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A TV series adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire on the work.

Does being extremely afraid of the result makes me a bitter, cynical girl?
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You know, with A Feast For Crow being there any days now, I'm realizing something. Something grave and daunting. There's much too few people on my flist who are into A Song of Ice and Fire. Much too few. Oh of course, I've got at least three friends from my ancient ASOIAF fandom days, and all my exalted buddies I convinced to read it. And there must be a couple of others, surely (surely ?) But, given the amount of squeeing and rabid fangirling and possibly random analysis after each chapter (if I manage myself to stop reading, unlikely as it is) I'm planning on doing, this is much too little.

And of course I always love to share my joy at reading book by reccomanding them to my friends and to innocent bystanders. So I think it's time for some unabashed advertisment and review.
Hear, hear :

Why A song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martins is the best fantasy serie
and why YOU should read it now

no spoilers but for the very first chapters )
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meeep !!

I spend one week vacation, and i loose the habit of updating entries, don't I ? Oh well.. I have twenty minutes before my Macroeconomics Midterm so let's see what I could do :

Yes, I did eventually change my layout (not that this entails more than picking a general theme and playing with colours since I'm so graphically disenclined) So now I'm all purpled up. Yay. However I need a new Mood Icon set to fit this, anyone's got a suggestion about where I could find one ?

Good grads for Midterms have continued, I got an A on IR. Need to be careful not to become too proud and arrogant about it - sometimes I scare myself with how vain I can, and suddenly not slacking so much in classes have exponential results.

Lots of people from my flist are not looking so well for different reasons or doing hiatus. I feel sorry for them and hope they'll all get better. Take care everyone.

I finished reading the Wild Cards novellas. A strange gathering of good, okay and mediochre. GRRM's one alone made it worth reading, and a few others were interesting. As a global theme for writing, the Wild Card idea is interesting, I guess, and a way to look at the history of the US. However, it might have been revolutionnary at the time, but nowadays I'd rather read an issue of the Ultimates for for a cutting edge and multilayered tale of superheroes. Not that I am that familiar with superheroes in the first place. ^_^

Fevre Dreams I have also finished yesterday. It was slow to get in at first, but once I arrived midway throught it, I was hooked and it became fast. Loved the parallel between the slavery and vampires' relations with their "cattle". In a way I was surprised by how much in this book related with the Vampire : the Masquerade mythos and themes... amusing. As a vampire novel, however, I'll stand my point it isn't that interesting, original or worthy. I'd take CS Friedman in Season of Change or Coldfire, Tim Powers' Stress of her Look or even Dan Simmons' anyday over it. Well written, nice atmosphere, great sense of desperate epic as often in Martin... but just not unique enough.

By the way Teresa ! I recced To say nothing of the dog to my dad and he LOVED it. Said it was the best SF book he had read in a couple of years. So I thought you'd like to share a part of the credit for it, since you're the one who intially recced it to me ^^

Went to bought the french translate of Tsubasa reservoir Chronicle yesterday too. As a translation it is probablt as butchered as the American edition is, but it's nice owning it. I used the occasion to finnaly buy the last X volumes I still couldn't find in bargain sales : 15 and 16. This calls for a re-reading of the whole thing. ^_^

Okay, that's all for now. Tonight the School organize a Halloween party I should go to (since it's the first one i've actually got the time to attend)

PS : People, go participate to the Hinoto, Kanoe & Daisuke Character Discution at [ profile] togakushishrine NOW !
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Finished reading Dying of the Light yesterday. It was very good, powerful themes, beautiful ideas, dark and nostalgic in an inspirationnal way.
It reminded me of CS Friedman's In Conquest Born : both describe a very harsh and implacable society that we should hate but are too interesting and fascinating for us to. I liked some of the stuff in the small details, the whisperjewels, the subtility of the characters, the fact we are never told when Garse tell us the story of Vicary's heroes, but we can guess it by looking at his name...
One of the thing I love the most with Martin's writing, of course, is his ambiguity. There's no moral manicheism, ever with him. There's people and they all have their own values, their ideals, their own justifications. And they come into conflict. Can't have all of them. Can't have love, and honour, and compassion, and loyalty, and justice, and peacefulness. Not at the same time. That's true in A song of ice and fire as much as in this book.
And also, I love how the book is well named. It's all about how we act, what decisions we take, what meaning we gives, in front of the dark emptiness.
They are things to be criticized too. This was his first book, I heared, and it doesn't go as smoothly as others of him. But it's a very good book.

EDIT : Besides how can I not love a book who has the first template for my sweet Sandor ? Yeah Bretan's a rather minor character in Dying of the Light, but he's got the look, the voice, and cynism and the intensity. Thought, he's not as cool as the Hound yet ;)

On another topic altogether, all those personality tests, gawked from [ profile] iichan and [ profile] shisakura and [ profile] shineko

Read more... )

Oh, and happy birthday [ profile] miss_rynn !
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Done my Microeconomics test today. Tomorrow, Political Science.

Posted Passing on Clampesque and

Read the Sworn Sword novella and the American Gods one from Legends 2. They were good. God, can these men write ! The Martin one was the better of the two though (sorry Neil) he's really got a gift for compelling images and stories out of spare words and titles. It's amazing how something can feel both so epic and legendary and nostalgic and crude, down to earth, dirty. He's also incredibly gifted for nuance and ambiguous moral dilemnas. It's so refreshing to see non manicheistic oppositions in fantasy. Okay, LOTS of good fantasy books have that, but there's lots of bad ones out there. You'd think if they had to copy Tolkien, they could have at least copied how non manicheistic he was !
But when will this Long Fall end the Winter comes at last to give a Feast for Crow ?

Winter is Coming, but it's taking its time to do so. Fashionably late.

Now, I know how i'd answer that meme about naming kittens. I'd name a boy Summer, like my favourite Direwolf, and the girl Winter. Here ! :)

Did I mention I had watched those Loki Matentei Ragnarock episodes ? Well I did. It's very cute and sweet. Chibi Loki is a compelling character, the plots are a bit slim, but it's a very nice anime. Besides, I'm a sucker for norse mythologies.


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