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It's so frustrating seeing reactions to the Huntress in DCnU is Helena Wayne thing, because so many people are excited and enthusiastic by it, and it's not like they're wrong for being excited and enthusiastic about it, they have very legitimate reasons for it!!! but each time I read it it feels like they're gloating about me losing one of my favorite DC character - yet another of my favorite DC characters.

And at this point I just. I cannot anymore, DC. Congrat. After Renée being so deep in limbo nobody even know what's up with her to tell the writers of Batwoman when they wanted to know, after Cass Cain and Steph Brown having their past as Batgirls and Robin so heavily erased and insulted and being in limbo and oh yeah at some point they'll show up in Leviathan and we have such a good habit of keeping our words so you can have faith in it, and the Birds of Prey history being erased, and Oracle being demoted to Batgirl and her disability offensively removed, and Secret Six disappearing, and Catwoman, Voodoo and Red Hood and the Outlaws being written in such a panderingly objectified way, this one is the last straw. I give up.

I love Batwoman and Demon Knights so I'm reading those as long as I keep on liking them; and if Cass and Steph ever do show up in another Bat book, I'll check it; but other than that it's going to take a hell of an interesting premise to make me bother to check out anything you do.

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