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This is being a very busy week and i don't think it's going to change soon so, instead of trying to find again all those entries I meant to answer, I'm gonna do some call out )

Anyway all is good for me. I'm just very busy with school and work and trying to face my responsabilities for once.

My little cousin Yael from Israel has just arrived to our house. She's going to stay with us for three monthes until she gathers enough money for a trip to Australia. I'm very glad of that, she's a very sweet girl I had missed a great deal since her family did their alyah.

Book wise, finished reading the Charnel Prince by Greg Keyes yesterday. Great book. It's good solid fantasy. Nothing too original, but it's well written, the characters are endearing (even the rebellious princesses and those usually annoy me extremely) and this second volumes gain in ambiguity and nuances in the plot. And there's some genuine original good ideas, like the whole process of gaining powers fromt the "saints" by walking a pilgrim through special places.

Yesterday my friend Isabelle was insisting for us (as in her, friends of her, and I) to do a cosplay of Kyou Kara Maou to some future french con. I told her I had to watch the anime before (she lent me the first episodes but no time to watch anything right now) but that FMA would be better ^_^

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