for the wedding this evening.

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