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Got to meet [ profile] hamsterwoman and family yesterday as they were in vacations in Europe. That was pretty damn awesome and they were all absolutely adorable and I had a blast (they invited me to dinner). ♥ ♥ ♥

Very hot day today. So I finished watching Angel S5. I feel like the ending was pretty week actually, mostly because the plot made no sense (some lines/scenes were great though despite being horribly spoiled). Overall I thought S5 was solid, mostly thanks to a great number of very good and good standalone episodes.spoilery )

And that's it. Now I'm all finished with the Buffyverse (errr, do I want to continue reading the comics? The only one I liked was the one about Faith and all the spoilers tend to discourage me more than anything). I guess I could read some fanfics like Masq's The Destroyer though.

I feel like I should have more to tell, but now I can't think of what? I guess, my date went well thanks for the well wishes. And I need to read those FMA reactions posts now! Yay!
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does anyone know why [ profile] sakuraragi has deleted her journal?

Maybe she announced it and I've been careless. If anyone got any new just tell me she's okay, please.
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So this is how it goes : I spend almost every waking moment when I'm home and not cooking/eating/cleaning on LJ trying to keep up with my flist. Obviously I have a problem - I want to read too many things, I guess.

So I'm going to cut up some of you. If I remove you from my flist, it doesn't mean that I don't like you - you wouldn't be there in the first place if I did - it doesn't mean that I don't want to be your "friend" (of any level of friendship that we have) anymore, it doesn't mean that I won't welcome hearing from you or that I find you uninteresting; it simply means that I can't keep up with everybody. As far as I'm concerned, "friending" somebody means you're engaging yourself to at least skim through most of their entries. If I can't do that, I'd rather remove some people.

There you go. Should be in effect by tomorrow evening.
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I have a friend, Nicky, who wants write a novel out of an aborted campaign at a roleplaying game he was mastering.

So he talked to me about it, saying he was going to do that, and I was immediatly scandalized. Nicely, but scandalized all the same. "You can't do that ! You can't my character and the others' and use them in your story without asking for our permission first !"

Anyway, Nicky got a bit mad at me in the first place. Found me too preachy and moralisating on this, and said he would have asked the others anyway, and he didn't like my attitude, and it made him want to give up on it all. Apart from that, we didn't stay mad at each others or anything, and now he's asking me for the permission to use my character, now that he's got the others' agreement.

And I'm not sure what to answer.

On the one hand, I don't want to say yes because from all i've seen, I don't have the feeling that he would respect the character's integrity has I've written him.
This is a character I liked especially, one I'd written in the background of other characters, one i've written small fictions about. One I tried to put in other chronicles when his was over because he discontinued it.

For Nicky, it's just inspiration, he doesn't even believe he needs my agreement. He definitly doesn't want to stop writing what he wants to write if I don't give a permission. He's just asking by politeness. He's just going to take some features of my character, his background and his personnality, and adapts them for his new setting (since he doesn't plan on using the official setting of Exalted - he wants to be able to try selling this novel professionnaly)

So, on the other hand, how much do I care about this character ? I mean, it's just a roleplaying character, and Nicky is one of my friend. I'm probably splitting hair in four (hey, I'm a Virgo, after all) over some flimsy pretext, and I'm just being overly possessive of my character.

But you know, this thing matters for me. Not so much because of the character, but on a question of principle. Is that hypocritical of me for someone who's immerged in the culture of fandom and fanfiction ?
Actually I think that's fanfiction that makes me so sensible to this thing.
Because in fanfiction we might borrow, use and abuse things to our heart's content, but at least we aknowledge that we do so. We put that disclamer above it stating that these characters and this world doesn't belong to us, that we are, indeed, borrowing it. We don't change the character's name, at least, not without good reason ^^ we don't lie about what we do. It might mean jack from a legal point of view, it's still illegal if the author cares enough to sue us, but from a point of view of legitimacy, I feel like it matters.

In the first place, the idea of using a story created for a specific, licenced world, and changing it to become original sorts of shock me. I find it a bit dishonnest intellectually. Why not write as is and let it be a fanfiction for Exalted ? It's not the first time I'm thinking that, as I once gave the same advice to a writer of a fanfic I love because even if it looked little like the original work it was a fanfiction of, it was written with those specific characters in mind, and simply changing their names and features wouldn't change that. It's just a way to avoid legally crediting the person you borrowed them from.

I don't think that for my friend Nicky, all these subtlelities matter. He wants to take my character and make it his character, take what he wants and abandon the rest, in the same way that he'll take what he wants of the Exalted setting and give up the rest. And that bothers me. It also bothers me that he's only pretending to ask, that he doesn't give any legitimacy value to my permission... in other word, I feel pressured to agree just because he's my friend and he wants it, without having any real and actual control over my character. If someone asks for my permission, I want my permission to actually mean something, if you see what mean.

Some of my friend's arguments are about inspiration, which happen all the time and in all kind of direction in artistic matters. We create characters that are inspired from famous one from there or here all the time. I know that myself, i 've made lots of characters for RPG that were translated from various characters I liked in movies, books and mangas.
So what's the difference ? What's the difference between taking inspiration from, which is legitimate whether you aknowledge the source or not (or is it only when you do ?), and with borrowing ? What's the difference with borrowing from someone you know, who might be mad if you use their work without asking; and borrowing from a famous source like in fanfiction where a mere disclamer might be enough ? When is it considered as stealing to take something, characters, or situations, to use them for your own story ?

I feel like there is one, between all those things. I have a hard time exactly pinpointing what it is. Do you think i'm out of my bound and I should give my agreement anyway, so my friend can write the story he wants to write ? Or should I do it only if I feel like my friend is going to respect my vision of the character I wrote ?
Do you have any advice, or anecdotes to give me relating to this kind of subject ?
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Xyn, you are wonderful and adorable. Thank you so much for your card, it is utterly dorable and sweet and I love it madly ♥ ♥ ♥

PS : we definitly need to talk more often !
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from [ profile] mamadeb

If you read this journal on a regular/semi regular basis, leave me a comment and let me know.

Then post this in your lj and find out who reads you.

In fact I'm also curious about :

- why/how did you friend me ?
- is it the same reason why you're still reading ?
- what do you look forward to/like reading on my LJ ?
- what are you not interested / pass over ?
- is there any specific criticism you'd make of my LJ/ my interaction with you on LJ in general ?
- do you have any specific question for me and my LJ, something you've always wanted to know ?

but those are purely bonus questions if you want to answer them ^^
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Make 15 anonymous comments to people on your "friend of" list. stolen from my dear little sister [ profile] meggu

... i feel like such a hypocrite )

Errr some of these actually work for several people at a time XD
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This is being a very busy week and i don't think it's going to change soon so, instead of trying to find again all those entries I meant to answer, I'm gonna do some call out )

Anyway all is good for me. I'm just very busy with school and work and trying to face my responsabilities for once.

My little cousin Yael from Israel has just arrived to our house. She's going to stay with us for three monthes until she gathers enough money for a trip to Australia. I'm very glad of that, she's a very sweet girl I had missed a great deal since her family did their alyah.

Book wise, finished reading the Charnel Prince by Greg Keyes yesterday. Great book. It's good solid fantasy. Nothing too original, but it's well written, the characters are endearing (even the rebellious princesses and those usually annoy me extremely) and this second volumes gain in ambiguity and nuances in the plot. And there's some genuine original good ideas, like the whole process of gaining powers fromt the "saints" by walking a pilgrim through special places.

Yesterday my friend Isabelle was insisting for us (as in her, friends of her, and I) to do a cosplay of Kyou Kara Maou to some future french con. I told her I had to watch the anime before (she lent me the first episodes but no time to watch anything right now) but that FMA would be better ^_^
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I've got 4 classes

Marketting is with a very good teacher (Assadi) who provoques a lot of discussion and debate. Term paper will be about what religions have to say about clothings (he quoted Dumont in class so looks like he's fond of anthropology ^_^) My group picked Islam and Judaism (because I'm one Jew with three Muslims... >_> Morroccans always have this cute "Hey, I'm my country there's 10% of the population who are Jewish. We love our Jews !" reaction. Heart-warming (if slightly patronizing ;)

Human Ressources and Management : I already hate the teacher. He's got a very showy-off attitude "I'm so cool ! I've written all those books, and I've got all those degrees, oh and for e mailing me blahblahblah because i travel so much i go to London and New York and whatever so you understand.... and you have to buy three text books for my class because I was you to get those two books because I compiled the texts for them..." blahrg. Does it go with the subject to have lame ass manipulation ?

Methods of Reach and Analysis : very cool teacher (Grogan) and sexy too ^^ sounds like it will be an interesting class. There's an obnoxious student in the class thought.

Financial & Managerial Accounting : teacher looks cool, but I'm the only student and I've already studied a great deal of the program last year. Strange situation. Well, I'll guess it will be easy credits and not too many hours of work.... (I stayed barely one hour today for the class)

As for my Japanese class, the HRM course is at the same time, so I have to move at the one which is on monday evening. It's actually a class where they're going much quicker (due to having more serious and female students apparent... i told you about how much lazy and disrespectful the students in my class were right ?) which is pretty cool. I have so much fun learning japanese. We're now starting to get into Kanji and grammatical structures, and it feels wonderful starting to be able to make coherent sentences (though I so need to learn my vocabulary a bit more)

Not for something completly different I got shipped ! Apparently neither [ profile] graymm nor I knew about it, but we're in a very hot and sexy item ! It's not just us, you might notice ^_^ Xynnie-chan, who ought to be busy enough with all her own orgies, is already a shipper ! and she proposes a threesome <3 Gray is seme. Manipulative seme. I told her how to ;)

No, we're not totally nutes... we just look that way XD


2 Dec 2004 02:41 pm
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TB quizz and anime meme )

If I could write you any story, within my capacity to write it, of course, what would you have me write?


I give colours to everyone in my flist to recognize them. Wanna know what colours I gave you ? (they don't really have a deeper meanings like Xyn's do)







(actually it's not exactly that colour for the background... I think I handpicked it at the time so i can't find the hexadecimal number for it anymore)



















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Happy birthday [ profile] masqthephlsphr ! I hope you a great day, and a wonderful year full of happiness.

A X/1999 drabble :
Three minutes before midnight )

The friend meme :

1. When did you first "friend" me?
2. Why did you first "friend" me?
3. What posts of mine do you like to read the best?
4. What would you like me to write about that I don't?
5. Do you think we would be friends in real life?
6. How often do you read my journal?
7. What do we have in common?
8. Will you post this in your journal so I can answer?
9. Do I actually resemble any fandom character in your eyes?
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Happy belated birthday to [ profile] flowright and [ profile] atpolittlebit !!!

Sunday I had the chance to meet Maya, aka [ profile] chaineddove, and that was a riot ! She's very sweet, fun, adorable, and did I mention... gorgeous. We met at St Michel and I at once recognized her from the lovely blond curls she had told me about ^^ She was with a friend, and since we spent the whole afternoon fangirling like crazy, the poor boy must have been bored deeply but he never complained (how stoic of him !) Well, we talked alot of all things manga/anime, she mentionned an hillarious YnM which she gave me the link of, many Fruit Basket deliriums, and we're supposed to watch Gravitation together this weekend <333
Much fun, despite the bad chinese food we had (too be fair, only mine wasn't good :( )

I barely had the chance to study this week end all around (not Maya's fault, more that of my parents before that) so I wasn't surprise to screw much of my International Business exam. (I'll be happy if I end up with a C) It turned out Mathematics wasn't for Monday, though that's what the teacher had say *rolleyes* and Accounting was so-so (I'm just unhappy i couldn't finish it) So, next Wednesday I've got still the English Composition and the Math exam. That's less work at least.

We had planned to go see Resident Evil 2 with Isabelle on Monday evening, but she never answered my e-mail when I proposed another time, so I decided not to wait 1h30 around Paris to see if she turns up or not. Turned out she did go >_>

Well, this evening I've got Japanese class so no movie either !

Saturday evening, I did go to see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind with my parents (remember what I said about blaming them about no time to study?), which surprised me by being very good. As I said on [ profile] flowright's journal, very genuine characters, nuanced motivation and (true) romantism in a cynical world.
Otherwise, with my parents, again, we started to look out for an appartment in Paris to buy for me. Which does excite me a lot, but maybe doing that on Sunday before my Mid-terms week (glares at parents)

Yeah I know I could have said no, but they did insist a lot despite my protest and parents aren't supposed not to be tempting, especially when they'll have no qualms blaming you for the results.

I made a first attempt for this week's theme at [ profile] clamp_icontest :

But I think this will hurt eyes too much to work as an icon XDDD


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