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For a Fullmetal Alchemist fanfic. I don't really read a lot of FMA fics, but I really love what this one does:

gen-o-cide by [ profile] a_white_rain
Ten stories about the Ishval genocide.
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1. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood has caught up to where I was in the manga (following the French translation). What do I do now? O_O

2. Firefox was really acting up, so I closed up all the many, many tabs I had, mostly to various fanfics that I was waiting to read for... err, when I felt like it. Actually, when I think about it, the shift of when I stopped reading fanfics much happened when I started using Firefox. Tabs killed by reading habits XD I kept links, of course, but I'll probably use them to read the fics themselves even less often than I was reading the tabs. It feels pretty weird to see my internet brower look so naked when I turn it on now.

3.Quizz, ganked from [ profile] flo_nelja

Your result for Awakening the Hero Within: Hero Archetype Test...

You are the Seeker.

38% Innocent, 58% Orphan, 63% Warrior, 38% Caregiver, 79% Seeker, 63% Lover, 63% Destroyer, 71% Creator, 64% Magician, 33% Ruler, 79% Sage and 79% Fool!

Goal: Search for better life

Fear: Conformity

Response to Dragon/Problem: Flee from it

Task: Be true to deeper self

Gift: Autonomy, ambition

Addictions: Independence, perfection

The Seeker seeks to find a better future or found a more perfect world. Seekers often feel confined and are therefore vulnerable to the call of the unknown. Wandering begins with rather aimless experimentation. Often, this experimentation alienates those around the Seeker and the Seeker is forced to give up his/her conventional life to wander and grow. Eventually, the Seeker finds h/er Grail and can create a new life of convention.

Shadow Seeker

The Shadow Seekers manifests itself as an obsessive need to be independent that keeps us isolated and alone. Other times, the urge to seek will take destructive forms such as chemical addiction, or even to dangerous situations that produce adrenalin. Seeking is often dangerous. In a materialistic, secular society, the mountain to be scaled is often professional or vocational. Initially, channeling the urge to ascend into various kinds of achievement is very positive and healthy. Therefore, modern Seekers often find themselves seeking a high through their work, working an ever increasing amount of time to satisfy her/his needs.

Take Awakening the Hero Within: Hero Archetype Test at OkCupid

Fun list of archetype too!
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I finally finished watching FMA. Conclusions ? )

Then I finally started watching Kyou Kara Maou. Reaction : )

I read the comic Runaway during the week end, which was cute and cool. Very fun comic. Joss Whedon liked it, check it out. ^_^

Otherwise I took back an old book serie I had started last year. Fortress of Owls and Fortress of Dragon, sequel to the Fortress in the Eye of Time and Fortress of Eagles by Cherryh. It's pretty fine high fantasy. Slooooww, sometimes agonizingly so, and that's its biggest flaw, but not uninteresting. Characters were rather likeable when they were not too sugar-sweet. What I liked better was the sense of the magic given and how eminently slashable it was.

Soon I shall take up the Prince of Nothing which I borrowed from Pierre boyfriend and ex-boyfriend have the same tastes in books, >_>;; and Passage in french translation by Connie Willis (I heard the ending was disapointing, though :-( )

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