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What do you think of the Subaru/Kamui ship?
Much as I'm a die hard Seishirou/Subaru shipper, I'm actually rather fond of Subaru/Kamui, when it's well characterised. (Multishipping FTW). I even wrote a K/S fic once :) and enjoyed a great many well written ones (back in the days when I read a lot of fic for the X fandom). There were some fics I liked a great deal less, but that's because I don't think it's a pairing you can write well by dismissing Seishriou and Fuuma (and Kotori)'s importance to Subaru and Kamui. These people will always be more important to them than each others. But they do have a sweet and very interesting relationship in canon, and there's a great deal of interesting things you can do with that.
To be honest, back in the days, it's one of the rare pairing war I got involved in the slightest bit, and I regret that fact. I hadn't realised at the time the kind of self righteous patronising that went with it :-(

What is your opinion on Chobits?
I read it quite a few years ago and was very much uninmpressed. To this day probably my least favourite CLAMP. I love the fetishist clothing that Freya's got and there were two minor characters whose name and roles I forgot which I was fond of. Otherwise I disliked it a great deal. It was a bit of a creepy manga.

If you've read Tsubasa, what are you expecting out Subaru and Seishirou?
Every little bits make me happy, but I would dearly hope for some sort of conclusion of the hints we were given so far (that seems unlikely at this point, but still :() At the same time, I don't really care that much. To me, the real Subaru and Seishirou, the ones I care about, are in X and Tokyo Babylon.

Why Sansa/Sandor? Hey, that doesn't mean you have to rationalize it, but if you thought of something, well...
It's a kink? Hell, I don't know, I love Sansa and I love Sandor, and I love their interraction, it's got chemistry. It's the classic Beauty & the Beast pairing, innocent girl with tough guy. It's very, very archetypal and it's been done many, many times badly, but GRRM actually knows how to do these things without being problematic, by being more realistic and more aware of the potential squickiness; so it's refreshing.
I always love that kind of pairing when it's well done, really ^_^

I don't take Tsubasa seriously. I see it as crackful intercontinuity multicrossover clamp fanfic, ya know? And I like it because I'm a CLAMP fangirl, and I get the references and it's always nice to see the characters I loved in another manga being explored in another way. I also love Kurogane and Fye, and I love their slahsy relationship. Also I adore Yuuko. (And I love XXXHolic much more than I do TRC)
I admit I don't like Syaoran and Sakura much, or care about their own drama. Especially Syaoran, because I really adore CCS!Syaoran, but not so much in TRC; while I find that Sakura still manages to bring out some good stuff in TRC (when she's not in a coma) and I wasn't that crazy about her in CCS.
Another way I like TRC is the "So, that's how Sidereals fight using fate magic", but only Exalted players will get that ^_^ (my head, it is hurting!)
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Happy birthday [ profile] graymm ! Much joy and happiness to you ! May you have a wonderful time being 20.

I eventually succombed and had fun with this.
Here's the result :

Not that similar to me... mostly because this icon maker doesn't have near enough curly hairs thingie. And because i couldn't resist making myself cuter than I am ^_^

Yesterday I downloaded an awful lot of XXXholic and Tsubasa scanlations which made me go to sleep very very late. I love, love XXXholic. I also downloaded Card Captor Sakura. Figured that if I kept reading so many Touya/Yuki/Yue fics, I better re-read the whole thing. I mean, it's been YEARS when I did last time.
I'm very curious about Tsubasa, I love the whole multiple universes thing, and the meta crossover potential.
By the way, found gorgeous fanart pictures of Yue here., and here and here.
Main site :

Lastly [ profile] fresne posted a lovely Delirium / Smallville fic that made me happy ^_^
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so that's it, i don't think i'll be able to do that paper for class, and it's already one week late. I don't know what the hell is wrong with me, that I can be so paralised at the idea of work when i don't even know how to begin.

Everyone's all excited about Seishirou's appearance in Tsubasa. He's so young and adorable ^_^ that reminds me why i wanted to write a fanfic with a High School Seishirou in it. :) crossover is the love, i hope we learn soon about his background in his own world. There just so many scenarii possible to add when you take alternate universes into account.

Otherwise I've posted Beautiful Things on and over at CLAMPesque I'm already all giddy and high with the comments and, like, checking every five minutes to check if there's more. God, am I a nerve wreck, really.

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