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Kobato is a young, naive, airhead, clumsy, optimistic and hard-working girl who just literally fell down from the sky. Helped by a bad tempered flame throwing plush dog that goes by Ioryogi, she's got one year to fill a glass bottle full of confetti she earns by healing the heart of people. Soon enough she starts working at a kindergarten along with a kind young woman and her younger grumpy with a heart of gold foster brother. Good luck, Kobato.

Kobato is adapted from a seinen manga of CLAMP I had actually avoided reading because the premise seemed remarkably silly and fluffy to me, which tend to be the sort of CLAMP manga I like least. But I thought the anime was a good occasion to jump that bandwagon and I don't regret it. The concept remains pretty silly and fluffy as expected, but is charming and well executed enough to be pleasant to watch. As the story builds up and characterisation are deepened it even becomes pretty good in its second half, with a few excellent episodes filled with grace and bitter-sweetness.

Kobato despite her very moe flaws is very likeable thanks to her determination and kindness; and while Fujimoto was too much of a jerk through most of it for my taste, they definitely have a good dynamic. Even better is the dynamic with Ioryogi who has a complicated past I wish we'd have found more about. The characterisation of quite a few secondary characters also particularly shone through and gave the anime the chemistry that made it better than average. I can't judge it as an adaptation since I have read the manga (the one CLAMP manga I haven't read, lol), but it overall has a very nice direction and pacing. Add the fact the ending was particularly excellent and you really have a lovely slice of life anime series.

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8 May 2009 02:54 am
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Natsume Yuujinchou x40
Miscellaneous x3 (Tokyo Babylonx2, Sarah Connor Chroniclesx1)


Natsume Yuujinchou )

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Comment & credit if you take them, please
Concrit always welcome

(so my first attempt at crossposting from DW: failed; and my LJ entries for some obscure reason looks better on LJ than on DW... oh well)
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What do you think of the Subaru/Kamui ship?
Much as I'm a die hard Seishirou/Subaru shipper, I'm actually rather fond of Subaru/Kamui, when it's well characterised. (Multishipping FTW). I even wrote a K/S fic once :) and enjoyed a great many well written ones (back in the days when I read a lot of fic for the X fandom). There were some fics I liked a great deal less, but that's because I don't think it's a pairing you can write well by dismissing Seishriou and Fuuma (and Kotori)'s importance to Subaru and Kamui. These people will always be more important to them than each others. But they do have a sweet and very interesting relationship in canon, and there's a great deal of interesting things you can do with that.
To be honest, back in the days, it's one of the rare pairing war I got involved in the slightest bit, and I regret that fact. I hadn't realised at the time the kind of self righteous patronising that went with it :-(

What is your opinion on Chobits?
I read it quite a few years ago and was very much uninmpressed. To this day probably my least favourite CLAMP. I love the fetishist clothing that Freya's got and there were two minor characters whose name and roles I forgot which I was fond of. Otherwise I disliked it a great deal. It was a bit of a creepy manga.

If you've read Tsubasa, what are you expecting out Subaru and Seishirou?
Every little bits make me happy, but I would dearly hope for some sort of conclusion of the hints we were given so far (that seems unlikely at this point, but still :() At the same time, I don't really care that much. To me, the real Subaru and Seishirou, the ones I care about, are in X and Tokyo Babylon.

Why Sansa/Sandor? Hey, that doesn't mean you have to rationalize it, but if you thought of something, well...
It's a kink? Hell, I don't know, I love Sansa and I love Sandor, and I love their interraction, it's got chemistry. It's the classic Beauty & the Beast pairing, innocent girl with tough guy. It's very, very archetypal and it's been done many, many times badly, but GRRM actually knows how to do these things without being problematic, by being more realistic and more aware of the potential squickiness; so it's refreshing.
I always love that kind of pairing when it's well done, really ^_^

I don't take Tsubasa seriously. I see it as crackful intercontinuity multicrossover clamp fanfic, ya know? And I like it because I'm a CLAMP fangirl, and I get the references and it's always nice to see the characters I loved in another manga being explored in another way. I also love Kurogane and Fye, and I love their slahsy relationship. Also I adore Yuuko. (And I love XXXHolic much more than I do TRC)
I admit I don't like Syaoran and Sakura much, or care about their own drama. Especially Syaoran, because I really adore CCS!Syaoran, but not so much in TRC; while I find that Sakura still manages to bring out some good stuff in TRC (when she's not in a coma) and I wasn't that crazy about her in CCS.
Another way I like TRC is the "So, that's how Sidereals fight using fate magic", but only Exalted players will get that ^_^ (my head, it is hurting!)
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So yeah, I did an X AMV.

Title: Back in Bethlehem
Fandom: X
Music: Muhammad My Friend by Tori Amos
Summary: It's time to tell the world we both know it was a girl back in Bethlehem.
Download: Back in Bethlehem (50 Mo avi file, archived in rar)
Thanks: To [ profile] ngblog for betaing.


Back in Bethlehem - Etrangere

Lyrics )

I always enjoy feedback, especially on a first try with a medium. And I enjoy concrit as well.

I tried putting it on YouTube, but apparently that was bad timing for me to try you tube. If someone has a better idea for alternate means of distribution, I'm all ears.dealt with. Also on where to crosspost this.

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20 Nov 2008 06:05 pm
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Icons I made lately (and not so lately)

Avatar x4
BSG x16
Miscellaneous x6
Gifts x11

goodies! )

if you want comment & credit. Concrit always welcome.
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So I rambled some of those TB/X analyses things over at [ profile] megganbmoore's and I guess I might as well post it there too - it's about the mirror motif.

Read more... )

old mangas

2 Oct 2008 08:28 pm
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Back home from my parents'. New year feasting went well. There were some interesting discussions.

While at was at my parents', I took advantage of my old library to re-read two manga series : Please Save My Earth and RG Veda.

Please Save My Earth is a late 80's shoujo manga involving a cast of seven high school characters realising that they are all the reincarnation of a group of aliens who used to study the Earth from a post of observation set on the moon. The past lives set of characters have convoluted and passionate relationships involving triangles, rivalry-friendship and one-sided loves which the real time sets of characters struggle with as they progressively remember them (if you think being a teenager wasn't confusing enough by itself, try being a young guy whose past lives was a woman who was in love with the guy whose current life is your male best friend) ; and to complicate matters one of them is reincarnated in a much younger 8 year boy, Ring, who seems to have a plot involving using the Tokyo Tower (what else? :) to contact the observation base still existing on the moon, and blackmailing/threatening/manipulating various people in order to do so.
PSME mostly focus on people's relationships, with a great flair for both the (melo)dramatic, the subtle and the heartbreaking. It's also got Psi-powers-based fighting scenes; volumes-spanning flashbacks, and a plot which ends up not being much at the end.
It's an old school manga, and it's got quite the silly idiosyncrasies. Our main female character, Alice, whom I adore nonetheless, is sadly not very proactive on the plot. And there's a face-palming inducing rape story which makes me ashamed of enjoying the male character involved anyway. The art hasn't always aged well (to say the least), and some cultural references haven't either (random saint seya references FTW!); and there's this hilarious use of dinosaurs as a motif... At the same time it manages juggling with an impressively large cast of characters (both lives of characters + secondary characters they interact with + other people getting involved in Ring's plot) and two timelines quite dexterously and continues being riveting and intense through a relatively (for a shoujo) long run of 21 volumes. I'm particularly fond of the characterisation - especially Alice and Ring and their past lives; but many other characters like Haruhiko, Tamura, Mikuro, Issei...
PSME was one of the first epic contemporary fantasy shoujo series I read some ten years ago along with Ayashi no Ceres and Basara, and one of my favourite ones. Upon re-read, despite all the silliness and idiosyncrasies; it still rings emotionally true to me, pushing the right buttons, and being a good story overall.

RG Veda is CLAMP's first professional manga, featuring a Hindu mythology inspired fantasy world where the rule of the Heaven has been overturned when Taishaku-Ten murdered the Emperor and the warrior god Ashura-Ou some 300 years ago; and where a prophecy about the being the destroyer of Heavens spurs Yasha-Ou, a young guardian god to find and protect Ashura, the child of Ashura-Ou, and revolt against Taishaku-Ten. Progressively, and in accordance with that prophecy, he is joined by several other gods who have their own reason to fight Taishaku-Ten.
RV Vega shows its age in its style of lavish, baroque, kinda of over the top art; yet i cannot help but find it gorgeous. The characters are very intriguing, likeable and amusing - I think they don't have quite the finesse or depth of characterisation that other CLAMP works show; but are still very appealing nevertheless. Thematically and relationship-wise this is definitely CLAMP's testing ground, showing their much-loved themes of fate, duality, the ties between people, eros/thanatos and strength. It is very much a tragedy, saved from melodrama only by the cheerfulness and grace typical of CLAMP characters. In terms of pacing it is slightly uneven, with several chapters without very much happening to Yasha, Ashura and co.
RG Veda is a manga I like comparing to X, for obviously thematic parallels : they're both tales of the prophecy of a world ending, except one's set in our modern world and the other in a fantasy world. The characters of Yasha and Ashura always reminded me a lot of Fuuma and Kamui; to which I sometimes like adding a parallel between Arashi and Karura. Upon reread, I was also struck with some parallels with latter arcs of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, and not only the parts about Fay and Ceres.
RG Veda was the first CLAMP I read which I really fell in love with - I had read several manga by them before (suki dakara suki, wish, 20 masks please, Magic Knight Rayearth and of course Card Captor Sakura), by impressions ranged from "meh" to "cute but not entrancing"; so along with Tokyo Babylon and X which I read a couple of months after RG Veda, it's one of the work responsible for my fangirlism of CLAMP overall. Upon reread I find it more uneven, but I still love it, and find myself extremely amused, especially at characters like Kendappa, or the villains like Shashi and Taishaku-Ten (Shashi is hilarious because she's so unredeemable, ruthlessly, unabashedly evil and power hungry and i guess the fact that she's easy on the eyes also help). Kujaku's still my favourite character, utterly adorable and cheerfully/teasingly mysterious, and the one I find the most heartbreaking. Kendappa/Souma's love story is still my favourite couple (they're also, sadly, CLAMP's only two sided femslash romance featured as prominently and as canonically). Ashura himself is adorable, and so is Yasha when he interacts with Ashura.
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So... errr I made a Seishirou/Subaru FST. (on megaupload, also available on sendspace).

I'm not sure why I did because I'm not very good with music knowledge, and it makes me even more embarrassed to post than I ever was at a fic, but hey! now that I've gone through all that trouble, I better post it.

Anyway, it's the first time I posted something through megaupload so tell me if something doesn't work right.
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So I finally succumbed to [ profile] shiinabambi's arguments and caught up on Tsubasa.

And... I neither like nor dislike it. I'm just... way, way confused @_@ and kinda dazzed.

small )

Now I'll go back to watch 12 Kingdoms.
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1. A quizz

Who is your inner CLAMP character?
created with
You scored as Seishirou

You are like Seishirou Sakurazuka from Tokyo Babylon and X. Um... that's scary. People who do not know you very well may very well think that you are a kind and gentle soul - someone who loves animals and cares about the environment. But really, you probably couldn't care less. Your true nature is that you are a bit obsessive and antisocial. And maybe a bit of a stalker. And all of this would be a bad thing... if you weren't so damn cool.























*dies laughing* I didn't do it on purpose, I swear!!

I've been in a bit more of a CLAMP-reading mood lately. Partially thanks to [ profile] a_white_rain ♥ and now to [ profile] mithrigil whom I've just discovered is a terifyingly good writer. Kinda make me want to see what else I've missed. Also, while reading Hikago (went on an archive binge there... ^^;; it's a lovely fandom to do that with because there's a lot of reclists everywhere, something I'd really missed when I was just getting into Avatar.), I saw that [ profile] ontogenesis also wrote a lot of Kurogane/Fai fics and I'm wondering if it's worth catching up with scanlations in order to read them (pro:I hate being spoiled and I like the pairing, con:I don't enjoy reading manga on a computer screen much)
It also makes me want to start writing again and maybe finish all those WIPs *sighs*

2. I have not being good about reading Avatar fics, however :( and now I'm scared of spoilers and annoyed at the number of people who aren't careful about them. Hopely the rewatch is going to be fun; well I know it will be, it's Avatar ♥, but discussing it will be. Although it's already so much riddled with shipping wars I kinda want to scream and run away.

3. I've been thinking about femslash pairing since [ profile] bitterfig asked me for my top five f/f couples; and you know, I had some, but I kinda feel like I don't have any big femslash OTP like I do with maleslash and het (and genderfucked); and I'd like to! I'd love for a femslash pairing to be my main interest in at least one fandom. The closest thing I have is Blackcest which is a whole category of its own being 'cestuous. Utena would be the closest other opportunity, but I don't really like Utena/Anthy, and I like Juri/Shiori more as part of a triangle. Then there's Kushiel's trilogy which has a lot of potential, but I just don't feel like looking up fics for that fandom.

So, I'm asking for recs from my flist :) Can you think of a fandom with a big f/f ship which I may love?

I'm pretty open about media, although I tend to prefer stuff that are read (books and graphic novels) slightly better than stuff that are watched (TV series, movies and anime) - err, no video game though; and my kinks go to antagonistic pairings, mindfuck, eros/thanatos, etc. I think I tend to prefer canon or heavily subtextual pairings to fanon ones, but I certainly have nothing against crackpairings and there's always exceptions! Otherwise, you know, SFF, symbolism and mythology rock my world :)


22 Apr 2008 05:19 pm
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Bits of writing done for memes, which I liked enough to post at my writing journal - so you may have seen them before.

Title: Gardening conversation
Fandom: Tokyo Babylon/X – Shoujo Kakumei Utena
Characters/Pairings: Anthy, Seishirou
Length: 307 words
Notes: Done for [ profile] keelieinblack for the crossover conversation meme

Title: Lucky boy
Fandom: Shoujo Kakumei Utena
Characters/Pairings: Anthy
Length: 89 words
Notes: done for [ profile] sakanagi, headcanon meme.

Title: How Miki lost his virginity
Fandom: Shoujo Kakumei Utena
Characters/Pairings: Touga/Miki, implied Kozue/Miki
Length: 84 words
Notes: done for [ profile] bitterfig, virginity loss meme

Title: Three facts about Seishirou
Fandom: Tokyo Babylon/X
Characters/Pairings: Seishirou, Setsuka, Subaru
Length: 328 words
Notes: Started for [ profile] bitterfig, added another bit for [ profile] a_white_rain, then reworked somewhat into this form.
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Wrote another drabble to the requested:

Title:...killed the cat
Fandom:Harry Potter / Tokyo Babylon crossover
Characters/Pairing: Seishirou, Remus/Severus
Length: 466 words
for [ profile] bronze_ribbons prompt of "way to kill a cat"
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Did a Tokyo Babylon drabble for [ profile] sakanagi
100 words

and I wrote a first Avatar fanfic. And it's all about Ozai, of all people, and about his relationship with his family (seriously, what is wrong with me?)
Ozai (Azulon, Ursa, Iroh, Zuko, Azula)
5x100 words
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1. I've got a throatache, hopefully getting better. Just the week when I was blissfully all by myself at home, meh.

2. Wrote two drabbles from the drabble request

Harry Potter
313 words


Tokyo Babylon
Hokuto, Karen
120 words

3. [ profile] booklog_sff is now really kicking with the discussions starting about Curse of Chalion. Yay!

4. Something Positive holiday strips really, really amuse me. As we say in French, âmes sensibles s'abstenir, though.
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Posted the DVD commentary of "The One-Eyed Man" (Seishirou/Subaru) at [ profile] sakanagi's request.
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Happy birthday [ profile] su_chan happy birthday [ profile] sakuraragi ♥ Sending much love and hopeful wishes to you.

A recent entry at the Encyclopedia Mythica :


The sky-god of the Ainu people of the island of Hokkaido. He is also called Tuntu, "support, pillar" of the world.
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Last year, I went home and espite that it was late and I was tired I wrote up a first chapter of a very crackful Last Unicorn Tokyo Babylon fuzion in honnor of Seishirou's birthday.

I think I'm growing old because I'm feeling much too tired today to write a second chapter for it.

Sorry Seishirou :p
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Since I now know how to use yousendit (and megaupload because yousendit kept dying on me), and since I'm the utter dork that I am, I might as well do something utterly dorkish with it : which is share music adapted to my favourite fandoms yay !

Anyway, those are for Tokyo Babylon and X, and Seishirou and Subaru.

1.Monopolis, Michel Berger (Starmania)

The first song is from a French musical, something called Starmania which is gloriously camp and early 80's
The song to me is fitting to the ambiance of Tokyo Babylon. The theme of the all encompassing city and the modernity that rules everything. The superficial joyous tones always threatened by bittersweetness and melancholy. The questionning tone about any possible connection and future between two people in this setting. Hey ! the lyrics even announce the 1999 Appocalypse.

lyrics )

2. Protection, Massive Attack

This is my Hokuto and Subaru song. It's probably sadder than such a song ought to be, but again it's got a very urban feel to it. The visual picture that accompagny it is the moment when Hokuto hugs catatonic!Subaru. Subaru keeps trying to save everyone as part of his job, but who saves Subaru ? Theres where Hokuto comes. "you're a boy and I'm a girl" becomes "you're a girl and I'm a boy" as part of the role trading. And there's always the third part of the triangle mentionned in the middle of them.

lyrics )

3. Enjoy the Silence, Depeche Mode (sorry, I only got a live version of this)

Enjoy the Silence conludes Tokyo Babylon era. It's there to fit with the theme of communication, and its failure, and the Tower of Babel which fall brought upon the breaking into different speeches. It's there because Seishirou and Subaru is a romance which starts and ends with words that we don't hear and that are taken away by the wind. It's there for all the lies Seishirou told. In silence only the truth remained.
And it's still got that trippy 80's feeling to it ^_^

lyrics )

4. Time is running out, Muse

We leave the 80's and enter X1999 with a first Muse song. This is from Annex to Nakano sunplaza, and all the years of pursuit in between them as Seishirou and Subaru keeps playing with each others. Asphyxia, binding, addiction and all the cute themes of their interactions are there. And tension is building as, indeed, their time is running out.

lyrics )

5. Haemoglobine, Placebo

Things keep getting more gorey and bloody as 1999 follows its course. This is Subaru as the Hanged Man and Seishirou as Death. This is the twisting madness of the Sakurazukamori, and Subaru's obsession with his Wish as Fuuma rips his eye away.

lyrics )

6. Black Dove (January), Tori Amos (that one also i have only in live version because my CD is at my appartment ;_;)

Hey, you knew I had to put a Tori Amos song there, don't you ? Anyway this is my Setsuka song, from the flashback at the end of volume 16. She's a January girl. She's as crazy as she is delicately beautiful. She's cruel in a fairy tale like way, with innocence and a twisted tenderness, and this heavy feeling of not right. She lived in a january world and she died there. Happily. She was a black dove, terrible and dangerous, and got away from her cage. Maybe to Texas ?

lyrics )

7. Sing for absolution, Muse
Second Muse song. I like Muse a lot. Also, my musical culture is very small so I have a small pool of songs to pick from.
This is Rainbow bridge. Seishirou is dead, long live necrophiliac sex. Oh well. This is about never having been able to tell someone you loved them. This is about the world crumbling down around you and nothing anymore mattering at all. And Subaru is forever falling from this grace.

lyrics )

8. Raining Blood, Tori Amos (Slayer Cover)

What you didn't think I'd use only one Tori Amos song ? See what i said above about narrow musical culture.
This is the song for when Subaru becomes Sakurazukamori. It's slow and heavy, full of a despair that encompasses everything. There's the necessity to live on while everything is lifeless. And the whole world is turning to red.

lyrics )
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yesterday I finished downloading the 39 episodes of Revolutionary Girl Utena.

That's a download I started up in March, or was it February ?

I'm pretty happy. Now I need the time to watch it.

Fic rec for you : Poppy's Bonfire Spread
Sionnain writes the best Black fics, especially the ones dealing with Bellatrix and smut. This one has Bella and Regulus but no smut whatsoever. However, it's just made me cry and its an absolute delight of darkfic to read.
Go and read it.

For [ profile] wingblossom who asked me my top five favourite fics of any fandom :
I'm going to pick Tokyo Babylon, because it's easier for me. I often read fics without keeping them, and it's hard to remember which I read and how to compare them. I've been involved in TB deeply and long enough it's one of the few fandom I can do this :

1/ Sakura and Snow, by Nathalie Baan
Because there's very very few people who can write a Subaru I consider totally IC and because that fic spells Subaru as the Hanged Man to me

2/ In My Line of Work tied to Crucify My Love both by Leareth
I'm a sucker for deathfics and sadomasochist smut. Then again, i'm also a sucker for ships seen from the outside and pseu-detective tone

3/ Twilight Incarnadine by Xyn
I just said I was a sucker for deathfics

4/ Northern Light by Kelsey
Deathfics, 3rd take

5/ Anarchy by Ariseishirou
Because that's the other fic with what I consider an IC Subaru

Yeah, those are very conservative choices. That's what made them easy.

I finally finished reading the Warrior Prophet, tome 2 of Prince of Nothing yesterday. Oh look, another hanged man figure, those things turn up everywhere in books. 'Nyway. I'm starting to rather like Achaman. Given how much those books are written for you not to like... errr anyone in it, it's nothing short of miraculous. They're interesting, they're epic... and they're getting heavy handed with the philosophy. But fun. In the way that watching a bloody trainwreck is fun.
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So I just got the third Clamp no Kiseki magazine and hold a very cute figurine of Subaru

I put it on the shelf next to the others and I realize that Subaru is smaller than Watanuki. Even with his hat. Granted it's TB!Subaru but still.

Then I realize that he's even smaller than Sakura.


<--- is such a dork
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And remember, kids : nothing says "I love you" like gifting one's eyes and heart to the loved one.
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Spent a lot of the two days before reading those books I found. Not so much childhood books in fact. That's The amulet of Samarkand and The eye of the golem by Jonathan Stroud. Nice little story, pretty grim humour and dark outlook. Modern world with magic twist, but every magicians are able to do magic only because of the spirits they summon and bind to them. The narrator is one of those djinni, and he's got the sense of humour to be expected with that. The other character is a young (12 in the first novel, 14 in the second) magician who summons him. He's not exactly a nice guy, either, though he's faintly better that most magicians (read, most of them are insanely proud, greedy, powerhungry and distrustable) Anyway, nice little plot, not too convulated but well told. I look forward finishing the second and getting the third (which i don't think is out yet)
the third english bookstore in Paris didn't have Howl's Moving Castle either. Librarians are stupid and makes no prevision. Bah, I say.
However that library had some Barbra Hambly books I was looking for (historical crime novels about a free black man and doctor in New Orlean during the 19th. I read one before which was very good) so i still got to spend much money, hoorah !
then I went to see a movie, alone, which is something I hadn't done in a long time and which I did on a strange impulse. T'was a Chilian movie called Machuca and was pretty good (but not very happy with happening in 73 when the Junta took power)

On to fandom stuff :

a fandom meme )

~ Scan my interest list and pick out the one that seems the most odd/interesting to you.
~ I’ll explain it.
~ Then you post this in your journal so other people can ask you about your interests.

and... One of the best conversation I had about X/1999
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I'm dead.

So totally emptied of any kind of bounce i might just as well start giggling madly right now. Either those vacations are going to relax me and I'll be back to a better mood, either i'll have a nervous breakdown there.

Yeah, I know, I don't have much of a backbone.

Either way, sorry to everyone I was still owing an ego boost post to. I won't be able to do them until I come back from vacations (10th of September) I feel bad, but i don' t have any energy right now, and in fact the reason I was so slow making 'em was because I was energiless for most of the December month.

I hate winter, makes me want to hibernate.

Much love to all of you. You're all such wonderful people, who brings so much joy and pure fun to my life. I wish you merry holidays, and for the year to come, happiness, good health, love, success, above all joy. (Because joy if the most important thing... If you forget to just look and go "wow, the world is a wonderful place", then what's the point ?)

Hannukah X Drabble !

EDIT : no, it's not the tenth of September, of course, but the tenth of January. I did mention I was dead and couldn't concentrate anymore, right ? XDD


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