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In the end if I want to compare Mawaru Penguindrum to anything, it would be to Fruits Basket. spoileriness )
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first sorry for not having posted more, or even comment more, lately.
I've bought many books, and read a few. I'm still currently in Quicksilver. I'm also re-reading Mary Gentle's Book of Ash. I also bought a book many times reccomanded by [ profile] jydan : Sabriel. Will post about all of these at some point.

I've also got myself Fruit Basket volume 16, and Holy fucking cow, Tohru's father is HOT. Oh well, that's just yet another too sexy for his own good character added from this serie. Damnit, that screws all my hierarchies of favourite characters *grumbles*

Watching much Utena with a friend. Which I blame for the fact I wrote an Utena triple-drabble :
Fandom : Shoujo Kakumei Utena
Length : 300 words
Characters/Pairings : Anthy, Dios, Akio, Utena. But mostly Anthy.


That's all for today.

Oh, yeah, my 100 icons upgrade has died away and I don't wish to lengthen it. I meant to do a poll for which icons I should keep, so tell me which ones do you think are more adequate for me and you like best among the ones uploaded at the moment so I'll decide myself ^_^
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Well, I'm done with oral presentations for this year. Hallelujah.

It didn't exactly go well, but whatever. I went home and slept all of the remaining afternoon and it felt good

Was reading the lattest Fruit Basket the other day (it's the one with Kisa on the cover). I love *love* Shigure. There's just something about manipulative, playful, caring men *grin*. There was one line about him being as unseizable as the ocean I felt was very right.
I also love Hiro. Is it just me, or doesn't he look a lot like Rin from Please Save My Earth ?
Also read the lattest Bleach. Still fun, but there's starting to be too much focused on the superpower thing. Waiting to see where it leads, it's an interresting shounen.

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