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Black Widow (Name of the Rose) x17
Loki (kid Loki, quotes) x16
X-Men (Mystique/Destiny, Kitty, Emma Frost, Hope) x4
Magnus family (Magneto, Children's Crusade, House of M - Civil War) x10
Demon Knights (Xanadu) x1

under the cut )

If you want, please, comment & credit ♥


16 Jan 2012 06:34 pm
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I know, this is not yet 50 icons but:
1/ it's been a while since last post
2/ if i have to keep staring at those Huntress icons I've made, I'm going to have to throw stuff at my computer screen.

36 icons
Loki x4 (also featuring Spiderman)
Magnus Family x13 (Magneto, Scarlet Witch, Polaris, Wiccan, Luna, also featuring Xavier & Illyana)
Doom x3
Storm x4
Black Widow x4
Miscellaneous Marvel x5 (x-23, Val Richards, Kavita Rao, Nightcrawler, Hercules)
Huntress (DC) x2
Random art x1

pretties under cut )

If you like, please comment & credit!
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21 x Loki & co (kid!Loki, fem!Loki, regular!Loki, Ikol, Thor, Odin, Sif, Jormungand)
7 x Loki quotes icons
13 x Miscellaneous Marvel icons (Scarlet Witch, Wiccan, Speed, Nightcrawler, Gamora, Deadpool, Monet, Wolverine, Shadowcat, Adam Warlock quote, Rocket Raccoon quote, Kenji & Hope quote)
9 x Miscellaneous DC icons (Cass Cain, Lady Shiva, Steph Brown, Barbara Gordon)

icons under the cut )

Please, if you take, comment & credit.


20 Jun 2011 11:41 pm
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Once more, I have 50-ish icons on my harddrive, so post!

2xMiscelleanous DC
2xWolverine First Class (Kitty, Terry)
15xfabulous Cable&Deadpool/Thor fancomic
17xLoki Balder Thor
8xGame of Thrones / ASOIAF

pretties under the cut )

If you like, please, comment & credit :D
If you like something, but would like some kind of fiddling, don't hesitate to ask.


12 May 2011 01:43 am
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I've reached 50 icons in my folder of newly made icon, so I thought I'd post 'em. And wow, it's been a long time. Reading comics has been good on my icon making XD

5x Miscelleanous DC
16x Daken (& friends)
16x Deadpool (& friends)
12x Magneto
1x Black Lagoon

hitherby icons )

If you like, please, comment & credit :D
If you like something, but would like some kind of fiddling, don't hesitate to ask.
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I'm taking icon requests!

The only fandoms I have extensive amounts of pics for are Utena, CLAMP and some ASOIAF stuff, oh, and Natsume Yuujinchou 1st season, so it's better to give me a pic you want unless it's one of those fandoms (or a text icon)!

icon posts

8 May 2009 02:54 am
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Natsume Yuujinchou x40
Miscellaneous x3 (Tokyo Babylonx2, Sarah Connor Chroniclesx1)


Natsume Yuujinchou )

Miscellaneous icons )

Comment & credit if you take them, please
Concrit always welcome

(so my first attempt at crossposting from DW: failed; and my LJ entries for some obscure reason looks better on LJ than on DW... oh well)

Icon post

20 Nov 2008 06:05 pm
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Icons I made lately (and not so lately)

Avatar x4
BSG x16
Miscellaneous x6
Gifts x11

goodies! )

if you want comment & credit. Concrit always welcome.
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Feeling like making icons! Do you people have icon request?

Unless the fandom's CLAMP, ASOIAF or SKU, or it's a text icon, you better give me the picture to work on :)
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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

If you like, comment & credit

I like making quote icons ^^ If there's a quote from The First Law you want me to iconize, just ask away.


7 Oct 2007 03:41 pm
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It's been a very long time since I had made an icon post, so there is one. I do have some accumulated in a year.

Harry Potter x20
Shoujo Kakumei Utena x12
Tolkien with swearing x4 (from this thread at Ran's board)
The First Law x3
Miscelleanous x3

want more? )

If you want one, just comment & credit.
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Happy belated birthday [ profile] klynie1! Many hugs and good wishes. I hope it was a good day. Sorry I missed wishing it to you *blushes* Would you want a drabble?

So, I made icons...

1. 2.

these are all similar derivated icons, dude )

and I also made a little icon makeover, includng a bunch of Utena icons. I've been feeling in a bit of an Utena mood lately. I've decided I should always always have a creepy!anthy icon. Because creepy!anthy rocks. There.
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So I spent my first week of vacation working and not-working (not-working = worrying about work that you must do and procrastinating)

Weird huh ?

In other news in one of these fits of insanity I do so well I applied to become a [ profile] quibbler_report reccer. Did my first post today. Woot! This is exciting. All your rarepairs and gen are belong to me. As in, I get to read lots of them and be picky XDDD (<- mad evil laughter)
So I've got to make myself a new icon (*points icon*) I've wanted to have a Narcissa icon for a while.

Which reminds me, I'm in icon making mood, so if any of you guys want me to make one for you, ask away !
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Happy birthday [ profile] mechaieh ! Many hugs and kisses and happy wishes to you

(and sorry to be late, my internet wasn't working yesterday evening when I got home #@¤}{)

(I do hate getting home hoping to read new good long fics you know are waiting for you to find out that's not the case ;_;)

Look at my new, pretty icon [ profile] rexluscus made me ! ♥ Bring on the angst, babes ! I'm not afraid !

10 questions meme about my history with fandom )
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I'd like to rec two communities to you guys :

first [ profile] ressie_noldo (who made this gorgeous icon I'm using right now) created a [ profile] poetryicons community for posting all sorts of (surprisingly) icons about poetry and poets. Which is something I'm sure a lot of you will appreciate.

second [ profile] e_m_pink has created [ profile] asoif_vs_hp, a community made so as to compare Harry Potter to A Song of Ice and Fire through essays, icons, fics and all sorts of serious or crackful means. You can check out her initial post where the idea sparked before developping into a comm. I know a couple of you guys like both serie of books, so you might be interested. ^^


5 May 2006 12:08 am
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I hadn't made any kind of icon update in a year, I think...

Clamp x8
Shoujo Kakumei Utena x4
Corto Maltese x3
Harry Potter x23
Crossover x6
Other fandoms x4
Miscelleanous x10

teaser :

take, comment, credit ^^
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first sorry for not having posted more, or even comment more, lately.
I've bought many books, and read a few. I'm still currently in Quicksilver. I'm also re-reading Mary Gentle's Book of Ash. I also bought a book many times reccomanded by [ profile] jydan : Sabriel. Will post about all of these at some point.

I've also got myself Fruit Basket volume 16, and Holy fucking cow, Tohru's father is HOT. Oh well, that's just yet another too sexy for his own good character added from this serie. Damnit, that screws all my hierarchies of favourite characters *grumbles*

Watching much Utena with a friend. Which I blame for the fact I wrote an Utena triple-drabble :
Fandom : Shoujo Kakumei Utena
Length : 300 words
Characters/Pairings : Anthy, Dios, Akio, Utena. But mostly Anthy.


That's all for today.

Oh, yeah, my 100 icons upgrade has died away and I don't wish to lengthen it. I meant to do a poll for which icons I should keep, so tell me which ones do you think are more adequate for me and you like best among the ones uploaded at the moment so I'll decide myself ^_^
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I bought myself an icon add on for 2 monthes, to try it out, and I haven't even filled the 100 icon slots yet.

This makes commenting much more awkward as I have to pond which icon to use all the time XD I'm not sure I'll keep as many.

But now, at least, I'll be able to do that icon meme properly ^_^ (not now, when I get home)

I'm back on an icon making groove, too, though I've lost much skill in between >_>
I thought I might as well lend a bit of my skill if anyone wants them.

Make me an icon request, and if you want something very specific provide the pic for it (you could mail it or upload it, as you wish)


10 Sep 2005 12:35 am
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Look, this is a gratuous icon post !

I've made this icon a couple of weeks ago and am rather proud of it. And since I've made about one icon every six weeks lately I gave up the idea of waiting an update at my icon journal before showing it off.

And since i'm in creative mood, throw drabble challenges at me.
You guys know my fandoms.

Be aware I tend to take a long time to write so don't expect all answers to arrive this week ^^
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Happy birthday to [ profile] silvertistel Wishing all kind of good things to you ♥

All right, I haven't felt in much of an icon making mood lately, but I've got all those icons hanging on my harddrive, and even if they're not a lot, I thought I ought to make an icon post to show them of before they rot ^^

teaser :

(Various Clamp x9, Nanax12, Miscelleanous Animex2)
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Very, very tired.
Of course I shouldn't have stayed up until 5 am catching back my lateness in dling/reading scanlations. By the way HanaKimi is very cute ^_^
First midterm went... well badly, but to be expected. I'm still somewhat amazed at my ability to get worked up and totally anxious for such a stupid thing as an exam. I didn't use to do that.

Not much else to say for today.
Posted icons at my icon journal
Teaser :

11 x X/1999
6 x Tokyo Babylon
4 x Clover
9 x Card Captor Sakura
5 x Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
6 x Nana
1 x Kaleido Stars

Watch for yourself

and don't forget I welcome any comment, criticism or advices.

Sleep now
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Happy birthday [ profile] scrollgirl !

Had a nice week end.
Finally broke the curse that said I shall never watch a Coen Brother and saw O' Brother. Dubbed version, alas, but still very good.
Also went to see Closer, which was very well acted and with great dialogues, but ringed slightly hollow, as if none of the essence of the subject was seized.

posted a drabble at [ profile] x_100 which fails and brings the wrong (if funny) impression ^^
and finally posted all the icons I made since the vacations.
teasers :


as always, you're welcome to comment, advice, criticize or take one ^^
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Well not much to tell about today apart that I had another exam, and that it went well (it was accounting), in which i was very lucky because i had only questions about things I actually knew ^^

anyway, first icon post at [ profile] cold_hallelujah

teaser :

RG Veda x7
CCS x2
TB & X/1999 x9
TRC & XXXholic x8
Lawful Drugs x2

There they are
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Happy birthday [ profile] rhole !

I can't believe it... i got second place at [ profile] clamp_icontest ! woot ! *faints from joy*

[ profile] clampstills, however, seems to be dead. Or possibly abducted by aliens. Who knows ? 'tis a sad, sad thing.

Kelsey write beautiful elizabetheen slash.

Yeah, that was a pretty pointless post, birthday wishing otherwise. 'Night.


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