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This is for [ profile] generalblossom who once asked me to do a Tarot (as in, writing descriptions of cards analogies) for A Song of Ice and Fire as I did for Harry Potter. Never mind the fact that it was something like two years ago.

Unlike HP (or Buffy, for that matter), ASOIAF has both too many characters and too many centers the plot to make something around the characters themselves, so I worked more with the setting.

The deck is divided into a series of 22 Major Arcana (as usual), and 8 series of 7 suits for a total of 56 Minor Arcana.
The 8 suits of Minor Arcana are Snow, Stone, River, Pyke, Storm, Flowers, and Sand.
The 7 cards in each suit are called Father, Mother, Fighter, Maiden, Smith, Crone and Stranger.

more description of the cards )
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I will not consider Pirates of the Caribbean / Mage the Sorcerer's Crusade crossovers. Especially not flashforwarded in the future. I will not.

Unless it's to take inspiration for Game Mastering.

And I won't even think of tarot decks.

HP tarot

8 Feb 2006 11:11 pm
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[ profile] theladyfeylene reminding me of the joy of applying Tarot to fandom + /me being bored at work today = /me doing a Harry Potter tarot. Which is stupid because 1/ I can't draw 2/ I can't even scan 3/ there's no HP pictures out there I'm willing to use for this 4/ There's got to be at least several dozens of those already on the net.
But *shrugs* whatever, here comes the babble.

Harry Potter musings with very little redemptive quality )
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I'm starting to make even more X/TB icons than I can use. What can I say, I'm bored...
And now, after Calderon and Issa, I'm quoting the Poetic Edda. I'm really a geek ^_^


the hanged man

I do blame it on my fascination and identification with the twelveth card of the tarot. I do.
It's usually the card I associate with freedom, which is paradoxical, because it's the card of freedom from within, by opposition with the fifteenth card, which is outer freedom (ability to do whatever you want and no give a damn of consequences) but slavery to your own pulsion. The Hanged Man is the sacrified god, it's a very strange arcane... it's the card of the medium, the intermediary, caught between heavens and earth, it's the card of reversal, paradoxes. How can you be trapped and yet free, bound and yet powerful, helpless and yet serene ? It's something about the inner dignity of man. About that fundamental part of yourself that noone can touch unless you let them. And at the same time, it's a card of sacrifice, selflessness, abnegation... but it's not so much about giving in to others as it is about giving to yourself. Myself to myself, that's the key. A perfect balance of self, neither passivity nor action, neither acceptance nor refusal, something between, freedom as a state of being by giving all of yourself, accepting all of yourself. And then what binds the hanged man isn't a chain anymore, because ties bind both way, and it is being linked to the Axis Mundi, therefore to the whole world. And there's power here, power rooted in what binds people together.
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The Hanged Man Card
You are the Hanged Man card. The Hanged Man is
echoed in the myths of Osiris, Jesus Christ,
and the Fisher King. Each of these men
sacrificed himself so that his kingdom or
followers could have better lives. The
suffering that The Hanged Man endures brings
wisdom and insight to all those who know him.
Hardships and trials in our life help to make
us stronger. We learn and grow from the demands
life makes on us. By facing our problems head
on and by exploring the darkest places of our
inner and outer worlds we can understand and
rise above our problems. Image from:

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