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delicious seems very intent on keep on failing and - I've been very patient with it - has anyone found a good, not paying alternative for it? I mostly use it for my own links bookkeeping, barely ever used the networking aspect. Is there a program or a firefox plug in that could do that?
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You know what i did right after whining about LJ fandom dying out interjected with how much I hate tumblr? I started spending a lot of time posting actively on tumblr. Oh well. The learning curve is steep, but once I managed to have a handle of a few things (like, how to stop the endless scrolling), I do not hate it quite as much and I am starting to see why it is addictive. I plan to keep on using a lot to post pretty pics (since it is what it does best) and perhaps random silly thoughts (since I don't have a tumblr).

Nope, this isn't a sign I plan on abandonning my LJ, I'm still also trying to be more involved on this side of things.
But! If you want to follow me on tumblr:
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Lately it feels like more and more people are leaving LJ. It's been getting to me a lot. I really hate this. I hate people saying they're leaving and deleting their journals, I hate realising that people have just vanished out and not updated their journals for months or years, too. It feels like most of the life out of LJ (or DW for that matter) has been extinguished, I don't think I see enthusiasm much anymore elsewhere than in kink memes and other forms of anonymous memes (which frankly, I was never very fond of). I think a big part of it is, fandom has spread itself in other places, across different dimensions. Tumblr is great for fanart, gifs and more stream of consciousness squeeing (despite how much I hate the tumblr interface as well as the way people socialize on it and that is A WHOLE FUCKING LOT, and the more I use tumblr - I made an account a couple of months ago - the more I hate it :p); more in depth text based meta, reviews etc. are on various blogs, I guess. Fics are more simple to post on archives. Recs are handled via delicious (yes, despite the last debacle). And - what I miss most - the networking and befriending people based upon fandom, I guess maybe it's happening elsewhere too, on facebook or twitter or somewhere else I don't know about. But, and it's funny, that was one thing I used to criticise LJ for - the way it was mixing a whole lot of different things in the same place, the way it made us have to jungle all those things at the same time, the intersection of those spheres - which was sometimes unwieldy - but in retrospect feels like it was very productive in social interaction. Conversations bouncing from one journal to another, filled with ideas and joy and depth and silliness and resonance - when's the last I've seen that?

These days it doesn't feel like we get much into great conversations anymore. I dunno, maybe it happens elsewhere that what I pay attention to. I've been through a lot of fandoms - maybe too many - and at the same time I've always refused to follow the bandwagon of the next Big Fandom everyone else was following unless I was, you know, genuinely interesting in that big fandom (and most often I wasn't so much, instead I was more into skipping to another media/genre altogether!), which doesn't help keeping ties. And the biggest problem, I've really sucked about keeping my journal lively either, and I've deeply sucked at keeping lively conversation with others on their journals as well. Oh, I've done a lot of perfunctionary updating, so to speak, quick, shallow comments; and silly memes and I've tried to keep talking about fannish stuff - but... I haven't put in it a lot of myself into it. Big part of that was just depression, and not knowing how to deal with situation in life. I don't want to talk about this much. I don't like talking about it. It feels too shameful, and too vulnerable, and too embarrassing all at the same time. And as far as commenting, I have felt way too out of my depth as well as too numb often enough to have anything to say to people. And I always try to escape spirals of self loathing the same way, with avoidance and escapism; which hasn't ended very profitable for social interaction.

But I still treasure all those things. The friendships I have here - brittle and narrow though some of them may be - and the potential for fannish interactions. I depend on it so much. Maybe that is where I err wrong. Of course, things fall apart. Of course, people drift apart - that's not even a specifically fannish thing. Of course, people jump into the newest thing, and sometimes the newest thing isn't the newest fandom, or the newest kind of fanwork exchange, or the newest meme - sometimes it's the newest platform. What do you gonna do. Heh, it's not like I'm unlikely to jump onto the newest thing when it is to my taste, either.

Not sure where I am going with that. I guess I'd just like to have a reason to be hopeful about fannish networking, here or elsewhere, in a way that isn't just about clinging after past glories. Tell me there is some?
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If you use tags as a way to make pithy metatextual comments, and not as a way to organise posts; I JUDGE YOU.
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The Delicious change has finally caught up with me!! And holy shit is it ugly and impractical indeed! o_o

Though, really I'm still utterly amazed I had this weird 10 days respite somehow. XD
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So apparently they did something to entirely mess up delicious.

Except it looks the same as it always did to me. So I'm a bit confused. Possibly this is because all this time I have been using it wrong? (it can't be a zone thing, I have also French friends complaining about the change to it).
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Also if people want DW invites, I'll just lay down some here. Tell me if you take one (so I can strike it from the list).





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It's a little bit more than a month since I created [community profile] abymage to post my anime reviews. I've posted 10 reviews during that time (Sukisyo, Durarara!!, Angel Beats!, Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan, Tatami Galaxy, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, House of the Five Leaves, Bakemonogatari, Toradora! and RideBack). I didn't get a lot of comments yet apart from the Tatami Galaxy entry for some reason (and probably lost of a lot of readership from simply not posting them right there in the first place), but it's nice to see a couple of people I don't know joining the com to follow it, and I just installed a counter that tracks some nice info as well. I guess I'd get more feedback if I could come up with some more discussion orientated posts... >_>;
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Feeling sad without any reason. I hate when I feel this way.

I'm going to try to do the DW crossposting thing from now on. Not sure how that'll work, cuz I used to post using the semagic client, and i rather like that; and I can't if I want to crosspost with the comments-link-thingy.

Also there are too many bugs in my room.
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All right, I've created a community on Dreamwidth : [community profile] abymage and put all my reviews there (and started tagging them by genre but I'm not finished). If you still prefer following it from LJ I've created a syndicated feed on LJ: [ profile] abymage. Note that like with all feeds on LJ, you can comment on it, but they won't be archived as the synidcated posts disappear after a while, so if you want to leave a comment that'll stay you need to comment over on DW (you don't need an actual account in order to comment on DW, you can just activate your lj as an Open ID account). Or if you prefer you could follow the RSS feed from any blog reading program/website.

Anyway I've posted my latest review there : Sukisyo.
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I have a new layout! [ profile] etrangere [ profile] etrangere [ profile] etrangere

I had gotten soooo tired of the previous one! (almost one year of it).

Also I need a Friend Only banner now that my journal is basically semi friend only, might as well make it official. I never use to save FO banners!! I thought maybe this one, but it might just scare people away XDDD
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I've got two invite code for DW. I know there are people who asked me for invite codes when I get them before, but I believe they already recieved them through other means? If not, they have, of course, priority. Anyway, if anyone still wants a Dreamwidth invite code, speak now.
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It's created : Salinea at Dreamwidth.
I'm still in the process of setting it up all neat and pretty, and archiving stuff I want there. I've put all my fics from my fanfic journal over there, but there's a lot of posts I made on my primary journal I want to archive there was well.
I wonder, is my only way to do so is to import my full livejournal and then delete non-necessary entries, or is there a cleverer and easier way to do it? Have you folks any ideas?


2 May 2009 05:21 pm
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Alright I've got my account invitation courtesy of [ profile] misstopia (see I failed to confirm my email address with my OpenID account, which is why I never recieved anything, hah!)

However I'm still flailing trying to think of new user name for that account. So poll time it is!

[Poll #1393636]

By the way I do plan on using my DW account a lot. Basically I'm planning on splitting my livejournal. Fan-related content, reviews and fanworks and the like will go to the DW accounts. I'll keep my LJ for journaling stuff about my personal life, and I'll make it friend only. So yeah, I'll make my DW account as followable as possible even from LJ though.

Oh, also

1 May 2009 09:34 pm
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For whenever that invite code will arrive, I'm kinda weary of Etrangere as a pseudo and am looking for ideas for a new one. Please, make suggestions.
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I haven't posted since I went back, did I? So, d'you folks want me to try to review the movies I saw? I kinda suck at reviewing movies, but....
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I changed all my icons (except for one), and changed my layout. That took some time.

I wanted to use something else than flexible boxes, for once, but it's the only style I could find that allow to fiddle with colours while keeping all the subcategories I want to have like tags and free text :(

Anyone know have a good link for how to put a picture header with this kind of style?
ETA: now have a header, thanks to the awesome [ profile] dizilla
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It's the LJPOCALYPSE lol

I'll start panicking when I'll be done laughing.
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I actually really like the new user info.
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I've taken a page from some of my favourite bloggers, and updated my tags with author tags for all of my book reviews. That was tiring, but hopefully will be of use to some people :)

I guess I ought to do something like this for manga and anime as well, although I'm not very consistent about it. Unsure about whether to tag for author or for manga series, what do you guys think would make the more sense?
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LJ has done some changes of policies. And they're all for the better! Incredible isn't?

In particular :

* Our Adult Content policy has been changed to emphasize that content which is flagged as containing explicit adult content does not mean it is in violation of our Terms of Service, and will not result in other actions being taken against users who post it. The process for reporting adult content has also changed so that the system only handles reports of adult content; reports of violations of our policies should be reported as outlined here.

We have also stated within the policy that non-graphic, non-sexualized nudity is not considered explicit adult content. This includes things such as an image of a mother breastfeeding their child, or a non-sexualized work of art such as the Statue of David. We have also extended this to our policy on default userpics; non-graphic, non-sexualized nudity is no longer considered a violation of our default userpic policy.

* Our policy on Non-Photographic Images of Minors is being removed. What this means is that we will no longer be requiring the removal of this content, or suspending people who have posted it. We feel that with the introduction of the adult content flagging system, we do not need to take any further action on this type of material.

In celebration, I've reinstated my paid account, let LJ know as a customer I'm happy with the change ^_^ That means icons! Lots of icons! Damnit, I'd missed my icons ♥ ♥ ♥
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Am I the only one to find the whole [ profile] burr87 sub-set of the whole Boldthrough kerfuffle deeply hilarious? I mean, for one, [ profile] efw itself is obviously a nasty-funny, Fandom_Wank-like community that's rather hilarious and the mocking - while insensitive, misrepresenting & unprofessionnal - isn't extremely off the mark. And srlsly I seem to remember than during Part 1 of this LJ wank Fandom was the one insisting that [ profile] burr87 came back to be a spokesperson. Maybe that's why he hates us. Maybe he really didn't like this job. XDDD

For something completely different, there's a fascinating post from [ profile] metafandom full of graphs about how LiveJournal is shrinking.

Oh, lastly, I made myself a JournalFen account and I should transfer my fanfics overthere. It's not perfect in terms of managements but I think that right now it's the one Journal I can actually trust a little bit not to go witchhunting happy.

Ultimately, I might keep on this journal for personnal life purpose but I'll probably put all fandom content somewhere else.

ETA : [ profile] alighiera has just posted about the LJ Boldthrough story being on big German newspaper Der Spielgel. Woaw O_O;;
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[ profile] atrata plans to set up a LJ clone run by fans for fans. If you want to help, contact her. If you know other who do something similar, help them contact each others.

ETA: she's created a community for this purpose : [ profile] fandom_flies. Pimp it to your friends ^_^


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