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Done for tomorrow :
- english essay
- mathematics homework

To be done during the day :
- book reading in english
- chapter reading for accounting
- accounting exercice

Won't be done in time for class :
- International Buisness Internet Questions (?)

It's been a while I hadn't have so much homeworks to do for classes, it is strange (even if i can do a lot of it in between classes)

So feeling much better now that most of my programs are reinstalled about the shinies on my computer. Oh, and now I at last will be able to install Photoshop 7, yay !

Friday, I complated my Please Save my Earth book serie with the 18th volume and the art book. I now have everything ^_^ I also got the second volume of Lawful Drus so I now have everything that's out.
Read the most recent Fruit Basket, volume 11 - Did I mention I love Rinne and Momiji ?, the last issue of Island and several other mangas.

I also finished re-reading Martian Chronicles. The first time I read it was when I was 13, so there's been ten years in between. I had forgotten how much this book was a reflection of the 50s-60s with a very special vision of society. The poetry of it of course is still as I remembered.
Am not sure what I'm going to read next out of all my pile of begun books or to-read books.

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