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Movies that come to the rescue mashup by sleepyskunk

ALL THE SUPERHEROES MOVIES. Or at least A WHOLE LOT OF THEM. Including some very bad and cheesy and old ones; but put together in a way that fills you with joy and enthusiasm for the whole genre of super. Just a very fun and dynamic vid.

Hollow Heroes by castor
Capturing the darker and edgier side of super movies. Very nicely done and atmospheric.

My Body is a Cage by [ profile] nel_ani
You how fans sometimes ask "why do they keep making origin stories?"; well this is why. A gorgeous, rivetting vid capturing the super hero journey with Ironman, Captain America, Hulk & Wolverine.

more recs under the cut )
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fan trailer for Game of Throne S1

wow that is a cool trailer. Does anyone know where the music is from?
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OMG [personal profile] bop_radar has vidded my newest favourite awesomest bisexual lady Kalinda from The Good Wife and it is made of awesome.

Shove it

Which does make me realize, it's been a really long while since I've talked on my journal about any of the TV series, books, online fictions and very recently comic books I've been into in the last, errr, 6 months or so, asides from the anime stuff. Yeaaah. Should get better about that.
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Today after a roleplaying game, where the GM surprised us with informing us that we were playing, in the cyberpunk & urban fantasy world of Shadowrun, two laboratory mice who were set to try to conquer the world (I was Brain; we ended up stunning everyone and the power in Seattle then firing a shuttle to the Zurich Orbital station using potato power) I ended up showing a few fanvids to my friends; including one of my fave "Your Man" by [personal profile] charmax, at which point one of them observed that Lesbians seem to do a lot of kissing through glass. Of course then I tried to show them "The Glass" by [personal profile] thingswithwings but I couldn't cuz it's not up on streaming. But it also made me think of Star Driver :

to wit, illustrated with screencaps )

Do you think the creators of Star Driver are familiar with Henry Jenkins? It wouldn't even surprise me if they were.

Also should I be posting this on [community profile] abymage instead of here? *ponders*
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I kind of wanted to make one for a while ^_^

Revolution by Amazon Mandy
My favourite Utena vid, it uses both movie and series footage for a dizzying, electrifying evocation of the theme of revolution in a somewhat meta way as well as fitting to the series, and is also a great dance / fight vid. It's only a little bit spoilery and it's gorgeous.

Tra~la~la by Gret
My favourite amongst the funny Utena AMVs, it's a hilarious take on some of the most sexual themes, motifs and symbols of Utena, and Akio/Touga's relationship and their sexy bodies in particular. Not very spoilery.

Embers by [ profile] alicemeichi
Fun story about the Utena amv fandom, there is no less than 3 fanvids set to Evanescence songs which are actually extremely good and very fitting to the vid. It's sort of ironic I guess?
Anyway this is one is (IMHO) the best one of the three (also the easier one to link to ;_;), and is a summary of the complicated relationship between Juri and Shiori. It's simply visually stunning and really captures the violence of their feelings. Somewhat spoilery.

Sex, Lies & Roses by VegettoEX & MeriC
An awesome portray of Akio through his relationship with Utena. Very cleverly made. Very spoilery.

To Hell and Back by Amazon Mandy
This vid is basically an epic, orchestral summary of the whole Utena series, mostly concentrating on Utena and Anthy (and Utena/Anthy) of course. VERY spoilery

Novae Final by WUNETTI Production
WUNETTI Production has made a lot of great Utena vids , and this one in particular is the fourth of a series which I'd recommend entirely really (though perhaps not in sequence because that's a lot of VAST in one time). What this one vid does is simply sumerising the series finale set to another epic orchestral tune, and it does so magnificantly. VERY spoilery, it goes without saying.

(for the people here who still don't know about Utena : here's my introduction post to the series)
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This fanfilm is made of win:
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First two fanvid recs:
for Ponyo which is very cute and funny.

And a Buffy vid: Bachelorette by [ profile] obsessive24 on Bjork's song which is an awesome summary of the feminist thematics of the series and a mesmerizing vid.

On the awesome [ profile] westerosorting community, in the newly created [ profile] westerostamping subcom, I was stamped as

& !
Fun stuff! I adore Sandor, of course, and Sarella's been a great character for the little we've seen of her so far, so I can't say I was displeased by the result ^^ Other votes I received were Arya Stark, Brynden Tully, Tyrion Lannister, and Aemon Targaryen.
Join the comm to get stamped as well, the stamping applications are AWESOME. (srsly)

So anyway, casting news for the HBO ASOIAF series are starting to really come now, and I've been pretty happy so far. Most actors picked actually fit my mental image of the characters (which was rarely the case in fans' casting lists I had seen so far XD), and I'm impressed by how much most them seem to be good actors. I'm pretty happy about the guy they have for Jaime and the guy that's almost certainly for Sandor (a bit too old, though, but the guy's hot in just the right way and, yum Scottish accents ♥) Latest news is that Lena Heady appears to be (not quite official but almost certain) cast as Cersei, which LOL. Not to long ago, [ profile] misstopia had picked Lena for Catelyn in the design of the stamp for [ profile] westerostamping, and I was very fond of the idea, I'm sure she would have made a great Cat. So it's awfully ironical to see her picked for Cersei XDDDD of course given my love for her performance in SCC, I'm far from disappointed although I've got a hard time envisioning her as Cersei just yet (she's so... not blond. She's certainly hot enough though).
I kinda wonder how that works with the recent rumour of a SCC continuation I've seen the other day...
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So, yes, I did end up sleeping away a big half of my afternoon :)

Anyway today I found something that made me happy, this vid:
All I need for Avatar, Aang & Zuko
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Like Nodame Catabile?

[ profile] bop_radar made a fanvid for the show! - that's the same person who did this ridiculously good Lex Luthor fanvid to Paranoid Android.

So looks like [ profile] keelieinblack and I are really going to scanlate Onmyouji. I'm terribly excited about this. Currently trying to think of names for the community to release it, I take suggestions!


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