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My dad just forwarded spam to me. Because I'm the intended destinary of it. SPAM.



14 Feb 2008 12:29 pm
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Something Positive on Alan Moore.


(yes this is the second time in a few that I rec something for S*P. That's because this web comic is awesome and the one I've been following for the longuest time. Shut up.)

Now, in tales of my day to day life. You might remember my computer at home was broken. Now because I'm currently living at my parents' due to absence of showers at my home, I wasn't overly concerned with the lack of computer. However lots of stuff that could be useful are still on my computer, like the Photoshop program I could have used to make a pretty Bloody Valentine card today and old work in progress writing stuff.

So I've finally called someone to fix it. Guy asks about my Windows Licence. I kinda look hazy in answer, because all my installation, drivers and other v. serious CDs were left at my parents'. I say I'll look them up.

Back at Parental home, I soon realise something. The area I used to have those v. serious CD as well as v. v. old anime series CD (like the EVA series all in one CD with an image quality that makes You Tube videos look like HD) has undergone a serious restructuration and is now all GONE (I should have known that given that this is the place I've been living in for the last 4 monthes or so, I guess I'm not very observant). So I ask my father kindly where he put the CDs.

Father answers, kinda pissed off and haughty that I dare ask his help about something : there are no CDs. Even if there were CDs there would be at my home. He remembers giving me those CDs and the big brown boxes there were in.

Me, I have big brown boxes at home, but there's only DVDs and books in them, AFAIR, but I'm willing to check to make sure. Otherwise I'll have to buy back a windows licence for 80€, and would have lost all the ripped off programs like Photoshop I had along with my v. serious CDs. Yay.

So I go back home (1h30 to go from parents' home to my home), and of course I find nothing.

This time I'm pretty pissed off when I'm back at parent home (another 1h30) and demand to know what my father did of all the CDs. Father still doesn't remember anything and thinks maybe I never did have a Windows licence (he's the one who bought me the computer, it was a birthday gift), or something, but I do manage in covincing him to at least look up in the cellar.

Now, of course our cellar is a very big mess with lots of stuff hanging around half rotten in badly indicated boxes and dangerous piles of stuff with miraculous balance.

So we search, and search, and search (I find out my dad has hidden my RPG of Buffy!) and search and search. And we find it.

All my v. serious CDs (including some not relevant anymore to current state of computer) and v. old anime CDs and a bunch of miscelleanous kinds of CDs and my ripped off Photoshop one. (actually two of them, PS5 and PS7 both). In those same big brown boxes I also have home. Joy.

So now I've given my computer to be fixed and I hope I'll get it back today or tomorrow.

Conclusion : never ever ever trust your father. He knows not what he talks of.

I've almost finished with catching up with House. I'm also downloading Battlestar Galactica but it's taking time.

So what should I watch now?

And Happy Valentine to you all!
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