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I've been sick all week and only today i have gotten better, and I tell you the internet: feeling healthy is the shite! :D Unobstructed breathing is underrated.

Stuff like that I realise I'm such a crappy sick person; it was only a cold though a rather unpleasant one and yet I was completely self indulgent about my "feeling too sick to do any shit" mood. Tsk.

So yeah, this has been a personal post. I haven't done one of those in...... whoooff! At least! How are you guys doing anyway?
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- I kind of don't know where to post my fannish thoughts anymore. Tumblr? Communities? My journal? Crossposting the same thing to all of them as if they were all that good or important? >_> Perhaps I should meta about this for metamarchofmonth.

- Fucking asshole on saying they were glad spoilers for A song of ice and fire: Tyrion killed that "lying bitch".FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU.

- I have a new haircut. I should get my hair cut more often. At least every six months instead of year. Bet I'd save money on hair care products.

- Did I ever mention my new cooking plates? I have them. Yay food that i cook! I was so sick of microwave fare.
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1. Started posting recs for the Thor fandom on [ profile] sequentialcrack, woot. Catch it if you're in the fandom (or in other comics fandom, the always awesome [ profile] lilacsigil is providing x-men recs and [ profile] rallamajoop will be giving Cable & Deadpool recs, and there are a few other fandoms I'm less familiar with also provided for).

2. I'm halfway through the historical kdrama Dae Jang Geum, centered around a young girl working among the palace servants as a cook. It's been very good so far, given how long it is (70 episodes of about 45 minutes) I'm surprised at how they manage not to be overly repetitive and to pace the tension well (there are a couple of reveals between characters that were drawn out for a long time, but they didn't tease us too much with it like Damo did so I didn't mind it so much). The characters are just a little bit stock, but overall manage to bring us our dose of melodrama and fun very well. The big fun is the whole courtly intrigues from the point of view of servants, which is very refreshing and interesting. Sadly there are also all those scenes of people cooking which made me very hungry very often :p Anyway the plot took a pretty sudden turn in the lattest episode and I'm curious to see how it'll develop now. Overall very enjoyable.

3. Hmmm, trying to think of a third thing to talk about. It is very very cold here. My cooking plates are shortcut (are they regularly are every couple of years or so >_>) I dunno.
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All things together, these have been some pretty sucky ten years. Some interesting times, some failure, some persevering until miwed success, some working that made me utterly miserable, more failure, a lot of depression and not even knowing where to start fixing it an a lot of avoidance in stead of it. The global state of the world was pretty sucky too :p. Here's hoping my thirties are more productive and happy.
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Our building got just briefly invaded by firemen in order to find out whether there was a fire. Apparently it was a false alert. Woof. That was kind of scary.


6 Feb 2011 08:12 pm
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1. My sister is currently studying to become a Yoga teacher, so she started taking me up as a student in order to practice - which means I've started doing yoga, which is actually kind of neat.

2. I've started being an editor for [profile] comistore_news. I was feeling guilty about not giving back to fandom in any creative way lately ;)

3. I love joining a LJ community that seems like it's going to be cool and welcoming to all people and without any bullshit tolerated; and then the first time I join in a discussion (because I think that Utena, of all things, is a feminist show) it turns into aggressive grudgewank filled with flames I've ever seen. Still waiting to see if the mods are going to do anything before I leave but it doesn't look good so far. So much for that XD

4. For... I think mainly [personal profile] flo_nelja, I've actually ended up posting some of my quick-impressions-as-I-on-comics-I-read on on this :thread . Sorry I suck so much at updating my lj thse days >_> (ideally I should crosspost or something).
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I think I'm in another of those "suck at updating" kind of mood. Sorry.

Was at Le Monde du Jeu half of today (trying to help at the Tenebrae stand). Will be at the small Bercy animanga thing tomorrow; and back to le Monde du Jeu on Sunday.

It feels like I ought to have more things to say. Damn. Oh well.

Also shana tova ♥
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Feeling sad without any reason. I hate when I feel this way.

I'm going to try to do the DW crossposting thing from now on. Not sure how that'll work, cuz I used to post using the semagic client, and i rather like that; and I can't if I want to crosspost with the comments-link-thingy.

Also there are too many bugs in my room.
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Got to meet [ profile] hamsterwoman and family yesterday as they were in vacations in Europe. That was pretty damn awesome and they were all absolutely adorable and I had a blast (they invited me to dinner). ♥ ♥ ♥

Very hot day today. So I finished watching Angel S5. I feel like the ending was pretty week actually, mostly because the plot made no sense (some lines/scenes were great though despite being horribly spoiled). Overall I thought S5 was solid, mostly thanks to a great number of very good and good standalone episodes.spoilery )

And that's it. Now I'm all finished with the Buffyverse (errr, do I want to continue reading the comics? The only one I liked was the one about Faith and all the spoilers tend to discourage me more than anything). I guess I could read some fanfics like Masq's The Destroyer though.

I feel like I should have more to tell, but now I can't think of what? I guess, my date went well thanks for the well wishes. And I need to read those FMA reactions posts now! Yay!
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1. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood has caught up to where I was in the manga (following the French translation). What do I do now? O_O

2. Firefox was really acting up, so I closed up all the many, many tabs I had, mostly to various fanfics that I was waiting to read for... err, when I felt like it. Actually, when I think about it, the shift of when I stopped reading fanfics much happened when I started using Firefox. Tabs killed by reading habits XD I kept links, of course, but I'll probably use them to read the fics themselves even less often than I was reading the tabs. It feels pretty weird to see my internet brower look so naked when I turn it on now.

3.Quizz, ganked from [ profile] flo_nelja

Your result for Awakening the Hero Within: Hero Archetype Test...

You are the Seeker.

38% Innocent, 58% Orphan, 63% Warrior, 38% Caregiver, 79% Seeker, 63% Lover, 63% Destroyer, 71% Creator, 64% Magician, 33% Ruler, 79% Sage and 79% Fool!

Goal: Search for better life

Fear: Conformity

Response to Dragon/Problem: Flee from it

Task: Be true to deeper self

Gift: Autonomy, ambition

Addictions: Independence, perfection

The Seeker seeks to find a better future or found a more perfect world. Seekers often feel confined and are therefore vulnerable to the call of the unknown. Wandering begins with rather aimless experimentation. Often, this experimentation alienates those around the Seeker and the Seeker is forced to give up his/her conventional life to wander and grow. Eventually, the Seeker finds h/er Grail and can create a new life of convention.

Shadow Seeker

The Shadow Seekers manifests itself as an obsessive need to be independent that keeps us isolated and alone. Other times, the urge to seek will take destructive forms such as chemical addiction, or even to dangerous situations that produce adrenalin. Seeking is often dangerous. In a materialistic, secular society, the mountain to be scaled is often professional or vocational. Initially, channeling the urge to ascend into various kinds of achievement is very positive and healthy. Therefore, modern Seekers often find themselves seeking a high through their work, working an ever increasing amount of time to satisfy her/his needs.

Take Awakening the Hero Within: Hero Archetype Test at OkCupid

Fun list of archetype too!
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I am hangovered.

Recently I've started hanging out with some people from a RPG forum dedicated to Shadowrun, they have a meeting every Friday at a bar and they are delightful, lovely folks I'm really enjoying getting to know. With no less than 4 girls (other than me) something of a rarity in the realm of Tabletop RPGs in my past experience and which I'm greatly enjoying (especially because they're fun and nice, and also all very pretty); but this has greatly increased my weekly consumption of alcoholic beverage. Urgghh. I'm so not used to having a hangover, not nice! (Especially since I'll have a Mage the Ascension tonight. Mage! The Ascension! The one and only game I love best in the world ♥).

At some point I should be playing a Sailor Senshi game with those girls, I was drafted for Sailor Mercury : the concept of the game is 5 female players, one male GM which changes every session, with a different system every time. Appropriately coloured skirt, nail polish and sparkles mandatory. Apparently they had a game already with Unknown Armies, and the next one should be Vampire Requiem. Crazy awesome idea no?
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I'm leaving tomorrow for Israel for ten days, a cousin's wedding and vacations on the program, and today I'll be off to my parents'. So have a good two weeks and see you ♥
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I had another pretty busy week.
Monday, I got to watch an avant premiere of Star Trek and Coraline - both were pretty good. Well, Coraline was awesome, and Star Trek was okay in a shallow good fun and pretty FX way.
Tuesday, I went to Disneyland Paris to accompany my visiting cousin from Israel (another one than the one who was staying at my parents' a couple of years ago) who's in vacation at my parents' before her military service, which was pretty fun if tiring (unexpectedly I found myself buying a Nightmare Before Christmas-themed plaid. (The mind boggle cuz I'm one of the least merchandising-inclined person I know).
Wednesday I, errr, rested. Okay actually I haven't done so much this week. And realised I could no longer watch the Colbert Report and the Daily Show on streaming on their websites :((( Damn you Comedy Central. Now I have to watch them illegally, like most of the other stuff I watch.
Today, I'm waiting for my Dreamwidth invite which IS NOT COMING. Damn you Dreamwidth! You did say Open ID account would receive an invite on the 1st of May! Of course I could probably get an invite in all of 5 seconds by asking one of the many people of my flist who have them but it's the principle of the thing :p
Also I swapped by 2nd ed Exalted corebook for an Everway box - a pretty old rules lite fantasy game - cuz I've been feeling like mastering something, but not something crunchy like Exalted.
And I kinda fail at answering memes which is surely not new.
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Because my day was already wonderful, that's when my computer screen's electric alimentation cord decided to short cut (only my second with this screen, I think it doesn't like how I move it all the time to watch series from my couch...); and my left eye decided to develop an infection. Grrr argh. Well, long story short, I have a new cord now, and medicine for my eye. (No contacts for me for a few days ;_; I hate wearing my glasses :()

Thanks to everyone who commented yesterday!
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I'm happy I still occasionally receive comments on my Buffy Tarot ♥

I really loved the latest House. not really spoilery, but does refer to stuff in the episode if you're spoilerphobic )

I tried the Battlestar Galactica board game last saturday. It turned out to be rather boring. Possibly just a question of chance, but still a bit anticlimatic. The game works as a cooperative game between players incarnating a characters (the ones available to pick are Roslin, Adama, Lee, Starbuck, Helo, Sharon, Tigh, Baltar, Galen, and, oddly enough, Zarek) while trying to solve the crisis and Cylons attack that happen at each player turns and tend to decrease various Ressources counter (things like fuel, population, food, water,etc. - when they get to zero we lose) while trying to make 8 "jumps" needed to reach the Earth. BUT!! we have secret loyalty cards that say one of us could be a Cylon or a Cylon sympathiser who's goal is to defeat everyone.
During the first phase of the game (up to the 4 jumps mid point, which is reaching Kobol) it turned out no one of us was a Cylon, so we faced the challenge too easily. (I was Kara btw :) I went into a viper and shot down the Cylons we had at the beginning and they didn't turned up again until Kobol).
After Kobol we got new loyalty cards, and I got the Cylon Sympathiser card (XD) which because all our Resources counter were in the green, meant I was revealed as a Cylon, playing against the other players openly. Turns out there's very little you can do in the game as a revealed Cylon (and even less for me as one who was so as a Cylon Sympathiser, awww) so I found this phase also boring, even after I was joined by another player who got the Cylon card (which means he wasn't revealed at first, and could sabotage the other players' efforts in various ways which didn't deceive anyone - everyone guesses right away who he was XD then he revealed himself but that didn't much either).
I'll probably try to play it again soonishly so will say how it turns out. Probably if there's a Cylon in the first phase the game is more exciting and challenging.

I should be off this week end, I'll be in Deauville for the Festival du Film Asiatique. Need to make train reservation now.
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First some dragons
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Second; I have foolishly invited my parents to come eat at my place tomorrow, yet i have no idea what to cook for them. I better go the store before they close, but NO IDEA WHAT TO COOK. *sighs*


19 Nov 2008 04:22 pm
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Do I speak (write) with an accent? What kind of accent? Any pattern of language I use you find irritation, funny, or intriguing?
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Two days ago my parents visited and dropped a new furniture (I don't know how to call it, it's mostly decorative with some cupboards too) for my flat and my dad dumped a couple of GOs of blues, jazz, and oldies rock on my harddrive; and then I was bullied into rearranging my book shelves to a result which I admit is a bit neater.

Fun fact now that I can see the books on my shelves better : seems like on most English books cover the title tilts left to right (that is to say the bottom is on the right); whereas on most French books the text is tilted right to left. Funny, no? There's a couple of exceptions, of course, but that's how the big majority goes. I wonder if there's some obscure cultural reasons...

Among the music from my dad, there were some Joan Baez (gorgeous stuff) and a song called Donna Donna, and when I listened to it, I totally cracked up. DAMN YOU ANIME FOR WASTING MY ENJOYMENT OF GOOD MUSIC! Already I can't listen to Carmen without snickering softly to the bemusement of anyone around thanks to Prince Tutu, and now Utena slays my enjoyment of folk XDD
ETA: Having looked up the history of the song on the wikipedia I find the song usage in Utena kinda creepy now O_o
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I hate passive aggressiveness because it works.

[Poll #1292717]

One being not aggressive at all, and 10 being very aggressive :)

Anything else you want to say on the subject, I'm turning Anonymous comments on.
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I'll be in London from the 3rd of July to the 8th. Hope to meet many people there, who else is coming? Also need to finish (and start) reading Toll of the Hound before I get it signed :)


15 Feb 2008 06:05 pm
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If you ever want to hurt me, ignore me. There's absolutly nothing that screw up with my mind as much as that.

Today's being horribly cold in Paris. We've had a nice weather the last few days. Very beautiful sunny days even if it wasn't warm as such. Today is cold and grey and humid, and I want to crawl under a cover with a nice hot tea.

It's kind of funny how unsettled I can be about just having my parents around. It feels oppressive, even if they're not saying much to me as such. I really need my own space back.

Yesterday I went to see No Country for Old Men, which was pretty good. Dark, but beautiful. I like how it subverted our expectations.

Tonight I have a roleplaying game. And another one tomorrow.

I kinda of wish this mood of not-reading-books would lift up, it makes me bored very easily.


14 Feb 2008 12:29 pm
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Something Positive on Alan Moore.


(yes this is the second time in a few that I rec something for S*P. That's because this web comic is awesome and the one I've been following for the longuest time. Shut up.)

Now, in tales of my day to day life. You might remember my computer at home was broken. Now because I'm currently living at my parents' due to absence of showers at my home, I wasn't overly concerned with the lack of computer. However lots of stuff that could be useful are still on my computer, like the Photoshop program I could have used to make a pretty Bloody Valentine card today and old work in progress writing stuff.

So I've finally called someone to fix it. Guy asks about my Windows Licence. I kinda look hazy in answer, because all my installation, drivers and other v. serious CDs were left at my parents'. I say I'll look them up.

Back at Parental home, I soon realise something. The area I used to have those v. serious CD as well as v. v. old anime series CD (like the EVA series all in one CD with an image quality that makes You Tube videos look like HD) has undergone a serious restructuration and is now all GONE (I should have known that given that this is the place I've been living in for the last 4 monthes or so, I guess I'm not very observant). So I ask my father kindly where he put the CDs.

Father answers, kinda pissed off and haughty that I dare ask his help about something : there are no CDs. Even if there were CDs there would be at my home. He remembers giving me those CDs and the big brown boxes there were in.

Me, I have big brown boxes at home, but there's only DVDs and books in them, AFAIR, but I'm willing to check to make sure. Otherwise I'll have to buy back a windows licence for 80€, and would have lost all the ripped off programs like Photoshop I had along with my v. serious CDs. Yay.

So I go back home (1h30 to go from parents' home to my home), and of course I find nothing.

This time I'm pretty pissed off when I'm back at parent home (another 1h30) and demand to know what my father did of all the CDs. Father still doesn't remember anything and thinks maybe I never did have a Windows licence (he's the one who bought me the computer, it was a birthday gift), or something, but I do manage in covincing him to at least look up in the cellar.

Now, of course our cellar is a very big mess with lots of stuff hanging around half rotten in badly indicated boxes and dangerous piles of stuff with miraculous balance.

So we search, and search, and search (I find out my dad has hidden my RPG of Buffy!) and search and search. And we find it.

All my v. serious CDs (including some not relevant anymore to current state of computer) and v. old anime CDs and a bunch of miscelleanous kinds of CDs and my ripped off Photoshop one. (actually two of them, PS5 and PS7 both). In those same big brown boxes I also have home. Joy.

So now I've given my computer to be fixed and I hope I'll get it back today or tomorrow.

Conclusion : never ever ever trust your father. He knows not what he talks of.

I've almost finished with catching up with House. I'm also downloading Battlestar Galactica but it's taking time.

So what should I watch now?

And Happy Valentine to you all!
boobs under cut )
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I slept 13h30 tonight. I mean, I know I was tired, but, seriously, what the fuck?! I have fics to write!!

Otherwise I appear to be :

You Are a Banana

You are mellow, easy going, and a total softie on the inside.
People find it really easy to get along with you. You suit most tastes.

And while you're very sweet, you're not boring or ordinary.
You have an attraction to the exotic, and you could show up anywhere... doing almost anything!

You are spirited, energetic, and a total kick to be around.
You're also quite funny. Your sense of humor is on the goofy side, and it fits you well.

*cough delicately*

It is my theory that those TV boyfriends quizz are made of crack. DO NOT TRUST THOSE QUIZZES. You know the ones.

That is all.
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I hate people.

No, not you. I mean, having people around me, all the time talking, shouting, demanding attention, touching me (eewww). It's funny the more I grow up the more I become introverted. The more I want to be left alone in my corner doing my quiet, private thing thank you very much.

Okay, this is worse because of the living with my parents thing of presently (and right now my sister's around so one can barely hears oneself think), but it's broader than that. Even with friends I can't bear it for too very long (well not more than one big day, say). Sometimes it worries me.
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If you are willing to be interviewed (five questions) just comment and say so and I will cheerfully interrogate you. Then you post the answers and the same offer in your journal. My answers are below the cut:

I got interviewed by [ profile] schemingreader

Read more... )

(note: I know I suck at finding questions, so I'll only answer the meme for the first 5 people to comment. Sorry ^_^;;)


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