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(reposted because I f-ed up the first time)

So, finished the first scenario of the Mage: Ascension with hacked rules inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean.

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It has suddenly dawned on me that Dresden Files rpg may be the right system to adapt Coldfire Trilogy (and its fabulous magical system).

Wish I could try out FATE somewhere >_>
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The problem with roleplaying games is that it gives you a taste for roleplaying games, which is then frustrating because of course it is impossible to get a table to gather in a semi regular way once most of the people at the table are past highschool / college age so it's all in vain. But yeah, just do one silly Exalted one shot last week end and now I'm all about haunting's tabletop forum (for once) in a restless state of game craving which I know I can't sate. Grrr.
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Okay, I think I'm mostly done with determining the rules for my Mage game. I just need to be certain for specific Merits like Artefacts/Wonders or Familiars, and I'm not entirely sure about the deal with giving some Merits half price depending on the Paradigm Foundation.
Ideally I should post the rules on for criticism by other people (since that's not working on my journal *whine* :p) but that would require translating them (I've got 7 pages of dry notes), and I'm not feeling quite up to that. Also now I need to study the time period and the place in a more specific way to be able to advice them on Saturday. Siiiiiiiighs.

Is the sun set yet? I want me some bread.

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So, I'm setting up a Mage : Sorcerers' Crusade : Pirates of the Caribbean game for soon. Characters creation set up for in 14 days; and thankfully yesterday I finally got into the mood to work seriously at it. At least when I get Mage inspiration, it's very inspiring as always (bad for my sleeping habit though). So far I've mostly meditated on the system/charsheet, following some of the previous thoughts I posted on the journal some time ago (*checks* Hmmm one year ago; how time flies):

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J'ai un ami qui a créé un Panthéon Amérindien pour le jeu Scion qui va être publié sur le website de la Bibliothèque Interdite (le traducteur du jeu en français) dans une semaine. Il cherche éventuellement un généreux dessinateur qui serait prêt dans ce temps ma fois fort serré et sans rémunération garantie, de dessiner les dieux dans leur version mythologique / moderne pour illustrer l'aide de jeu. Je lui ai dit que je pêcherais sur mon LJ éventuellement...

I've got a friend who created a Native American / First Nation Pantheon for the game Scion which is going to be published on the Bibliothèque Interdite website (the French translator of the game) in a week. He's looking for a generous artist who'd be willing in that very short time and without any confirmed remuneration to draw the Gods in their mythological / modern version in order to illustrate it. I told him I'd ask around on my LJ...
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Today after a roleplaying game, where the GM surprised us with informing us that we were playing, in the cyberpunk & urban fantasy world of Shadowrun, two laboratory mice who were set to try to conquer the world (I was Brain; we ended up stunning everyone and the power in Seattle then firing a shuttle to the Zurich Orbital station using potato power) I ended up showing a few fanvids to my friends; including one of my fave "Your Man" by [personal profile] charmax, at which point one of them observed that Lesbians seem to do a lot of kissing through glass. Of course then I tried to show them "The Glass" by [personal profile] thingswithwings but I couldn't cuz it's not up on streaming. But it also made me think of Star Driver :

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Do you think the creators of Star Driver are familiar with Henry Jenkins? It wouldn't even surprise me if they were.

Also should I be posting this on [community profile] abymage instead of here? *ponders*
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I am hangovered.

Recently I've started hanging out with some people from a RPG forum dedicated to Shadowrun, they have a meeting every Friday at a bar and they are delightful, lovely folks I'm really enjoying getting to know. With no less than 4 girls (other than me) something of a rarity in the realm of Tabletop RPGs in my past experience and which I'm greatly enjoying (especially because they're fun and nice, and also all very pretty); but this has greatly increased my weekly consumption of alcoholic beverage. Urgghh. I'm so not used to having a hangover, not nice! (Especially since I'll have a Mage the Ascension tonight. Mage! The Ascension! The one and only game I love best in the world ♥).

At some point I should be playing a Sailor Senshi game with those girls, I was drafted for Sailor Mercury : the concept of the game is 5 female players, one male GM which changes every session, with a different system every time. Appropriately coloured skirt, nail polish and sparkles mandatory. Apparently they had a game already with Unknown Armies, and the next one should be Vampire Requiem. Crazy awesome idea no?
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I was wandering as usual when I've suddenly happened onto this piece of information : There's a Vorkosigan saga sourcebook and roleplaying game come out next summer!! How come I didn't know that? On scale of meh to fucking awesome, this is very close to fucking awesome. That's not yet the Coldfire trilogy and This Alien Shore rpg I've always dreamed of, but I might have to try myself at GURPS.
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I had another pretty busy week.
Monday, I got to watch an avant premiere of Star Trek and Coraline - both were pretty good. Well, Coraline was awesome, and Star Trek was okay in a shallow good fun and pretty FX way.
Tuesday, I went to Disneyland Paris to accompany my visiting cousin from Israel (another one than the one who was staying at my parents' a couple of years ago) who's in vacation at my parents' before her military service, which was pretty fun if tiring (unexpectedly I found myself buying a Nightmare Before Christmas-themed plaid. (The mind boggle cuz I'm one of the least merchandising-inclined person I know).
Wednesday I, errr, rested. Okay actually I haven't done so much this week. And realised I could no longer watch the Colbert Report and the Daily Show on streaming on their websites :((( Damn you Comedy Central. Now I have to watch them illegally, like most of the other stuff I watch.
Today, I'm waiting for my Dreamwidth invite which IS NOT COMING. Damn you Dreamwidth! You did say Open ID account would receive an invite on the 1st of May! Of course I could probably get an invite in all of 5 seconds by asking one of the many people of my flist who have them but it's the principle of the thing :p
Also I swapped by 2nd ed Exalted corebook for an Everway box - a pretty old rules lite fantasy game - cuz I've been feeling like mastering something, but not something crunchy like Exalted.
And I kinda fail at answering memes which is surely not new.
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Yesterday we played Ars Magica. And we discovered my character is a fetch. As, in, a Changeling the Lost fetch, that is to say a replacement for a human being made of wood, water and mud and shaped into the human it replaces with faery magic. And that I had been so for years. In between, my character has had two children, one mariage and many adventures. And all this time, the 'real' character was up in that faery kingdom I had travelled to. Yeah. My GM is an evil genius XDDD

I have a new layout!

Meme stolen from [ profile] a_white_rain and [ profile] apapazukamori

Tell me of a fandom you know I know of and I'll tell you :

1. The first character I first fell in love with
2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now
3. The character everyone else loves that I don't
4. The character I love that everyone else hates
5. The character I used to love but don't any longer
6. The character I would shag anytime
7. The character I'd want to be like
8. The character I'd slap
9. A pairing that I love
10. A pairing that I despise

Yeah, it's that good old meme :)
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RIP Gary Gygax
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Yeah so I'm deeply obsessed with Avatar. Sadly from what I've seen so far, the fandom appears to be totally nuts. Shipping wars galore, and bashing, and CAPSLOCK humour (capslock humour is indeed funny... for all of 10 minutes. Okay, the Atla capslock community still appears to be best things for discussions on Atla) and I won't mentionned the jokes based on BUTTRAPED LOLZ. And finding good fics has been difficult (but not entirely impossible). Thankfully there are a few sane people here and now (and I started friending those people. Hi!)

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I will not consider Pirates of the Caribbean / Mage the Sorcerer's Crusade crossovers. Especially not flashforwarded in the future. I will not.

Unless it's to take inspiration for Game Mastering.

And I won't even think of tarot decks.
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So I'm reading, which is a big and quality board about roleplaying games, and someone raises the idea of "Harlequin Romance... the RPG" as a possible licenced RPG to touch a previously untapped market. So I miggle in the discussion, and mention my view about the similarities between RPGs and fanfics, and freeform RPGs within the fandom community, and their potential as a RPG market. It's an interesting discussion.
Then there's this guy that comes and mentions the game he publishes, HeartQuest, which a game meant to simulate the Shoujo manga genre. Cool. Very fitting to the discussion. I google quickly the game (because I didn't know it before, does any of you guys do?) and find a blurb description (very cute) and a list of the writers :

Written by: Michael Hopcroft, Robert Pool, Dimitri Ashling, Ewen Cluney, Robert Boyd, Robert Bain, Ismael Alvarez, Travis Johnson, and Douglas Larke.

Hum? I think. I'm not sure about Travis and Ewen because I'm not that good with American names, but all of the others are very, very male names. That's an overwhelming majority (at least) of male writers to write a RPG to simulate the Shoujo genre.
So in the discussion I mention I'm surprised by that, and the guy asks me why, so I elaborate.

Why should that shock you? It isn't like all shoujo stuff is written by women, nor is it's audience all young girls (despite being marketed to them). Just like the fact that all romance novels aren't written by women either.

Well, that not all shoujo is written by women or read by women is all well and good, and what percent of it is written and read by women? I'd be surprised if there wasn't a very big majority of women involved there, but I could be wrong, I only have my personnal experience to judge by.

I assume you've done market researches about that game? That you have some data about Shoujo audience in the US? The profile of people more likely to be interrested into that kind of game? With this game, I assume you're trying to tap onto shoujo readers (that's why you mention the next ed in manga form, no?)
I'm a shoujo reader. I'd especially kill for a game that'd let me play an unholy alliance of Shoujo Kakumei Utena and Princess Tutu complete with meta-narrative tools and fairy tale on crack ambiance. I'd probably also love to play X1999 RPG.

However I also remember a French amateur RPG which was called "Lycéenne" which was plain horrible. Shoujo seen by males and full of ill-adviced stereotypes at its worst. So I'm suspicious. And I'm Roleplayer so I know how sexist the average RPG scene can be, so I'm doubly suspicious. If I see a long list of male names as authors, I get even more suspicious. Doesn't seem like something for me. Seems like something for guys who are already into RPG and who wants to play shoujo for exoticism's sake, the kind who think Hina Love is a shoujo.

I don't know anything about the game, as I told you, I just googled it. And that's my first impression. Maybe I'm not typical of the market you're trying to touch either

Then the guy gets angry :

I find charges of sexism against my products made by someone who has not read them to be incredibly offensive. While the HeartQuest line was written before I owned the company, I still stand behind them 100%. I also find charges that they weren't written by knowledgeable individuals to not only be offensive but you are also veering into personal attack territory because at least two of the authors are members of this very board.

As a publisher I take allegations against my products very seriously and I strongly suggest that you rescind your comments, as they are based out of a lack of knowledge of the books. I do welcome anyone checking out the HeartQuest line but I find your comments to be ill-formed and offensive to both myself and the individuals who wrote these books.

I tell him he missed the point.

So he starts getting on how shoujo is totally not about women, and gender is irrelevant about discussion on RPG adaptations of Shoujo.

I don't see that shoujo or romantic fiction as being a gender issue. I don't think one gender "gets it" more than another, any more than I think that is the case for any other genre. Saying otherwise does a great disservice to those individuals, male or female, who are interested in those sorts of things.

And that's where we are.

Apart from the part where he's trying very hard to intimidate me, I find his exhuberant outrage very funny.

down, down

1 Jul 2007 06:06 pm
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I've hit the can't be bothered to read fanfics wall so fast it's funny. I'm not sure if it's a book out in a month thing or a bored with HP fandom thing, or a bored with fanfics thing. (If it's a HP fandom thing, possibly PotC will take its place - half way there already).It's sad, though, because it means I'm all bored and in need for an obsession. If I don't have something to focus my mind on I just get overly anxious.

Also there's a dozen of started up fanfics which right I don't think I even have a chance at finished, which is rather sad. And th darkfic - the ones to read, and the one I should have written and I'd even had a very good title - it's a shame. Actually I'm supposed to write fanfics for at least two exchanges I think, I'm not sure if I'll be able to summon the interest.

How do people make themselves do things, generally speaking? I never could find the way - just sounds overly complacent of me but it's how it happens, either I'm motivated to do something, either I just can't. Even if it's something I actually want. Like some kind of knot tied in my stomach and squeezing if I even think of doing it. Like it was something incredibly difficult and complex to do when it's usually overly common and simple tasks - as simple and ordinary as breathing and walking. So im usually picking between feeling very bad about not doing something and just basking in self-loathing about not doing it but being no closer to actual action (which in a way is just as complacent), or skillfully avoiding thinking of it with shiny, pretty distraction. Neither option actually help action. Does anyone have advice?

Otherwise I'm reading KJ Parker's Evil for Evil and knowing full well that she was going to break my heart in it doens't make t any easier to bear. I swear it's the closest thing to darkfic I've ever read (that's a lie, there's plenty of dark novels out there - serious, upstanding stories like Lord of the fllies or 1984 but I don't usualy love the characters so much in those storie, somehow the aesthetics doesn't feel the same).

Yesterday I went to a RPG night at an association, playing Scion. That was one of the worst work of GMing I've ever seen, really really awful, almost no initiative at all, nor any sense of roleplay. I escaped before the last subway pretexing a headache. I had a friend at the same table whom just told me he also ran away actually saying he didn't have any fun XD

That kind of misadventure apart, I'm really feeling more motivated by RPGs than I've been in a long while. Today I've been one page open to buy of The Mortal Coil wondering whether it was worth it or not. It looks like a terrific game, but I'm not sure I have a table to play it. Maybe Aurel. I'd have to ask if there'd be interested.

I feel like I spend way too much time buying stuff which I never use. There's funny thing about buying in that way. Feels goog buying stuff, but then it all sorts of fall down because you never have enough time (even if you did, you wouldn't). Sorts of end up being a game of prioritizing and focussing but somehow it doesn't really feel better.

That's all for today.

ETA: LJ just told me my account is expiring soon XD so, should I give them more money? I incline in thinking "no".
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I had a long week end. 1st of May is Labour Day and a Holiday in France, and my work had given us the Monday free to make a "bridge" (not a free, free day, it's a free day among a specific number of free day we're supposed to have anyway); and I'm depressed because I didn't manage to do anything much during this time.

I went to the movie theater, though. We went to see "Life of Others" which was really, really good. Though I found it was slightly self-indulgent in parts, and I was a little bit uneasy about the thing about women, but overall a great movie.

By the way, the Earthsea movie was just as bad as expected. I didn't hate watching it as much as I should have because I read the books so long ago I was half remembering throughout without being able to compare, and because I love watching animation even when it's subpar, but it was really not that great.

And Sunday, I missed out Bog's game because I was trapped at a friend's house by a thunderstorm, but we finished watching all of Slayers : Next, which was great. (I'm in Xelloss withdrawal as I speak ^^)

While looking for Slayers fic to remedy to my withdrawal, funnily enough, I found a Snupin fic by [ profile] amanuensis1 (of all people), and an mpreg fic at that, and I loved it, and I'm not a big mpreg lover.
Here it is : Random drabble
Read it and then don't kill me.

And I tried writing, but I don't think I managed to write more than two lines in one specific fic. No very much inspired.
I've been looking at all files of half-finished fics too. It's amazing the number of started-never-finished fics I have out there. (well not amazing, I s'ppose, but given how ot prolific I am...). I even found a Kotori fic that looked finished, and a Salazar/Godric preslash fic. And lots of other stuff I never finished... it's a bit depressing.

I didn't even manage to clean a bit. My sink is getting so dirty molds have civilizations building skyscrappers in it. I shall not mention my bathroom.

Otherwise I've been reading The Princess Bride. Wached the movies many times, but had never read the book before. It's pretty good. I like... how he talks about the way we look back at stories from our childhood. How they become mythical, you know. Filled with some sort of glamour and meaningfulness, but then if you look back at them later on, they're often not that much (or they are, sometimes, but you have to squint a little bit ^^) I've got books like that, of course. Well I had the Last Unicorn, except not the book, the movie, except not even that. I had a postcard of the movie, with the castle and the redbull and the unicorn and the big wave with little tiny unicorns on it. It belonged to m sister. I don't know - don't remember - if I actually watched the movie when I was little, but probably not. Even though I was obsessed with that postcard, with the story I wove from it. I was drawing unicorns everywhere (i know, not that's outstanding from a little girl), and to this day I feel this is part of the reason why I got into fantasy, science fiction, and mythology, and everything (it was much later when I was a teenager that I actually watched the Last Unicorn and realized I hadn't dreamed the whole thing! before nobody else had even heard of it, and TLU? doesn't even need squinting). There's also all these cartoons I used to watch younger (we ha some real good cartoons in the 80's in France, mostly Japanese and a couple of Franco-Japanese ones), stuff like the Mysterious Golden Cities, and Ulysse 31 (space opera + greek mythology, two great tastes that go well together), and Les Mondes Engloutis, and Cobra (not the one from GI Joe), and many others. Loved these stuff, growing up.
What was your own mythic story when you were growing up? The one that still fills you with nostalgia?

It also got me thinking (okay, this is going very very far from The Princess Bride), about one trope I've always loved, the one about the relationship between a young kid and an ambiguous adult figure, one who's half a mentor or a protector, and half an ennemy. You get that in the Mysterious Golden Cities, with Mendoza (who's one of the most kick ass ambiguous character from a children's cartoon ♥) and Esteban, and you got that in that Japanese cartoon version of Treasure Island (I don't remember if it was as strong in the book) with Long John Silver and Jim. And I was wondering how it related with the Snape/Harry ship. Because it's not relationships I particulary wish to sexualize, generally speaking, but I do find them pariculary fascinating, and I remember really loving them as a kid. I wonder, is it at least a little bit of a trope, generally speaking? Does it play a role about why I like Snarry (when I do like it)? Anyone has any imput about these kinds of relationships (wether sexualized or not)? (ASOIAF gets that in a way, with Arya and her various unsavory protectors : Jaqen H'Gar and Sandor Clegane, and Yoren a little bit. Arya really got a "boy's story", I think, I love that about her).

Anyway, to go back to the Princess Bride, I loved how the book played - even more than the movie - with the way we interprete things that we read. There's something very fanficcy about it. Take the good parts, and write around the missing ones, y'know. Except of course the aesthetics are very different.

There were some stuff I didn't like in the book, but they were mostly the stuff I didn't like in the movie, except in a way even more disturbing in reading them. You know, Buttercup's general uselessness. Part of the parody, but still get me meh. Did love the additionnal background about most characters though.

Oh, and, last Changelings : the Lost soon to be released cover. I'm so excited!
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The fridge has been delivered. That means I can move in anydays now, yay. (so tired, so cold, so down tsk)

My father has started reading FFC at last (because I was pressing him as I told him I'd need him soon for Teresa's reread) He was busy reading Dan Simmons' Olympos which I had offered him recently, and before that American Gods. He's got the wrong sense of priority if you want my opinion, but heh. It's funny because he doesn't remember the characters and things happening before much, so he asks me and I tell "yeah, ***** killed ***** because he'd said the word "whore" once time too many and then he escaped... " etc.

I have a moral dilemna. See, there's a girl at my work, Anais, who's friend with one of my old school friend : Bertille,so I'm aquainting with both of them, and behaving sociably and stuff. (Or trying to) Anyway, we mentionned a move together, and today Anais said they were thinking about seeing GoF this week end

Dubbed. >_<

Being sociable isn't easy. I guess that's why most of my friends are geeks and snobbish enough to want to watch movies only subtitled ^_^;;

Speaking of geekness, I bought a verrrrry pretty RPG book last saturday : Qin, it's a French Kung Fu game and looks very fab. I tried it out during the Utopiales and was eying it for a while, except it was pretty expensive. I decided the other day that I would buy either Qin or Shadowrun 4. Since SR4 is still unfindable in any bookstore due to problems, I bought Qin. They had artists doing signing/drawings on books at the store, so it was a good timing (wholly unplanned). That's the advantage to buying French books, even if it means I won't be able to chat about it with GH, May, Bog, Jy, Fiat & co. Bah, anyway I'm sure it's better than Weapon of the Gods :p

And yes, I just changed my mood theme to the Last Unicorn one. Hopefuly it'll be inspiring. (bah, as if I had time to write anything...)
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When I was about 15 years old and I was just getting seriously into Science Fiction and Fantasy and into the internet active fandom side of them, I read Roger Zelazny's Amber cycle serie and loved it. When I was finished however I felt frustrated. The ending left too many issues hanging, too many threads untied. And they would never be completed because Zelazny had died. I wanted more; I wanted to keep exploring this universe, to keep shedding more light onto the other characters' side of things and all the countless possibilities glimpsed from the text, so I went ahunting on the internet, and...

From where I started with this you would think I would find fanfics, wouldn't you ?

Well, actually what I found was Roleplaying Games, specifically Eric Wujcik's Amber Diceless Roleplaying Game. Imagine, make up your own Amberite Prince character, and start exploring this world all by yourself, interacting with the other characters etc. I was thrilled ! As things went, it took me two years to actually get into the RPG crowd and start playing regularly. But my point here is : the reason I got into RPGs were exactly the same I find Fanfics so interesting.

Given how obvious the similarities of the pull for both seem to me, you can imagine I was surprised to see how little the actors of either cross over to the other. At first glimpse at my flist, I can find only about 5 or 6 people I know who are interested and active in both Fanfics and RPGs* (over a flist of 110 with lots of people into fanfics). Why were the two so uninvolved with each others ? Is it a case of 'parallel evolution' ? Are there more truly different than they look to me ? Is it merely a question of male fen vs female fen ?)

* : (By RPGs, for the purpose of this essay, I'm going to mean merely Roleplaying Game featuring rules, how light they are, and often a setting, either commercialy published or amateurs, and meant to be played in live in small groups involving one or several player and a game master.
The other kind of roleplay, that is indeed pretty popular among the fandom crowd, which involves the roleplay of existing or original character set in a fictionnal canon world with little to no rules but politeness and mostly played online, I'm going to call Freestyle Roleplay or FRP.)

cut for the extremely long and rambly essay )
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Exalted v2 is coming

Fuck, all this money already spent in this game and the new rules looks like so much better. Why did I ever get into a White Wolf game for in the first place, remind me ?

[ profile] shadow_lynne Go and console me with this Yurgen/Swan fic of yours, pretty please.

Two down,

13 Dec 2004 11:21 pm
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and I'm already feeling better !

A big Happy Birthday to the extremely sweet [ profile] tammaiya. Wishing all the best for you, dear <3

Well, after having been depressed, limp and apathetic for more than a week, it seems i might be bouncing back. A little bit. Sorry to everyone for be so scarce lately on livejournal, i didn't want to impose my bad mood on anyone.
Well, I have yet three exams to pass, we'll see... and the va-ca-ti-on ! I don't think I wrote it there already, so I'm going to Vienna with my parents, and we'll then go to Bratislava where we'll meet family we've got who lives there. Then we're going back to Austria, and i'm going to see my boyfriend in Salzburg (we'll go ski too !) Good plans, ne ?

Oh, and because i think it's the first time I post in six days, HAPPY HANNUKAH ! ^_^

I wanted to write an X drabble for hannukah, but of course, I also want to finish a fic for Lynne-san's drabble, and I have to finish all those promised ego boost posts, and I wanna finish the drabble request before i go in vacations.... so we'll see what I can do in one day ^^;;.

I've been wondering a lot about why i've got a LJ lately. I've got a very long flist now, and even if there's no one I want to drop from it, i think it's too much and i wonder how many people don't read what i write. The other thing is, when I started this out, I wanted first to write a diary for myself. Somewhere where I could be honnest with myself and write about my life and general impressions. But now that I communicate with so many of my friends with it, I realize it's become something much different. Where I don't want to post too depressing posts, because I don't want to bore people,. And where I wonder, how can I make reading this enjoyable, how can I present my best ? Those are two very different things, how can I conciliate them ? should I multiply my number of journals like some people do ? I don't really feel like that -_- That also makes me understand why so many people use friend locked and friend filters with their post, while I really didn't like the idea of doing that at first. But, having to hide some parts of myself, having to show only faces of myself by fear of what people may think... I don't want to do that, either. Lots of uncertainty.

Book side, I went on a shopping spree to (unsuccesfuly) try to make up for being down. I got myself the second volume of Tsubasa, the Clamp no Kisoki v1 translated to french and Exalted the Fair Folk.

The Fair Folks looks like a frelling good book. Of course I fell in love just from the splat blurbs. here's one for exemple :

A little girl looked at me and said, "I'm afraid."
I told her, "Little one, even in this Age of Sorrows, there is virtue in mastering your fear. take up your father's sword. Strike me.
Perhaps it will strike true."
Ah ! Was even the Unconquered Sun so proud of his children as I,
when she raised up that blade ? She struck at me, and struck not well,
but I have made the twon a pyre in her name

and another

I'm sorry. I really am.
You don't have anything more to give me. You've used it all up.
Family, power, talent, health - it's all gone.
I know you need me. And I wish I could give you more. But I can't. All I can do is let you go, set you free of me, send you back to the cold hard world.
You asked me that once, remember ?
It's what you wanted.

I love Exalted's basis on the Fair Folks, that they be more like Practchet's elves than... well, elves that you see anywhere else.
Beauty and cruaulty and a pure alien, voracious mind. Rocking. Plus, Rebecca Sean Borgstrom.
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snatched from [ profile] masqthphlsphr

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Bought two books by Charlene Harris, as recced by [ profile] generalblossom, and am currently reading "To say nothing about the dog", which has too many dogs but also has cat, luckily, and is funny, not in the way I most like my funnies, but very funny still.

Started playing at the Clamp Campus RP community (bounces excitedly)
Failed to watch the Village today, as my friend had got the time for the seance wrong, but we shall try again tommorrow. Instead spent much of the afternoon discussing Mage the Ascension with Nicky, who's planning on GM it. Mage is my favourite RPG. It's so open, so adaptable, so based on interpretation. I just love discussing about it like no other games. Of course, I don't even GM it, at least, not on a regular basis. Strange how some visions are so perfect in your mind you are not able to reach for them in reality because you fear disapointement.

Watching France - Israel football makes my mother racist. Is a depressing thought.
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Some wallpapers on Melissa Uran's website (, I thought I'd share :

Abyssal ones : Day, Midnight, Dusk, Daybreak, Moonshadow
Solar : Dawn

And more importantly and much more gorgeous : Exalted : the Fair Folk
Fuck, I want to make sweet love to this desktop *_*


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