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At there are frequently Where I Watch [fill in blank name of series/movies/stories] threads about someone recaping a series as they go at it, which is often very fun. There's a guy named Shadowjack doing this with Sailor Moon and it's been a thread of EPIC AWESOMENESS so far (he's just finished S1). Okay I'm not sure of his characterisation of Rei as Latina because she fits the hot headed stereotype, but that aside, it's awesome. Now this is noticeable to me because I never even watched Sailormoon (much, I mean, I caught an episode or 2 on TV when I was 13, of course, but I pretty much hated it) yet it actually sort made me want to watch it O_O. A fact that beyond surprises me. Anyway even more awesome than the WIW thread itself is the recap cartoon of his recap Shadowjack has been doing. Judge for yourself:
([ profile] a_white_rain, you want to look at this especially. You'll know why when you reach it ^^)

cut for length, width and lots of pics )

You can find the WIW thread here and its sequel there.

Oh, and bonus pic, for something completely different:

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[ profile] curtana & [ profile] skyclearblue have teamed up to create a series of drawings & verse for ASOIAF à la Edward Gorey. As you might imagine it is made of PURE AWESOME.
Check it out!

A Very Gorey ASOIAFabet


6 Jul 2009 09:03 pm
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I've scanned the Harry Potter fanarts I bought at the Anime convention I was at a few weeks ago, you can see them here.

Website of the fanartist:
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I bring links:

[ profile] rexluscus has (spoilery) Watchmen fanart

[ profile] morgif_kun has some Kendappa/Souma fanart

And Randy cheered me up with this rather gory and slapsticky issue of Something Positive. Warning for disturbing images behind this link. I'm not sure what it says about me that it cheered me up.

Go watch! (at least the first two).


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