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[ profile] werthead posted this on Ran's board, and I really loved his point, so I share

spoilers for the finale, of course )


21 Mar 2009 09:25 pm
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BSG final spoilers ahead:

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I'm happy I still occasionally receive comments on my Buffy Tarot ♥

I really loved the latest House. not really spoilery, but does refer to stuff in the episode if you're spoilerphobic )

I tried the Battlestar Galactica board game last saturday. It turned out to be rather boring. Possibly just a question of chance, but still a bit anticlimatic. The game works as a cooperative game between players incarnating a characters (the ones available to pick are Roslin, Adama, Lee, Starbuck, Helo, Sharon, Tigh, Baltar, Galen, and, oddly enough, Zarek) while trying to solve the crisis and Cylons attack that happen at each player turns and tend to decrease various Ressources counter (things like fuel, population, food, water,etc. - when they get to zero we lose) while trying to make 8 "jumps" needed to reach the Earth. BUT!! we have secret loyalty cards that say one of us could be a Cylon or a Cylon sympathiser who's goal is to defeat everyone.
During the first phase of the game (up to the 4 jumps mid point, which is reaching Kobol) it turned out no one of us was a Cylon, so we faced the challenge too easily. (I was Kara btw :) I went into a viper and shot down the Cylons we had at the beginning and they didn't turned up again until Kobol).
After Kobol we got new loyalty cards, and I got the Cylon Sympathiser card (XD) which because all our Resources counter were in the green, meant I was revealed as a Cylon, playing against the other players openly. Turns out there's very little you can do in the game as a revealed Cylon (and even less for me as one who was so as a Cylon Sympathiser, awww) so I found this phase also boring, even after I was joined by another player who got the Cylon card (which means he wasn't revealed at first, and could sabotage the other players' efforts in various ways which didn't deceive anyone - everyone guesses right away who he was XD then he revealed himself but that didn't much either).
I'll probably try to play it again soonishly so will say how it turns out. Probably if there's a Cylon in the first phase the game is more exciting and challenging.

I should be off this week end, I'll be in Deauville for the Festival du Film Asiatique. Need to make train reservation now.

Some links

4 Mar 2009 04:15 pm
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The Race Fail 09 is still going on, although now it's become, basically, well... honestly I don't know how to comment on it so I'll give you the links I found particularly interesting:

([ profile] coffeeandink by the way, is my favourite SFF blogger, I always found her posts to be consistently very interesting, well thought and articulated, and about a wide range of subjects related to SFF and fandom.)

Abigail Nussbaum and Hal Duncan both have some very interesting posts criticising the recent and less recent episodes of Battlestar Galactica, in particular in terms of metaphors mix-up; and how cowardly the tackling of dark, political themes actually is in the show.

[ profile] zoeiona on the problems with sexism and racism in the SFF genre.

(I didn't find any SCC icons I liked, so I made my own. Lookie!)
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So, yesterday the SCC and Dollhouse subtitles (english ones, I'm a good reader/writer but I have a shitty ear, okay?) weren't up yet (though they had Italian ones, for both, I don't get it either); so I figured I might as well finally catch up on BSG. I have only one thing to say:


Okay not really:

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Dear flist,

I should not be able to guess which character I like recently died in BSG just by looking at your reaction posts. Please, be more careful with spoilers? LJ-cut are your friend.

Grumpily yours,

Icon post

20 Nov 2008 06:05 pm
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Icons I made lately (and not so lately)

Avatar x4
BSG x16
Miscellaneous x6
Gifts x11

goodies! )

if you want comment & credit. Concrit always welcome.
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quizz taken from [ profile] sophieap

You Are a Pegasus

You are a perfectionist, with an eye for beauty.

You know how to live a good life - and you rarely deviate from your good taste.

While you aren't outgoing, you have excellent social skills.

People both admire you - and feel very comfortable around you.

yay winged horsie!

You know, I've realised I tend to rant a lot of BSG on other people's journals & blogs & random places instead of doing it right here. I think it's because I have bashing in such a dislike that I'm afraid of doing it here, so I passive agressively do it elsewhere, which is all kind of stupid XD
So yeah, I've caught up on BSG and watched up to 4x10 Revelation. My thoughts are still kind of jumbly about it, and I'm not even sure if I liked it or not. I mean.... I liked moments, I liked scenes and images, there were a lot of extremely beautiful or enjoyable suches. But the overall narrative? I don't know what I think of it right now. I don't have the feel for it.

spoilers )
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3x17 to 3x20 (Maelstrom, The Son Also Rises, Crossroad 1&2) + Razor

hitherby spoilers )

Okay, now. Give me your fic recs, please! :D
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Episodes 3x11 to 3x16 (The Eye of Jupiter, Rapture, Taking a Break from all your Worries, The Woman King, A Day in the Life, Dirty Hands)

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Episodes 3x05 to 3x10 (Collaborators, Torn, A Measure of Salvation, Hero, Unfinished Business, The Passage)

With spoilers )
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Episodes 3x01 to 3x04 (Occupation, Precipice, Exodus 1&2) + Resistance webisodes

spoiiiiilers )
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Not watching Razor after all since opinions vary on its spoileriness, and I prefer to play it safe :)

spoileriness )

Time to watch S3
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(further thoughts after I watch Razor and let all this settle a bit)
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Episodes 2x11 to 2x16 (Resurrection Ship 1&2, Epiphanies, Black Market, Scar, Sacrifice)

SPOILERS, baby )
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Episodes 2x5 to 2x9 (The Farm, Home, Final Cut, Flight of the Phoenix, Pegasus)

spoilers )

asrmgj,erlmkgjerklmgjekljg, why don't I have more time to watch more episodes today?!
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Since it appears several people of my flist are interested and since I know I love those kinds of late to the party (as they call it over at posts, I'll get more in depth on my viewing of BSG :

2e1 to 2e4 (Scattered, Valley of Darkness, Fragged, Resistance)

this time with spoilers )

BTW, I meant it when I said if you had old entries dealing with those episodes form back when they were broad casted, point me to them. I love reading people's reactions and that's the big inconvenient with watching shows later on...
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I've finished watching Samourai Shampoo
samourai shampoo, no spoilers )

I've started watching Battlestar Galactica
So far I've seen the pilot/miniseries and the first season, and I'm really liking it.

Battlestar Galactica, no spoilers )
I look forward to watching the S2 as soon as possible. If you have old posts talking about the S1, I'd love to see them, but, please, no spoilers ^^


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